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  1. Asalam.o.Alaykum:

    how r u ?

  2. Salam

    I m from Karachi has done my O Levels

    I m looking for a friend .................

    So if u consider me den ........ contact me

    Take Care

    Allah Hafiz

  3. Thats really disturbing :mellow:
  4. *Maya*

    Bread Or Rice !

    Iraqis and timan :rolleyes:
  5. LOL Crazy!...They can stick my brothers in there if they want :angel:
  6. Has anyone watched the latest episode?...i just finished watching episode 13!!..im actually breathless..it was amazing!!!...I thought thats it they were caught..but the twist at the end was brilliant and mahone is dead!!... :!!!: The next epsiode isnt coming out till late january..i cant wait :(
  7. Mabrook ya Iraq Funny.. they were all shouting allahu akbar.. how many times did they hear that from the iraqis that were being killed and tortured....what goes around come around..
  8. tell me brother that.. :cry:
  9. :blink: :blink: washing the dishes .. :dry: but wow..your a guy and you wsh the dishes?..once my bro tried to wash them..it looked so wrong :squeez: i made him leave them and washed them myself!
  10. i dont listen to music anymore...im proud of myself :D
  11. ^looool...ive been downloading for years no ones ever caught me..k hope i dont jinx myself now..lol :unsure: dont worry..and the torrent stuff is confusing..limewire is sooo much easier..
  12. *Maya*


    alf mabrook sis ^_^
  13. ^lime wire...thats what i use..
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