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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Well the "black turban only for seyyed scholars" is only a custom and not a religious ruling and yet its treated deadly seriously...
  2. Thanks for your answers but going back to the original question: Can non-seyyeds wear black skullcaps? Or does the "turban rule" among the scholars apply in this case as well?
  3. We know that among Ulama, Seyeds wear black turbans and non-Seyeds wear white ones. Does that rule extend to normal people (i.e. non-scholars) who want to wear a kufi/skullcap? I'm not asking whether there is anything in Fiqh that prohibits black ones for non-Seyeds because I'm almost sure there isn't, but would it be seen in any way inappropriate? Would other people assume they are Seyeds?
  4. Not really, from a non-Muslim point of view it looks more or less like this: "These guys are awaiting some mythical figure, when someone claiming to be that figure shows up and at least a group among them believe his claim, they will be exactly like ISIS", in other words these guys are only different from ISIS because their time hasn't come yet. Ideally it would be nice to see that in the face of ISIS atrocities we are critically rethinking certain aspects of our classical tradition, leaving things like slavery categorically in the past. But at the very least I would expect our lea
  5. Sorry but I think it's a bit of a cop out - sure MEMRI is a zionist organisation with its anti-Islamic agenda but most of the time they simply translate things that have actually been said. Pointing out that MEMRI is zionist and anti-Islam does not change whats in the videos. If you watch this particular video, there is no possible context which could significantly change what the scholar said: when the Imam comes all the classical rules relating to slavery will once again apply, Muslims will be able to have slave girls and share them. It's not a joke, it's in classical fiqh books, if he's smi
  6. There is a well known video of Ayatollah Qazwini very clearly stating that a small part of the Qur'an was intentionally taken out by sahaba. Are they any other significant modern Shia scholars who also believe in any omissions or other changes in the Quran? Please note I'm not asking for a debate on Shia or Sunni ahadith on tahreef, I'm aware that both Shia and Sunni hadith collections have such narrations in them. I'm also not asking about the opinions of classical scholars, I'm aware there were some in the past who believed in some form of tahreef. All I'm asking is:
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