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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. I'm sure it doesn't prevent water reaching your skin?
  2. Salaam nevertheless you will need permission. Muta is a permissible act with conditions. From www.al-sistani.org If a woman is over thirty years of age, and still virgin, is it necessary for her to seek the permission of her guardian for marriage? Answer: If she is not independent, it is obligatory on her to seek his consent. Rather, even if she is independent, she must seek his consent, as a matter of compulsory precaution.
  3. There are two different methods of sighting the moon. stipulating Unity of Horizons & not stipulating Unity of Horizons That's why eid is not on the same day in the world.
  4. Maybe they followed Ayatullah khoei when he was alive and still do
  5. Salaam sad to hear. I wish I was as enthuiastic with religion as the fellow posters on this topic are. InshAllah all is well as you have the biggest treasure love of the Ahlul bait(as) cemented in your heart. :)
  6. Salam I would be very interested in which other 'neutral scholars' you have spoken to, if possible could you name them? Also was the discussion at muhammadi trust recorded?
  7. http://www.inminds.com/boycott-mcdonalds.html
  8. I agree but nevertheless no one can neglect their wajibats. Wajibats is what makes us muslims in a sense.
  9. From Syed Sistani Risalah Fasting means that a person must, in obedience to the commands of Allah, from the time of Adhan for Fajr prayers up to Maghrib, avoid nine things which will be mentioned later.
  10. Salaam You can still not neglect hijab, even if the physical aspect is not the biggest part. Bibi khadija(sa) wasa business women. Bibi Fatima(as) did leave her house khutba e fadakiyya. Women go to hajj( leave their house).
  11. Salaam I'm disappointed by some posters. Covering of the hair is wajib, isn't Bibi Fatimah(as) our role model? Bibi Zainub(as) went through so much the first thig she(as) did when they got their freedom was to return the headscarves and cover themselves. People cry all the time for Bibi Zainub(as), people have 10 day majlises for Bibi Zainub(as). But some posts are talking about marrying someone who dresses modestly. What kind of modesty will show their hair? Everyone should do their wajibats, a person shouldn't be judged on whether they wear hijab or burka. If I keep a beard it doesn't make me a pious person, I'm simply trying to complete the minimum requirement of calling myself a 'Muslim'. Allah(swt) is all knowing.
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