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  1. Thank you everyone for your help. I figured it was a good positive sign, but wanted to see what others may have thought. thank you again
  2. Salam everyone, I'm new here so forgive me if I am posting this in the wrong forum. Over the past 4 months I've been spending a lot of time trying to learn and understand the basics behind the Shia sect ( born into the hanafi school of thought). I began to want to learn about the history of Islam and knowing my dad is shia helped intrigued my desire to learn. After reading several books and listening to lectures, I've really learned to love the ahlul bayt and come to understand somethings I've questioned so much. But recently I've been having some odd dreams which I'm not too sure why. Maybe there is a hidden meaning behind them or maybe because I'm delving myself into learning all this. dreams are in order which they've occured 1) I was at a costco and I left my car on in the front of the store outside with emergency signal to go and help my mother bring grocery to the car because it was raining. She took longer than allowed so I went to make sure my car was still there but as I was heading out, the employees were shouting at me and while they were shouting all I thought of in my dream was imam hussein (as) for some odd reason. I began screaming his name in such a manner that it sounded like ya hussein. I then woke up thirsty as ever! I went to go get water and then it hit me; in my dream it was raining and I woke up thirsty and throughout the dream I hear imam Hussein. I then hen stopped watching lectures and reading for a while because I thought maybe my mind was overwhelmed until I had this next dream. 2) I had a dream where the entire dream is a blur to me right now, but all I remember was shouting Ali and Husseins name constantly. After this I had another such dream and then I decided to just open up the books and continue learning. But my question is this, do these dreams have any specific meaning? Out of nowhere in having these dreams with me shouting names of the imams and honestly, I'm just confused! Any help with this would be ever so grateful!!
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