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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Just about every reason I have heard for people having children is selfish; (1) I want a child so I can raise them to be loving and caring people - Why do you need a child to do this? Go out and be a good person yourself, be loving, kind and caring, why do you wish to subject this upon your child, without allowing him to develop his own sense of identity that may not agree with your own? I can tell you as someone who's heard this argument made, I find it particularly hard to understand why people want their children to adopt this kind of mentality, when if you look at the world, the stro
  2. Mukhtar isn't someone seen as an infallible, his role in avenging the deaths in Kerbala is appreciated and respected, on the other hand he is not someone that's seen as an influential figure in Shiite history. There is a view that he created a deviant sect, but it isn't believed by everyone.
  3. What I mean is the constitution has undergone changes since and it isn't a perfect document and it will continue to have things added to it as people's idea of what American ideals ought to be.
  4. Things like the patriot act give the government way too much power to detain people without trial, which many including conservative justice like Scalia have argued violates the first and fifth amendment. The expansion of surveillance has gone beyond anything necessary to combat terrorism, if you look at the way the FBI has at times spied on African American activists in the 60's under the civil rights movement. They even used it to launch operations like Vulgar Betrayal in the 1990's where they spied on people on the grounds that they were providing material support to Palestinian groups link
  5. It isn't perfect, but I think for its time it was a progressive document. The issue is it is often trampled on by politicians. People want to be both gay and muslim and it's an important part of their identity and can't choose one or the other? I think this was in reference to something that happened in the Shia community in Canada where a gay couple got married and the parents kind of went all public about it saying they couldn't justify denying their child happiness and people were threatening banning them from the mosque. I think it was to make it clear that we cannot do so. I
  6. I feel like there isn't much there is to this, I've been personally asked about this by a workmate. I told him the truth, that Islam forbids sodomy, but in a secular society which the US clearly is as per the constitution, we have no right to interfere with what the democratic process has decided is appropriate. That's all you need to say if you're a practicing muslim. There are some among the lgbt community who then say no, it is not acceptable to have a religion that does not endorse homosexuality, that's different, because then you're infringing on people's liberty to believe whatever they
  7. She also kept innocent people in jail for longer than they needed to be because of technicality issues or she just couldn't be bothered; https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2019-10-14/kamala-harris-offices-fought-payments-to-wrongly-convicted There's been no evidence uncovered that the money went to funding the IRGC's activities around the region. The US put sanctions on Khamenei and they can see money making its way through Iran into Yemen, but no one has any proof as yet that this went into financing Iran's activities around the region. You've already slapped the criminal charge
  8. Humanism is more aligned with secular philosophy, I find myself agreeing with its ideals more so than I do with Islamic teachings. Does that not make a muslim? Maybe, I guess that's for God to judge. But I'd be lying if I said executing people for apostasy and homosexuality is perfectly fine with me. I'm of the opinion that critical thinking should never be criminalized and ideas can and should be debated openly without fearing being killed. Islam obviously disagrees.
  9. You literally just changed the time period to suit your narrative. "America" in its entirety did not fight a bloody civil war, there were people who fought on the other side whose confederate monuments are still held up in cities and there are massive protests against taking them down, including by members of one political party concentrated in certain parts of the country always arguing for the legitimacy of "state rights". So yes, a civil war may have been fought the sentiments of people who fought on the side of the confederacy are still alive. The US killed at least 2-3 million peopl
  10. And presidents of the US are? Do you see who is in the whitehouse right now? Do you trust the judgement of a country in which 60 million people voted for this person that has told so many lies and been proven consistently wrong to run the world?
  11. Who killed millions of people in Indochina? Who slaughtered indigenous people across the America? Who enslaved millions of Africans? The fact that you don't see these atrocities as just as evil, is a result of your subjective value judgements. The Nazis, the Japanese and Soviets may be evil, but to say that the US is somehow a moral power, when you just whitewash its atrocities and say they pale in comparison to Russia's and China's is simply doing a massive disservice to its victims. And btw, when it came to defeating the Nazis and Japanese, the Soviets bled the most, not the US. How many Sov
  12. There is no basis for doing this in international law, you are using your biased views to inform your views on foreign policy and basically elevating the status of the US as God, while you lightly excuse away its atrocities as though they are insignificant and irrelevant. You don’t care for the opinions of people living in a particular piece of land over who should govern their affairs and entrusting a foreign power that you’ve decided by some subjective criteria should dominate the world including the affairs of countries they don’t live in. Who gave them this right? Did God give them this ri
  13. The prophet allowed christians and Jews to practice freely in Arabia until the Jews in Khayber waged a war against the muslims. Also what is your source for the prophet ordered the christians to be expelled from Najran? The prophet didn't even expel Jews after Khayber. Umar expelled christians and Jews, but Shias don't recognize his legitimacy or of any authority that's not divinely appointed and Umar obviously isn't. There in lies your problem. You excuse the immoral acts as few and far between. What is it that makes you say this? Do you have any basis to this claim other than a very
  14. Of course people who want to deny that because it would expose the lack of legitimacy of the rightly guided caliphs upon which their entire belief system is based would say this.
  15. So you're a hypocrite then? "The rest of the items on your list deal primarily with US policy in parts of Sub-Saharan Africa and Latin America. Firstly, these are non-Muslim parts of the world, and for that reason they don't really concern me. Secondly, US policy is mostly justified in that region. In the 1980s, it was the height of radical leftist activity in Mesoamerica. The US was justified in curtailing them. The US was definitely justified in its campaign against narco-terrorism and groups like FARC. Radical leftist dictators like Fidel Castro, Hugo Chavez, Evo Morales and Nicolas Ma
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