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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Salam 3laykom everyone! This is going to be for sisters-only please! I am a 23 year old Lebanese/American woman living in Foxboro, MA United States. I just recently got married! But I moved away from family and I would really like to find some female friends in the community to hang out with. It’s hard not having someone that can relate to you on every level as your friend. I adore my husband, but I’m sure as many of you know, sometimes you just need a female friend! If anyone knows any communities or anything or if you have a great friend group around the Boston area, could you plea
  2. Salam all, i know this topic has been approached before, and I was scrolling through the answers (the questions in regards to this topic that I found had all been posted a long time ago) and I came up with a few questions of my own, and wanted to see how others feel, because I think it is an interesting discussion Haj Hassanain Rajabali (one of my favorites) discusses the concept of free will and predestiny. I understand that we have limited free will, in that we are able to choose how we worship, and if we want to be Muslim or not. I understand that things like sustenance and pare
  3. Banin is a beautiful name. Like after Um al Banin. Inshalla if I have a daughter that's what I want to name her.
  4. Salam, I agree with this as well. This becomes complicated when children come into the picture. Depending on how the family dynamic is and who is staying home to take care of the kids, they will be the ones who influence the children the most (which is why Islam emphasizes the role of the mother, as she is usually the one that raises her children and guides them on the right path, and that serves as a part of her jihad). I believe I have heard that it is makrouh for those reasons. I am not certain. Does anyone know if this is true?
  5. Salam sister, Im so sorry you went through this. But hamdella, it sounds like you have a great man with you! I agree with many others; therapy might be helpful for you. Good luck, and congratulations on your engagement!
  6. Salam, You're never alone, don't forget that. No matter how scared or tired or upset you may feel, Allah (SWT) is always with you. And Ahlul Bet (AS). Allah never leaves us. I wish you luck with everything, and Allah knows what you need, and nchalla he will send it to you, whatever it may be.
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