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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Sorry I didn't make myself clear. Yes, I meant his opinions about his father and even his own sister for that matter. I'm hoping someone may have some information on his views and what he thought of his own family and the actions they took against the Ahlul Bayt a.s. and whether he spoke out about Caliphat or the Battle fought against Imam Ali a.s. by his sister.
  2. I understand that, but whether during his father's lifetime or after he'd passed, did Ibn Abi Bakr ever make comments in relation to the legitimacy of his father's Caliphate or the role he played in handing down the Caliphate to the 2nd one or anything in reference to that?
  3. Does anyone know what his opinions of his father were and whether he ever commented on this?
  4. You're in luck Pearl178. Just last week I was reading the Metro newspaper here in the UK and their travel section had a long piece on their visit to Oman. They were gushing with joy about the experience they'd had travelling the length of the country. It was a big thumbs up from them and they specifically mentioned that it's a 'hidden gem' but might not be for long.
  5. I spent 4 months travelling around Europe when I was 17! Visited many countries but mainly canoed down a long river running from Portugal into Spain, camping and sleeping under the stars. The next year I lived in Malta for about 5 months which was amazing!
  6. My brother lived in Oman for about 5 years. All my family went apart from me! He's back in the UK now and I'm still kicking myself for not visiting this beautiful place. My sisters, brothers and parents went two or three times simply because they fell in love with it. My newphe and niece still reminisce about their days living in Oman. I've seen the pictures of course and it certainly does look magnificent.
  7. Thailand is by far one of the most amazing places to visit. I spent 4 weeks out there. Spent 4 nights in the jungle then flew directly to the south and pretty much island hopped away from all the tourist places. It's one place I would recommend to you.
  8. If you consider him a titan of the Islamic scholarly world then you are also one of the many being duped by Zakir Na-laik! He famously asked Allah to be pleased with the nefarious Yazeed in one of his speeches which clearly summed up his loyalties . More recently, the Indian authorities have begun to shut down his schools and learning centres. Literally converting hunderds or even thousands of people to his narrow version of Islam is not really an achievement. In that sense, I'd prefer to listen to the Late Ahmed Deedat.
  9. It's a new one, referring to Umar as a.s. They've only been known to use r.a. Then again, this guy is a self professed shia/sunni borg.
  10. Or perhaps they're just not as quick on the draw....Ya Ali!!!
  11. Explanation from Sunnah.com? Of course it would say that to back up the hadith from Huraira. This is what is says in the end "But Allah proved his innocence of that which they alleged, And he was honorable In Allah's Sight." (33.69). Mashallah, what an honourable way to protect Hz Musa's honour. Humiliation of His Messenger it seems is one method used by The Almighty to alay inconsequential fears of the people.
  12. So why would Allah subject him to such humiliation just to prove to the Bani Israel that he had no genital defect?
  13. Generally I would say human too but they're not all likeable I'd plump for the Silverback. I was listening to a zoologist the other day and he said that if you gave a camera to a chimp he'd destroy it, if you gave the camera to an ape, he'd systemactically dismantle it and an Orangutan would dismantle it and then piece it back together!
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