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  1. Hashasheen217

    Islamic Finance - Jafari Madhab

    Salamu alaikum brothers and sisters, I am in search of Islamic Financial books specifically from scholars of the Jafari Madhab, something of a PDF or that I can buy online. Please help, I am wanting to understand more about this topic. Best regards, Hash
  2. Hashasheen217

    Wilyat al Takwiniyah

    Its seems like your first 3 questions still have not been answered. As far as granting life and death through prophets, possible examples, Al khidr AS, and Isa AS, as Allah granted life and death through them. @certainclarity
  3. Hashasheen217

    Times have truly changes/NSFW

    This is the case of how things will be, and they will get worse I believe. Quite honestly it doesnt matter the country you are in, as long as there is an internet connection, we have access to most of the evils. With that being said, the west like USA and UK and others, are better for muslims intellectually,not morally per se, why? because western education causes people to question their beliefs, unlike in most muslim countries you are shunned for researching the history of Islam, and in some, killed if you are a shia.
  4. Hashasheen217

    Should women work?

    I have no problem with this, I have been told Islam leans more towards feminism, but classical feminism. At the same time I have noticed an increase in Female Led Relationships, to each his on, whatever floats your boat. Seems like Islam provides a spectrum for different types of relationships.
  5. Hashasheen217

    Can we practise Astral Projection

    Not everyone's cup of tea. Being lucid has its benefits, though I dont actively do it now. One things realized you don't have to change change the whole dream to suit you, you could just stay aware and go with the flow... after you've had all your fun.
  6. Hashasheen217

    Should women work?

    Seems like Queens put in more work than Kings on a chessboard (Former Chess Player)
  7. Hashasheen217

    Can we practise Astral Projection

    I am accusing dream states with the hidden? I am accusing subconscious images with the things we can not see while awake? I don't the view that the astral plane as the same as a dream state, although the 2 are connected. (excuse crappy grammar and misspellings)
  8. Hashasheen217

    Can we practise Astral Projection

    Where did you hear one must commit shirk in order to astral project, what about the individuals that do it completely on accidebt, they just wake up and they are floating over their body, creeper out! You telling me they started calling on other things lol, madness, ridiculousness... You don't even have to believe in God to do a lot of things, you can get power straight from saipan if you wanted to. And if Allah is the ONLY one that teaches, then don't go to uni anymore...
  9. Hashasheen217

    Can we practise Astral Projection

    Search the Internet and you will find what you are looking for.
  10. Hashasheen217

    Can we practise Astral Projection

    You have to prove it to yourself personally that its real, no one has to prove anything to anyone. Is it really that difficult to believe a person at will, can move their intellect away from their body? I mean, really think about, we believe that a guy in the Quran teleported a throne 3,000 miles, we believe Allah made the fire cold for prophet Ibrahim, we believe our Prophet SAW split the moon and experienced miraj. Only a prophet or Imam has to prove by miracles, but why would a normal person have to prove anything. For me it isnt difficult to believe aliens exist, or big foot, chucacabra is possibly real. So are we really going to be hung up over a person leaving their body at will, and traveling to another planet in back... compare that ... to all the miracles in the Quran...
  11. Hashasheen217

    Can we practise Astral Projection

    If we already believe in the unseen, why should it be proven to everyone? Everyone will have to prove it to themselves individually that its real.
  12. Hashasheen217

    Can we practise Astral Projection

    Why would it not be allowed?
  13. Hashasheen217


    I'm Kind of off topic with this, but found this hadith, obviously doesn't apply to Friday prayer: Twelve Chapter Secrecy in Prayer h, 12 CH, 3095 H Muhammad ibn Yahya has narrated from Ahmad ibn Muhammad ibn ‘Isa from abu Hammam Isma’Il ibn Hammam from abu al-Hassan al-Rida, recipient of divine supreme covenant, who has said the following: “A servant’s praying and pleading before Allah for help, privately once, is equal to seventy such prayers in public.’ In another Hadith it is said: ‘A prayer that you (hide from people) is better before Allah than seventy prayers made in public.’”
  14. Hashasheen217

    Friends of the Mahdi