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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. People's rationality goes out the window when discussing these issues, and they resort to all kinds of nonsensical claims. I will say there are a few problems with these strikes; (1) The US has authorizations that allow it to go after the perpetrators of 9/11, the 2001 AUMF and 2002 AUMF, but while lawmakers have stressed this includes ISIS now since it is linked to Al Qaeda, I think it is stretched. Nonetheless there's little legitimacy in these authorizations for targeting Shia militias. (2) The other case when you can use force is to fight off an imminent attack or to stop an ongo
  2. They've gone from Al Qaeda to now talking about great power competition with Russia and China, but seems like their solution is to deploy military assets to the South China Sea and to continue expanding NATO. The US needs an Africa strategy that China clearly has beyond just viewing it through a counterterrorism and economic aid lens. China is really gaining on that front and I haven't seen one policymaker discuss this, it's always about greater militarization which is just not how China works.
  3. (1) the Europeans proved themselves to be completely inept and a total vassal state of the US, so it's pretty rich for them to demand Iran make positive steps when it is them that failed to deliver any benefits to Iran and remember the maximum pressure sanctions are still on. So, now that they have a sympathetic administration on NATO and the value of European alliances, they are trying to be relevant in a way that's comfortable for them, scream louder and louder about Iran's actions to show America you are loyal so you get more favours in terms of NATO support. (2) Same as above (3)
  4. You're right. And this may just be the way our world works, that you can't oppose every government's crimes especially as a country that's vulnerable to pressure from the outside, and you need some partners to hedge against the actions of your arch enemies. But to me it seems like if this is the stance, the rhetoric about opposing oppression turns out to be hollow and the Iranian government is better off looking after the needs of its own people who really are suffering under the weight of the sanctions imposed on them. If it's taking being silent about the atrocities of the Chinese state to
  5. It was not an occupation earlier? It was the most highly militarized zone on the face of the earth, with some of the worst human rights abuses committed by the Indian military documented by the same organizations that have documented Israeli atrocities against Palestinians. https://www.hrw.org/sites/default/files/reports/INDIA935.PDF. This document was from back in the 1990's. The status of Kashmir needs to be decided by a referendum that will never be held because both India and Pakistan do not want to let this territory go. The Pakistanis hold that the accession was not legitimate because Si
  6. Yes, interests change, you should really familiarize yourself with how geopolitics actually work; https://www.middleeastmonitor.com/20201008-syrias-assad-agrees-to-normalise-relations-with-israel-if-conditions-are-met/ Maybe you should read your own articles, it says Iran issued a "rare" criticism of Kashmir and that in the past it has sought to not antagonize India because it needed to balance its relationships with Pakistan. They issued this after 370 was revoked, but Indian forces have been occupying and terrorizing Kashmiris for far longer when Tehran's criticisms have remain mu
  7. Yes, I watched the Uyghur interview, but you cite a video of one person and dismiss an entire report which doesn't conform to your worldview. Iran's ties with India are only weakened because the US put sanctions on countries trading with Iran, and India backed away because they needed the US more to confront their bigger adversaries i.e. China. Back when Hafez al Assad died, he was close to normalizing ties with Israel, it fell apart and Syria has repeatedly said it will normalize ties if Israel gives back the Golan. Israel is in a much stronger position now though and Syria is bat
  8. On the contrary, when I supplied a report, you dismissed it and called the opinion of one person who is a hypocrite to substantiate that the entire thing was a fabrication. Yeah, they are out of Lebanon now except the Sheba Farms, which is Lebanese territory, if the Israelis give that up the way they gave up Sinai to Egypt in exchange for a security guarantee, they are no longer occupiers of those lands. They will remain occupiers of Palestine, but as I said Iran has no problem selling oil to India and helping the state that oppresses the Kashmiris it occupies. So why the focus on
  9. After the camp David Accords were signed in 1978, the Israelis did not invade Egypt and reconquer the Sinai Peninsula they had lost in 1973. Israel isn't interested in giving up the west bank, but Iran does not have any influence there. But as far as Lebanon and Syria goes, based on the camp david accords with Egypt, it's not unfathomable that Israel would let Shebaa farms and golan heights go the same way they did Egypt in exchange for security guarantees. The Kashmiris are resisting occupation too, is Iran doing the same things to support them as it is doing in Gaza or Lebanon?
  10. The way in which Israel may have been established is deeply unjust, but the fact remains that is considered a state by the authority that legitimizes states, i.e. the UN, which recognizes Israel in its pre-1967 borders, but does not recognize its illegal occupation of the west bank, gaza and the golan heights. I mean if you want to argue beyond that as to whether the foundations of the state makes the existence illegal, then we have to start digging up why we consider any state legitimate. The US conquered lands through expansion for example, does that mean the US is now an illegal entity? Sho
  11. I think Arab publics are moving on, maybe Bahrain is an exception, but I doubt the younger generation of Saudis and Emiratis really care about anything else other than their ability to live nice lives. It is not perhaps the ethical position to hold but its reality. Not sure what makes Israel's enemies, God, when the Chinese communist party is literally putting up signs in mosques advocating complete loyalty and devotion to XiJin Ping and the communist party, which at its essence is anti-theist in its ideology. Iran may not have other alternatives other than China at this point, but it'
  12. While I completely oppose the aggression the Israeli government carries out against the Palestinians, I think the Arab states have given up and choosing to focus on their own selfish interests. Iran's strategy is leaving it more isolated. If it wasn't for Hezbollah, Lebanon would normalize ties, and Syria had nearly done so in the past. So it is not unforeseeable for the Arab states to normalize ties with Israel eventually. I think it is upto Iranians to decide, but I would wonder what the Iranian government gets out of this hostility toward Israel. It may seem like it is being on
  13. From my position it seems like Iran has been really embarrassed to have its senior figures targeted, and they haven't killed anyone in response because they are afraid of a war, when Soleimani was assassinated, they bombed an empty base and then made it a point to say this was the response, and they were so terrified of a response, they shot down a civilian airline, highlighting just more of their incompetence. They didn't respond to an attack on Natanz in the summer, where it was quite clearly an Israeli cyber attack. Now with this attack, it looks like there will be no response either.
  14. They aren't successful at stopping, but slowing down sure and also, if your country can have its high officials murdered regularly without consequences, it just invites more attacks.
  15. It depends if there is a full blown war, there won't be over a covert action I don't think, the concern is more how Mossad is able to infiltrate the Iranian security establishment this easily.
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