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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. so basically, its the wife's fault for suffering at the hands of her husband, being forced to give up her rights and facing neglect from the molanas. so the husband can continue slandering her saying she didnt want to live with him so thats why shes asked for khulla? why cant the molanas take a stand and do justice?
  2. It is an ayatollahs office the case is being dealt through. they have seen it all yet dont pronoucne annulment. wife does not want khula based on reasons in original post + its more to do with the husbands decision to keep her as a woman in limbo case.
  3. Thanks notme. Have spoken to various scholars but they have no done anything despite exhausting Islamic framework ie case via a reputed islamic mosque. It is a simple case of annulment but has not been done yet.
  4. Hi all, Husband has not given wife any rights at all to date. About a year has elapsed. He does not keep her or divorce her. Does not co-operate with scholars to resolve case. Wife has tried to reconcile but in vain. Husband has explicitly mentioned he wants to divorce her, but will not do so, because he doesn't want to give mehr/dues. What choice does the woman has? She does not want to take khulla because 1- she loses her rights 2- husbands current mentality means he will go around and affirm his claim that wife never wanted to live together - a slander is is spreading around. Also, the husband has been physically abusive towards wife. Wife is still a virgin. Questions: 1- in the current scenario -what options does she have? 2 - after how much time has elapsed that the marriage is automatically nullified? 3 - scholars have been least helpful and no guidance is provided. The wife has been waiting patienly for months now with no resolution despite islamic framework exhausted. Please help!
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