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  1. Waalekumsalams,dear its optional,added to know whether the person searching for a match is shia-syed or non syed,moreover many people still stick to casts so they keep on questioning,just to avoid any extra questions its added,but if anyone doesnt believe in cast system(thats really appreciated coz muslims shouldnt),can just write: non syed. Kind regards
  2. Plz visit Uk Islamic & General Knowledge s' Marriage centre page(Recently created) for new profiles,also if you looking for your match,send us your details(form uploaded on our marriage page) We ll post your profile on our page and group too,its an absolutely free service for Momineen https://www.facebook.com/IGKG-Marriage-Centre-1624895437814678/ Also you can join our facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1131707503575248/
  3. I am following Hafiz Bashir Najafi sahib he says yes
  4. Dear brother our group is not scam or fraud,i made this group only for good purpose,to Alive the name of my Allah (aj) and teachings of Aima (s.a)in hearts of people.Its a chennel where people can get knowledge and read history books which they are unable to read due to their busy routines.Trust me everything is not evil in this world,still there are people who are working only for good cause to get Allah aj pleasure.thanku
  5. Islamic &General Knowledge(For daily quiz,Islamic and general knowledge posts)JOIN Whatsapp:00447429631847 This is a Uk shia coeducational Islamic and General knowledge whats app group,anybody from any country can join it or can get updates by visiting our page: https://www.facebook.com/Igk786/ Thank you. Kind regards
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