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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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    Abu Ismail Al Farsi reacted to Ali al-Abdullah in Ruling on Disbelieving in an Imam   
    Don't you Sunnis believe its obligatory to obey the Caliph no matter what?
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    Abu Ismail Al Farsi reacted to submitter71 in Ruling on Disbelieving in an Imam   
    I would like to start off by thanking the Shiachat community for their sincerity. The anonymous nature of the internet is sometimes a great luxury. It is questions like these that I do not think that I would get a sincere response to in real life. 
    My question to my Shia siblings: What is the ruling on one that does not believe in the Imams? 
    Before responding, I want you to remember that I do not want your personal opinion, but I want proper evidences.
    It is narrated in Al Kafi volume 1 p. 355 that "O Muhammad (bin Muslim), is the case of a person from this ’Umma (nation) who lives without an Imam (Leader) from Allah, the Most Majestic, the Most Gracious, the Imam whose Divine Authority is clearly supported with evidence and who is just in his dealings. A person without such Imam is lost and confused and if he dies in such condition, his death is like dying in disbelief and hypocrisy."
    Al Kafi can be downloaded here https://archive.org/details/alkafi_201601
    Majlisi graded this hadith as authentic.
    The greatest Shia scholars of all time also expressed these beliefs.
    Al Sadooq (al iitiqad 111) said: "Our belief concerning anyone who rejects the Imamate of Ameer Al Mumineen and the Imams after him are in the status of those that rejected the prophethood of the prophets. We believe that whoever accepts Ameer Al Mumineen and rejected one of the Imams after him, that he is in the position of those that accepted the prophets but rejected the prophethood of Muhamad salalahu alaihi wa alih." 
    Al Tusi (talkhees al shafi volume 4 page 131) said: "Rejecting Imama is Kufr like rejecting prophethood, and ignorance of them is the same thing." 
    Al Mufeed in his Ifsah comments on a narration by saying, "This is a clear proof that whoever doesn't know the Imam is out of the fold of Islam."
    I am hoping that those that reject this will bring proof instead of providing their opinions without backing it up. I also hope that sincere Shias that believe in the above will come forward and admit that this is their belief. Please do not worry about my feelings. It is more important to me that everyone is sincere in these discussions. 
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