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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Biden or Sanders will get the nomination. If Biden wins the primary, the Dems will lose again.
  2. It's what militarization of society does man, you need to maintain this kind of us vs. them attitude to promote forever wars.
  3. brother not a healthy attitude. I am angry about the state of the world too, but this isn't the right way to channel that anger. Btw this is a brilliant article for everyone to check out; https://www.juancole.com/2019/04/American-thinking-sunnyvale.html?fbclid=IwAR0ZYwMYg1Ditl10coJfrxte_aUl57nN1eVKBko752EbwqruhgrEuaf-qxQ
  4. I know right, he signed up to go fight so arguably whatever he went through was a product of decisions he made, what the Palestinians, Yemenis, Iraqis went through was simply a product of where they were born, they had no role in it, yet it wouldn't stop them from being called terrorists if they did something similar.
  5. Volunteered to go fight in an illegal war that had no international legitimacy just because his government told him said country was an enemy despite his government arming that same country when interests aligned. There is no honor in blindly believing your government especially when they have a history of lying. Honor is what people like Mohammed Ali did during the Vietnam war when he was ready to go to jail and said he would not go kill people halfway across the world because those people never did anything to him.
  6. Thank you for your service, Timothy McVeigh, Chris Kyle, Ian Long and now Isaiah Peoples.
  7. Hahahah, I can read that, does that mean I don't have to engage in the over the top adulation of men in uniform for fighting for my freedom to type this on shiachat?
  8. Hell no! The extrovert will drain the introvert of his/her energy and just frustrate them.
  9. Upenn. I believe people deserve equal opportunity, not necessarily that everyone should be equal regardless of how much effort they put in. The problem with Pete is he doesn't seem to recognize his privilege as much. We are blessed with privilege to do something positive with it right? With Pete, if you look at his critiques of the Iraq war, Vietnam war, they are mostly strategic, not moral. And he only focuses on the loss of US troops, not the civilians killed. When asked about Mckinsey and their shady practices, he defends it by saying the people there are naive and are well meaning. Well that may be some, but is he really that naive to not know a consulting company driven by profit will overlook things that are immoral to make an extra buck? I understand that we live in an economic system where we can't be completely morally upright, but I think if you're running for public office, if these moral dilemmas don't bother you, then what reason do I have to believe they will bother you in office? Introspection is important in my view. Bernie unlike Pete marched with working class folks to demand higher wages, better working conditions etc. Pete seems to mostly talk about himself and not much about others. I agree 100%.
  10. Hmm, but that's the community's fault right not hers? They shouldn't have invited her on such a day? She has been very vocal about Saudi Arabia, which is excellent, and she has publicly spoken about Netanyahu, Trump and Saudi Arabia plotting regime change in Iran. So I agree with her on those issues. However, she has some very contradictory positions. She was conflicted about torture in the past, she has some ties to some very right-wing zionists. I'm not sure if she's changing her position because she's now running and being more critical of Israel. I find it difficult to trust her in light of her past. Maybe I'm just a skeptic and cynic. She has also said, when it comes to regime change wars I'm a dove, but when it comes to drone wars against terror, I'm a hawk. However, even Bernie supports drone strikes so I can't hold that fully against her, while Bernie does not have a radically different position there. There's a very good article about him, his elitism and I thought he was very pretentious and phony, and this article kind of confirms it; https://www.currentaffairs.org/2019/03/all-about-pete. It's very long but well worth a read. In many ways, having gone to a super elitist undergrad school, I think of the prevailing atmosphere surrounding me and in some ways, it got me to reflect on my own privilege etc.
  11. I think out of the current crop of candidates, the only one who has a realistic chance of winning who I wouldn't mind is Sanders. Yang is okay, but he doesn't have much of a chance in my view. Warren has some good progressive policies, but I don't know if is really that viable. Tulsi is good on some factors, but she has a problematic past, in light of her contradictory views on torture, her support of Hindu nationalists etc. I think the establishment's pick apart from Biden is Pete Buttigieg. You guys should check him out, his platform seems to be a whole lot of nothing. Every candidate has a major policy platform, his platform seems to be all about himself. Sanders platform is campaigning to fight income inequality,. push aggressive climate reform, etc. Tulsi is running on ending regime change wars. Andrew Yang is running on pushing Universal Based Income. Elizabeth Warren is running on financial reform and going after wallstreet. Buttigieg seems to be running on I'm gay, I went to harvard and oxford, I am an Afghanistan veteran and I can speak 7 different languages and that everyone is somehow not philosophical enough and too policy oriented. I can't stand how the media is just giving him all this attention and he doesn't even have clear policy positions.
  12. The congress better grow a spine and pass legislation to prevent the president from taking any military action against Iran, it's time to do the jobs they were voted in to do. They should repeal the AUMF or pass a legislation to prevent the AUMF for being used to attack Iran. They finally grew a spine to vote for ending US military involvement in Yemen, however the president vetoed it.
  13. One thing I've noticed in America is people have collective amnesia, they get someone worse and suddenly they forget what the previous person did. I think it's a product of living in a generation where we don't have much of an attention span and everything that can't be reduced to a 300 character tweet is too boring and uninteresting. It's why you become a recluse in society to maintain your sanity like I have.
  14. White supremacy is even affecting the military, which I guess isn't all that surprising, and police forces; https://taskandpurpose.com/military-white-nationlist-groups-charlottesville, https://splinternews.com/virginia-school-cop-suspended-after-allegations-of-acti-1833409464. These are just cases they've found.
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