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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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    2. kamyar


      Actually, Iranians, as far as I can say, are not very familiar with Pakistan and Pakistanis. At the end, Pakistan doesn't have a bad name in Iran.

      As for the Import&Export, if you have a specific question, I can research about the answer.

    3. eensnsn


      can I talk to you on facebook it will be easy for bot of us


    4. kamyar


      I sent you a PM, brother.

  2. ASA I am from Pakistan and I want to make new friends from Iran. anyone willing to be my friend here?
  3. ASA I want to ask a question for alll shias that Why you guys call Ali the Khuda
  4. in todays trouble world when marriage is very dificultt to marry at a good time. people are vulnerable to fall for sin so i n this time I think the suna of Mutah is good for us to get temp marr and gain some experience of responsibilities. what do u think guys tell me
  5. I want to come to IRan for visits and I want to do this travel by bicycle I want to know can I stay in mosques there for nights?
  6. Is there anyone here from Iran I want to ask things from him/her.
  7. My first question is that why our people call shias the kafirs?
  8. I am 34 year old muslim sunni man from Pakistan I work as office assistant
  9. I want to know If i can convert to Shiaism. what is the procedure.
  10. I am interested to know more about Shia Sect I will need help from members of this forum
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