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  1. Salam. After taking them out of water some fishes take too much time do die naturally. Like 3-4 hours, some takes even more. Waiting this long time to start processing them is not possible in most cases. Hitting the head with stick is also prohibited as you mentioned. So, can we cut its throat (while still alive) like we do for animal? Or it is a must to wait for them to die naturally?
  2. We all know about the halal way of slaughtering an animal. But whats for fish? Is there any specific guideline?
  3. These type of relations or marriages usually don't go smooth. Most of the time either one of the spouse converts to another sect or they seperates eventually. Happy marriage or relation with keeping their own seperate views intact is rare but not impossible.
  4. Is this the reason that west is the top preacher of nudity and porns? Surely you are wrong about western males. They do have the most nasty brother-talks in between them and they do analyse every parts of a female body they have seen whole day, in street, office or anywhere. Yes, they don't stare at girls like easterns. Easterns are ethically less educated hence the stare at girls like they are seeing an alien. Whereas western males ar cunning and they can see and analyse any female within seconds and without letting the woman know.
  5. EXACTLY. That is so true. You are wrong. Only if you were a male, you would know. You need to be super religious to be able to control your eyes. Hence lustful look is the most poisonous arrow of shaitan. If shaitan gets the oppurtunity why he wont use his best weapon on a Muslim male?
  6. If hijab can’t save a woman from being harassed in a holy city, during ziarat etc, then what could possibly happen if a woman don’t maintain proper hijab in a non holy city, or a non Muslim country surrounded by millions of lustful guys? Just think about it. And also, maintaining hijab is not the only factor to reform a society, specially men. Thousands of factors need to corrected. In a world where porns, nasty literatures etc are readily available, moralities arent taught in families, countries are governed by non islmalic rulers, how can you expect that only hijab can protect you?
  7. Salamun alaikum. You are blessed person as you came forward to embrace the true religion and seeking further knowledge. May Allah bless you with true wisdom & knowledge. You can read "Al-murajaat" A book containing series of letters written between a Sunni scholar and a Shia scholar regarding their own beliefs. A very good book I found for open minded readers whose judgements aren't biased by any particular belief. You can get it from here- https://www.al-Islam.org/al-murajaat-shii-Sunni-dialogue-sharaf-al-din-al-musawi
  8. Salamun alaikum. @fawad221 It is a very heartwarming thing that you are seeking truth. Honestly the whole Shia Sunni thing is about who is the true successor of our last Prophet (s.a.). Names of certain people may come front in the way of learning truth. But its never really about any specific Abu bakar or Umar that Shias hate. Shias only dislike (or disgusted of) them who modified, divided & destroyed Islam & tortured the holy household of Rasul-e-khoda after his death, Be it Umar on banu sakifa or yazid on Karbala or whoever else. You can read the books of Dr.... Tijani samawi as other brothers mentioned- 1."Ask those who know" & 2. "Then I was guided." Also I would recommned another book called "Al-muraja'at". It is actually a book of some letters written between a Sunni scholat and a Shia scholar with lots of references and logics from both sides. Link is given below. https://www.al-Islam.org/al-murajaat-shii-Sunni-dialogue-sharaf-al-din-al-musawi And last of all, if you really seek truth and Allahs pleasure then in addition with reading and learning, please sincerely ask guidance from your Lord. Inshallah you will be guided to the right soon.
  9. Cousins are na-mahram. And hijab is needed around all na-mahrams whether they are from family or not.
  10. this is the truth. people dont change unless they want to change & repent. and being a bit sorry is normal for me. although time is the best healer, can you pls suggest some duas to get out of depression & not making any wrong decision?
  11. Mahr had not been set. To be honest, she doesnt care much about mahr and she would have been agreed with whatever I can give. according to her, her dream of getting a good family has been broken. she has no siblings and she considered my siblings as her siblings (as my brother & sister loved her too). and a lot of people knew about our marriage plan, so this was also a matter of pride for her, which have been hurt.
  12. Thank you so much for your kind advices. I will remmeber your words. keep me in your prayers.
  13. thats right. actually problems started when she started to show some unacceptable traits of her behaviour, attitude and disrespect. she is also accusing me of breaking the promise of "marrying her". although she broke hers but still it makes me feel bad that i am unable to keep my word.
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