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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. [Mod Note: Click on the photo to enlarge.]
  2. Salam aleykum I bought a mohr during my visit to Iran! On the Mohr there is caligraphy/writings! The one above says „ya Hussein“ as far as I can read. Below I couldn‘t read. Can somone translate the writings and I also want to know if it is permissible to perform sujud on a mohr with writings like „ya Hussein“ during prayer! Please back up your argument with proof! I‘m following sayed sistani hfz!
  3. Salam Aleykum! Is it allowed to shave the hair of the chest, tummy and the back! I'm following Sayyid Sistani! Wa Salam!
  4. Salam Aleykum fellow Brothers and Sisters! I want to know if someone has any info regarding the beginning of the holy month of Ramadan for the followers of Ayatollah Sistani!
  5. Brother I, over the years, have 2 beautyfull persian cats! And as a follower of Seyed Ayatollah Sistani hfz I never had problems ( as you can see on the excerpt of the Q&A section before his eminence changed it)! My question was not about me thinking of getting cats. That is why I asked about how I should understand this, cause the definition was a bit unclear!
  6. So basicly i can keep my cats. And my prayers will not be void as long as it won't cover the rug or my clothes like fur :D, right?
  7. Salam Aleykum Brothers and Sisters in Islam! There seems to be a new Fatwa by Seyed Ayatollah Sistani! According to the past this was stated in the Q&A section of his (the emince) website Question: What is your ruling about cat hair on a person's dress during salat? Answer: Cat hair does not make prayers void. Cat Hair 2Question: Can I keep a cat in my house? Answer: There is no problem. Animals 3Question: Does cat hair affect your prayers. Answer: According to Grand Ayatollah Sistani, cat hair does not affect the prayers. A
  8. Dear brothers and sisters! Especially the followers of Seyed Ayatollah Sistani! I found something about this topic which may be interesting! " Men are not allowed to wear gold regardless of whether it is a [normal] ring, a wedding ring, a wrist watch, or other things in salãt as well as outside it. It is permissible for them to wear gold-plated items, provided that gold is only considered as a coating and nothing more. " http://www.sistani.org/english/book/46/2047/
  9. here is the ring i got from iran
  10. here is another picture of another ring with the Same condition! With a yemeni aqiq as Stone and coated gold on top as you Can see
  11. Unfortunately not! But it is the Blue Stone Ring! And everything is silver just the tip is COATED in gold! Please if you know the answer provide a fatwa!
  12. here is the picture of a similiar ring!
  13. Bismillahi Rahman'ir Rahim Salamu Aleykum brothers and sisters! I have a silver ring with a yaqoot stone from Iran! On top of the ring there is a part which is coated in gold! I am not home atm so I gonna provide you a picture later on. However I found a picture of a similiar ring with the Same condition but without a yaqoot stone! Instead there is a firuzeh/ turqoise! My question is: am I allowed to wear this ring and am I allowed to wear it while namaz/ salat! I am following ayatollah seyed sistani ha. wa salam
  14. Please bear in mind that I know that I have to pray Fajr, Maghreb and Isha loudly (the Qirat). But I want to know the rest as I mentioned in my post above!
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