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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Full grown rawafid in action subhanllah. why do you people always cry about nasibis when you yourselves are pure rawafids? No need to pray for hell you will enter there any way.
  2. Sayed shia is the only moderate shia i have seen in this forum so far almost all other people who i have come across are pure rawafids slandering and cursing people. May Allah save as from this kind of fitnah.
  3. 1000 times from our books? Can you make the 1001 time only for me? Whats amazes me is why when a shia yatollahs doubts this even he is threaten by other shia for abandoning rafidism?
  4. And where is khamr mentioned in the hadith? it only say ثُمَّ أُتِينَا بِالشَّرَابِ فَشَرِبَ مُعَاوِيَةُ
  5. The question now is why did Hassan(ra) abdicate in his favor. Would some one like Hassan Ibn Ali(ra) accept kafir to lead islamic nation? He would rather fight. But shia dont see this contradiction as long its about bashing some one. It lead as only with two options ether rawafids are lying or Hassans(ra) was ignorant naudubillah.
  6. Why dont you then present a book from a classified shia scholar who denied this marriage? I really doubt any scholar would try to refute this marriage it didn't happen ever before until self styled Internet ayatollahs answering-ansar came and become the first champions of shiism.
  7. 90% of todays shia are rawafids they all have hatred and enmity to sahaba and prophets wife the same way nawasibs have hatred for Ali(ra). The only non rawafid shia sect are zayidi who split from the rest of shia. When Shia asked imam zayid(ra) about Abu Bakr(ra) and Umar(ra). Zayid(ra) answered: “I have never heard any of my family dissociate himself from them, and I have nothing but good to say about them.” Upset with this answer, they deserted him en masse.
  8. But nevertheless you have the same opinion of them all whether its Umar(ra), Abu bakr(ra), Zubeyr(ra) or Talha(ra) and the rest.
  9. And whats the other sides argument? That 99% of sahaba became lunatics after prophets death?
  10. There is really no way shia can justify the way matam is done it is beyond just mourning. It became into an every year religious funeral of blood, mourning and cries.
  11. Then why did the Prophet befriend him and make him his best companion? Abu bakr(ra) was best friend of the Prophet(saw) sen they where young. He Abu Bakr(ra) was distant cousin to the prophet and a father in law to the messenger of Allah(saw). he was the companion of the cave and the hijra to Medina. Allah will hold accountable evry one who lies about this great sahabi and the Prophets(saw) best friend. Rafidas opinion about sahaba doesnt have any value it would be like accepting what nasibi say about Ali ibn abi talib(ra), Naudubillah. Its only pure nonsense from both of them.
  12. There is big gap missing Before jafar ibn Abi talib(ra) she was married to Umar ibn al-khattab(ra). Umm Kulthum bore a son Zayd ibn Umar(ra), known as Ibn al-Khalifatayn (Son of the Two Caliphs i.e. Umar and Ali) who became renowned for his great beauty, and a daughter, Ruqayya(ra). After Umar(ra) died she remarried with Jafar ibn abi talib(ra). When jafar ibn abi talib(ra) died she remarried with his brother Abdallah ibn jafar who was widowed of her sister. Umm Kulthum died at the same time as hear son Zayd ibn umar(ra) who died at young age Said ibn al-as(ra) prayed over them, it was in
  13. Wheel thats why they have been called rawafids. Rafidis and nasibis are on two side of the same coin.
  14. If the prophet(saw) did not appoint some one then you are left with one option and that is electing a leader among themselves.
  15. Please prove to me that Umar(ra) denied the sunnah im really interested.
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