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  1. Or just make a quick escape by jumping out the window.
  2. Being 33 unmarried isnt the end of the world. You are still young and its like how it used to be when people used to get married when they were 20. I dont understand peoples obsession about marriage. Just enjoy your life you only get one life and live it to best you can. To be honest when you see couples fighting and arguing or see them stressed out you would be glad you arent married. Its not all honky dorey.
  3. Getting hyperoptic soon should be 1Gig
  4. This is one of the dumbest questions ever posted on here and should be shut down. We have tons of threads on how everyone is single and cant get married or do "extra activities". Yet we have a question about whats the min age. 30 year old virgins and then this question
  5. This is why people should live their life and remain single. Ah the peacefulness you get with not dealing with these situations.
  6. 4 - all day everyday. Marriage is only advisory not compulsory. Why get into a mess that will have far reaching consequences later on.
  7. These stuff is rooted in nothing but ignorance. Do you think god is going to care that a seyed got married to one. Being seyed isnt your willi wonka golden ticket to heaven. Dumbest thing parents tend to force on their kids.
  8. Why would anyone want to get a tramp stamp?
  9. Iraqis tend to be more aggressive compared to Lebanese. I mean there isnt much mixing with iraqis with other ethnicities anyway.
  10. Technically no one should be unmarried by that age so it could never ever reply. Its like telling a Lion not to eat meat for a week. See how that works.
  11. Technically no one should be unmarried by that age so it could never ever reply. Its like telling a Lion not to eat meat for a week. See how that works.
  12. There is a few things here 1. Staying celibate till the late age of 20s early 30s is pretty much near to impossible in this day and age. Anyone that says otherwise is either lying to themselves or just purely acting out like they are saints. 2. You have a better chance winning the lottery then getting a girl that has not married before to do Mutah and if i was her i would say hell no aswell. 3. Partly to blame is parents and the imams of the mosques that turn a blind eye to what is happening and preach to fast have cold showers etc as if they live in a different parallel world. They were married when they were early 20s so obviously they dont understand what the youth are going through. This is probably the most disappointing fact and dont want to burst your bubbles 3. By the time you are married it probably will go down in terms of your activity levels faster than a rocket crash landing on earth. This is what it is and the situation you are in is the result of you yourself either you are a recluse that spend more time here than in the real world or you dont have the scoial skills to get a girl. As harsh as it sounds.
  13. This has been the situation for most guys and its nothing new or unique. I cant even say its a situation. You just need to get a job and stop thinking about it and deal with the situation like a man.
  14. Its probably the case the wife doesnt make any effort towards the man to keep him interested in her. Secondly she should have opened her eyes before now its too late. There is only one option and is divorce.
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