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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. The race is over, they may just have outdone themselves from 2016 and managed to pick a nominee that's even worse. Clinton could at least talk.
  2. This is the democratic frontrunner guys, Joe Biden a guy who can't string sentences together, is displaying clear signs of dementia and has a record of lying consistently;
  3. I want Tulsi on a debate stage to attack Biden. Bernie is too nice, he keeps calling him my friend Joe. He is not your friend, he's a corrupt establishment puppet.
  4. 2-way race now Biden and Bernie. Tulsi for some reason hanging around with her 1 delegate.
  5. Warren will endorse Biden or won't endorse anyone. She won't endorse Sanders. Biden is worse than Hillary when it comes to going against Trump. The guy has dementia, it's pretty clear. He forgets where he is, he can't complete sentences etc.
  6. Warren is pathetic, if she had endorsed Sanders like the centrist coalition did with Biden, he might've won some of the states. Now look where it's got her, she didn't win a single state, she didn't come 2nd anywhere. She came 3rd in her flipping home state.
  7. Super Tuesday was a disaster for Sanders. Biden won 10 states, Bernie won 4. And Biden crushed him in the south with AA voters in particular, he also won MA, ME and MN, states he wasn't expected to win. Sanders won CA by a significant margin so he may have the delegate lead, but it's looking likely that the momentum has swung in Biden's favour. I cannot for the life of me understand what is remotely redeemable about him other than the Obama name.
  8. Probably trying to cut Bernie's delegates.
  9. That's how people make decisions? Talk about lack of critical thinking lol.
  10. Why is so he popular with AA voters? I don't get it. The dude has a record of lying to boost his anti-racist credentials.
  11. Biden wins South Carolina pretty convincingly. It was a landslide.
  12. I think the troubling aspect is this seems to be state sanctioned and the police and authorities are complicit in not putting a stop to it but inciting it.
  13. Also @hasanhh his pivoting from Idlib to Medicare was gross in my view.
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