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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Don't forget his roots, he is Zionist Jew dressed as a Muslim , and Zionist Jews come in different shapes and forms, yes, even as Muslims....Just look at the Saudi family, they are more Zionist Jews than Netanyahu himself. Wasalam.
  2. Thank you brother for putting the names of our Imams a.s. with much love and respect and sincerity. Allahuma sal e alla Mohammad wa all e Mohammad. Waslam
  3. You don't need a Marja for this, you are young, watching haram movies/videos will effect how you think, specially when Shirk and sorcery is used. Slowly and but surely it will effect you. This is probably the same category as music. Why do you think pork is forbidden in Islam?? Because pigs are not clean and are shameless animals, if we eat it we will take up the characteristic of this filthy animal. I would suggest the same would happen with movies/video games. There are a lot of other videos that you can watch to cure your boredom and are educational, watch and learn about the universe, or Quran and science etc etc. Wasalam
  4. You are welcome sister. It doesn't matter if you are a male or a female, in the eyes of our Creator, we are all equal. This life is very short and is a test for the next life. If you want the next life sister, please start praying if you don't already.....whatever we do, we do it for our own souls, not for God. God does not need us to do anything for him, we on the other hand need God..... by worshiping him, we are doing good deeds for our souls for the next world. If you want Allah to talk to you then read the Holy Quran, if you want to talk to Allah, then do your daily Namaz. The only thing that can guide us on the right path and make us stay on the right path is our daily Namaz prayers and keep shayton away from us. Wasalam.
  5. If you believe in Allah, in all the prophets, in the Angels and Imams, pay regular charity and establish prayers, do good deeds, then have no fear, nor grieve. Allah/God is very merciful, he will forgive, again and again and again because he knows Shayton is whispering into our hearts and ears. When you pray your namaz on time and remember Allah in your heart daily, you will not be effected by Shayton and you will do more good deeds and less sins. When we die, life does not end there, its actually the beginning of our real life, if you did all that then the grave will be a good resting place for you, if you do bad then grave can be very uncomfortable for you. Be proud that you are a Shia Muslim, a practicing Shia will never see hell. we as a human beings do sin because this life is a trial for us, yea, even practicing Shias can sin, we are not infallibles like our Imams a.s. Allah says in the Holy Quran if Allah should punish all the people for their sins, no human being would be left on this earth. But please do not repeat a sin just because you know Allah is very merciful, try to be pious and live a clean life. If you are a male, I know its not easy to stay away from sins in a country such as Australia, but if almost naked women pass by you, do not look at them and remember Allah, and you will not sin. If Shayton says just look, what could you go wrong with just looking by whispering in your ears, that's when you go wrong and wont be able to control your desires... sorry its really late here and I am sleepy..hope what I said makes sense. Wasalam.
  6. Bismillah. Salam Alaykum. You have to understand brother, Jews run the U.S government , they bribe the corrupt politicians into submission. They get Billions of dollars a year for Israel but in return they take a fraction of that money to bribe the U.S. politicians and put them in their pocket. That's why all these corrupt U.S politicians put the interest of Israel first then American interest second when they campaign, to more Jewish votes, more Jewish votes mean more money for their pockets and a guaranteed vote. Now same people rule and run the EU countries where you live.
  7. Bismillah. Salam Alaykum. In reality, there is no conflict between Sunnis and Shias, all the problems and conflicts are created by the outside force, Zionists Jews, who are trying to divide and rule over Muslim lands and infiltrate the true Islam and deviate its mass. Zionism aka Satanists are trying to control the globe and Islam is standing against it, this is the reason why whats happening in the Middle East, they are trying to weaken Shia Islam, because all the other sects of Islam has been disarmed by Shayton except the true Islam which is Shia Islam and they will never defeat it, rather they will be defeated very soon Inshalah when Imam Mehdi a.s returns. Zionism has different shapes and forms, like Christian Zionism and Muslim Zionism aka Wahabist and Salafist are one form of Muslim zionnists.
  8. Let me give you one of my personal experience as to why I love living in the USA. A couple years right after 9/11, In a gathering this husband and wife met me and from my name, they knew I was a Muslim man, both of them asked me if I was being discriminated against here or anywhere else, and if anyone harassed me or discriminated against me here to let them know and they will take care of it for me. Now when a nice couple, who comes to me and cares about my well being and want to protect me, do you really think I care what religions they belonged to or if they believed in God or not?? Now there are a lot of good Americans like that, not all Americans are evil, or support our government, most Americans dont even know what our governments do to other countries or people. On the other hand, I was lured to marry a Shia woman from an Islamic country(due to her putting Sihir on me), and spent 10s and thousands of dollars......found out that she had mental problems which they hid from me, so I was compelled to divorce her not because of her mental problems but she also had an attitude problems too, we couldn't get along, her brothers threated to kill me for simply divorcing her, now do you really think I wanna go and live in that so called Islamic country?? When Imam Mehdi a.s returns Insha Allah soon, those who claim to be Syed, who cry to Allah swt to hasten the return of Imam e zaman a.s. will reject Imam a.s and those who worship the sun and the moon will join hands with our Imam a.s. So just because a government is evil doesn't mean that its populations are evil or vise versa. Wasalam.
  9. Bismillah. Salam Alaykum. In my humble opinion, God wants us to live by his Holy Book, so if we don't understand this Holy Book, which is full of wisdom and guidance for all mankind, then how can we be guided and learn from this Holy Quran? You have to read it in the language you understand it,(Not all people can read Arabic, specially in this day and age, but reading it in classical Arabic is much better, but not a lot of people know classic Arabic) the Miracle of this Holy Quran is if you read it to seek knowledge, wisdom get close to Allah and worship him better, this Holy Book will guide you, but if you are a non believer and wants to read it to prove Islam/Allah wrong, Allah with all his power puts a veil on their eyes and heart and misguides them. You have to think why do you have this issue, and why by reading this Holy Verse, Allah will cure you? That's because Allah gives his lucky servants/slave hardship so he can turn to Allah for repentance and forgiveness and guidance. My suggestion to you is that after you read your 40 times, please just start reading from the beginning till the end, every day read about 100 Verse with your full attention and focus and then see the results Insha Allah, and it doesn't take that long. Do you pray your Wajib Namaz everyday? If you do not do that, here what you should do, start praying your daily Wajib Namaz, put your head down on prostration and start asking Allah for forgiveness and guidance, Cry and ask Allah for guidance and forgiveness like a kid asking his parents for toys. Do this for 45 days and see the results, I promise you, Insha Allah, you will get the good results Insha Allah....Guaranteed. Try it for 45 days, what do you have to lose? Wasalam..
  10. Bismillah I know the picture on your profile is not you, because he doesn't speak fluent English, here is the real Wahabi/Salafi guy that you put his picture on your profile, his name is Uthman Al Khamees. I wanted to say that you are a Wahabi/Salafi on my first reply but then I wouldn't be fare to SC members without proof, here is the proof and I rest my case.
  11. Walaykum salam BIsmillah. What do you mean by assume?? Imam Ali a.s did BECOME the LEADER/IMAM OF the BELIEVERS! Just because people who was deceived by Shayton and did not accept him as an Imam/Leader does not mean he did not become one. Now read your own books about a hadith that says "whoever does not recognize his Imam of the time when he dies, he will die the death of jailia. Wasalam.
  12. My dear brother, please, for the sake of Ahlul Bayt a.s open your eyes, know who are our enemies and who are our friends, we live at the end times, don't let shayton deceive you. I am not your enemy, I am a lover of Ahlul Bayt, now lover of Ahlul Bayt will ever hurt or deceiver another Ahlul Bayt follower/lover. If you have the real and genuine love of Ahlul Bayt in your heart, you will notice who are our brothers/friends and who are enemies. I am not here to offend anyone (God forbid) I just want to open my brothers and sisters eyes to deceptions and lies of the enemies. You are absolutely right, I do not know how to control my emotions when I see anti Ahlul Bayt people, But at least I get it out of my system so I don't hold a grudge against them for the sake of Allah.
  13. My dear brother, I don't care where you are from or born, I care about human beings whither they are Muslims or none Muslims. Our Imam Ali a.s said, "you are either my brother in faith, or my brother in humanity" and I am sticking to that till the day I die. To me, the definition of a Muslim is someone who submits himself/herself to the command/will of Allah/God, that person could be a Jew, Christian, Hindu, Buddhist or Muslim. It does not matter where you live or who you pay tax to, it matters if you really do submit yourself to the command and will of our Creator, what matters is our clean heart and good intentions. What matters is how we treat one another, here is a quote from the Holy Quran: "I have created you into nations so you can get to know one another". Don't forget, we are under trials and tribulations, ALL OF US, NOT JUST MUSLIMS. I have lived here in the past 33 years, this is my home, Americans in general are the best in the world and I will die protecting them with my life. I have nothing else to say about this topic, I still love you as my brother, let just pray to Allah swt to hasten the reappearance of Imam e zaman a.s. and Jesus Christ a.s. so the whole humanity can live in peace and harmony once and for all, INSHALLAH UL AZIM! ALLAHUMA SAL E ALLA MOHAMMAD WA ALL E MOHMAMMAD. Wasalam.
  14. Salam Alaykum brother I tell you what, why don't you move to Islamic Republic of Iran since you have a dual citizenship, once you are settled there, then help me move there and settle there with you since I cant afford even the plane ticket right now, let alone make a life for me out there. if you can do that then great, if not then please...don't expect anyone else to do what you cant do yourself. Wasalam.
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