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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. whom do you think would castigate muslims in india for not going to pakistan? This is how you turn adverse situation into oppurtunities :-) http://timesofindia....ow/12648527.cms SRINAGAR: Tired of being found naked in his sleep every time soldiers searched his house during operations at the peak of militancy, Gulam Mohammad Mir, a farmer with no formal education, struck an idea to escape his tribulations. Mir, habitual to sleeping without clothes, developed a 'singing lantern', powered by a dry battery, fitted with a remote sensor that will alert him to human movement near his house in Sagaam
  2. everyone suffered and is suffering. the indian muslims were the worst hit. they get castigated till date for not going to pakistan.
  3. Of course 'Muslim' freedom fighters like Maulana Abul Kalam Azad, Mohammad Ali and his brother Shaukat Ali , Ashfaqullah and others are honoured.Even Jinnahs earlier struggle against the britishers is recognised. The INA army of Bose had many Muslim soldiers, . For the matter Bahadur Shah Zafar is also honoured for leading the 1857 rebellion in which many muslims died. But the fact of the matter is when it was apparent that britishers wont remain for long,many of the Muslim leaders (none of the above)were bothered about demanding a nation based on their religion. If someone can foresee himsel
  4. Since pakistan itself can't have another entity carved out for kashmiris for strategic or whatever reasons, its foolish of the kind hearted pakistanis who have 'heartfelt' feelings for the kashmiris to expect India to allow a creation of another afghanistan/pakistan kind of state in the north. Nobody would want another 'headache' popper. And for people who think India is against Muslims when they crush Kashmiri insurgency,should check out that the same state also crushes Christian rebels in the north east or Hindu/Maoist rebels in the heartland or the now faded Sikh rebels who were vying for K
  5. salam 2 questions.. Who wants another wahabi entity for the talebanis .. another pre-2002 afghanistan? Why does not pakistan declare their 'Azad Kashmir' really azad? Declare it as another country if you guys feel so strongly for a state for kashmiris. MA Jinnah did indeed fought against the britishers .. refer his biography by sarojini naidu (INC leader during freedom struggle).. but afterwards , he went on to demand a country on the basis of religion. Even today none of the educated pakistanis who support Kashmir say that it should be on the basis of religion. So just because he was right d
  6. http://tribune.com.p...kistan-for-mcc/ LONDON: Marylebone Cricket Club (MCC) are contemplating a tour of Afghanistan indicating that a visit to the war-torn nation was more likely than a trip to neighbouring Pakistan, according to the club’s president. MCC, has played its part in supporting Afghan cricket by helping provide pitches in the capital Kabul, organising fixtures against the national side and coaching players. “I’m going to Afghanistan to look at Kabul and the cricket pitches we have put in,” MCC President Phillip Hodson told BBC. “Then I will go to Lahore as a private citizen. I thi
  7. Is it as bad as killing people in the name of Quran thats being breeding from Pakistan???
  8. I find WSJ to be a bit anti- Muslim and always pro-Israel
  9. I am sure that not all in the Army or the intelligence plans terrorists activities,but the facts do point that there is a significant number of people there who do so.
  10. Its sad .. but the fact is Ahmadinejad has lost the track ( to say it politely). It will better for his term to end soon and some person with progressive and tolerance replaces him.
  11. http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/world/us/Implicating-ISI-in-terror-Headley-says-hatred-of-India-after-1971-war-drove-him-to-LeT/articleshow/8541662.cms CHICAGO/WASHINGTON: Hatred of India arising from Pakistan's defeat in the 1971 war drove him to the terror outfit Lashkar-e-Taiba, David Coleman Headley, the Pakistani expatriate who involved in the 26/11 Mumbai terror attack told a Chicago court on Monday while implicating Pakistan's spy agency ISI in nurturing terrorism. Headley, who took the stand as a prosecution witness on the opening day of the trial of his once close buddy Tahawwur H
  12. This is so very true. If Pakistan gets in the hands of Taliban/Wahabis,it will spell doom for India. The extremists would attack India the very next moment to fulfill the Ghazbai Hind prophecy.. It is such a headache for the common man in India who has trouble making ends meet and now this constant threat of terror attacks. Why cant Pakistan attack and finish the terrorists with the help of US and Indian government? I wish,...
  13. (salam) I hope India invests a lot more than the 1.5 billion (+ 500 million recently) in Afghanistan to improve the education , health and living standards of Afghans. It is what civil societies are expected to do to support their neighbours. If it results in heart burn for others.. why bother? :dry:
  14. With the extremist right wing getting powerful in pakistan, if a person like Imran khan or some other extremist who support the Taliban in pakistan comes into power, such a scenario of US attacking pakistan could take place. Although its a scary scenario but with extremism growing in pakistan,it is a possibility. I would hope some level headed person comes in pakistan who leads the country towards moderation and progress. It will be a relief to the whole region and world.
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