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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Ah the ol' "kill them where every you find them," quote. One of the most out-of-context verses people like to use. Before I answer your question just know them for future reference: 2:190 Fight in the way of God those who fight you but do not transgress. Indeed. God does not like transgressors.2:191 And kill them wherever you find them and expel them from wherever they have expelled you, and fitnah [Persecution] is worse than killing. And do not fight them at al-Masjid al- Haram until they fight you there. But if they fight you, then kill them. Such is the recompense of the disbelievers.2:192 And if they cease, then indeed, God is Forgiving and Merciful.2:193 Fight them until there is no [more] fitnah [Persecution] and [until] worship is for God. But if they cease, then there is to be no aggression except against the oppressors.2:194 [Fighting in] the sacred month is for [aggression committed in] the sacred month, and for [all] violations is legal retribution. So whoever has assaulted you, then assault him in the same way that he has assaulted you. And fear God and know that God is with those who fear Him.2:195 And spend in the way of God and do not throw [yourselves] with your [own] hands into destruction [by refraining]. And do good; indeed, God loves the doers of good. Basically this whole thing is talking about don't start the fight, don't do anything worse than what they did to you, and as soon as they stop you must also stop. Now on with your question, the Quran is still relevant. It teaches you morals, truth, God's Laws, history, and much more. Now some parts might not be relevant to your current situation, for example if I wanted to know who I can marry I wouldn't go to the "Rules of War" verses. All of it is relevant, but some parts maybe more relevant for your current situation/lifestyle/etc. Hope this helps!
  2. There are a few ways to look at this. Scientifically we know that Allah cannot have a body like us, if you want I can explain why but it isn't really the point. The basic thing about Allah is that He is not a human, therefore He does not have the same attributes as a human. Another thing is Allah is everywhere but if He had a body he couldn't be everywhere, not to say He wouldn't know everything. Just know that we are lower beings than Allah, we can only see things through a certain point of view, but Allah is far more advanced/powerfull/etc. so He does not need the same requirments as us. We do not limit Allah by saying He can hear and see us. Hope this helps!
  3. For the most part, colors don't really mean anything. And the thing about colors bringing good luck and all that is just a superstitous belief. But if you wanna wear a certain color, I suggest green. The reason being that it was Prophet Muhammad's favorite color and it is the color most associated with Ahlubayt. Hope this helps!
  4. Allah gave the ability to the Prophets and Imams not to sin is because they are role models. I was one time watching a lecture about comparing the prophets from the Bible and Quran and the lecturer made a very good point. "In the Bible Noah would get very drunk, Allah made him a leader of a nation but yet he gets drunk? I don't drink so why I don't be the leader of the nation?" The whole point is that these great men are our role models, and if they sin then we, the oridinary people, could justify doing that sin. Hopes this helps!
  5. If it has nudity in it, I think it's safe to say it's haraam. Also I'm linking this because the subjects are similar:
  6. I know that there are two Angels on your shoulders, the one on the right records all your good deeds and the one on the left records all your sins. My question revolves around a person who knows about Islam but doesn't want to be a Muslim, an athiest for example. Is the sin recoreded only once or is it constantly written down? This always confused me as a kid.
  7. It doesn't really work that way here. You can't really get in trouble for liablility and/or slander when it comes to religions.
  8. 1. If a person does not beat their chest, I don't believe it's a sin. 2. They are mahram for each other. 3. Half-siblings are mahram for each other. (Mahram means for example, seeing a woman you know without the hijab, right?) (Surah 4:23) 4. Both of these sites are very important and you should go to them but Hajj is more important. 5. Imam Ali did name some of his kids Abu Bakr, Umar, and Uthman. But they weren't named after the Khalifs. Check this video out:
  9. Anger and me have a bit of a weird relationship, I get angry pretty easily/fast but for the most part I can keep it in, especially in public. But there are so few rare times when I get so angry that cheeks burn. One such recent occasion was because of a website known as jewishencyclopedia.com. Now let me start off by saying I didn’t get mad when the website said Prophet Muhammad copied things from the Jews, Christians, and some pagans (well I was a little annoyed), the reason why I wasn’t angry with that was because I didn’t make sense for me to be annoyed that people from another religion don’t consider him a prophet. No, I was angry for (many) other reasons. Let’s start off by setting up the scene. I should of been doing my homework, I really should of, but ya’ll can see the first word of the blog’s name and indeed I was doing that. I was doing some research about the Arabs, usually stuff, but then I came upon Hagar’s entry in the jewishencyclopedia. The first half of it was okay, it talked about Hagar in the Bible and the some positive things about her from the Talmud. Then I kept reading. And the second half of the article began talking about negative views/things about Hagar from the Talmud. This was the first and most thing that made me angry. My noble friends, Hagar means a Lut (I know it’s not funny, but I still enjoy it) to me, not only is she the mother and wife of two very important prophets, she is also my many great grandmother. And sir, no one dares talks bad about my family when I’m around. The second half of the article went on about how Ishmael (I’m writing the English version of his name, deal with it. I’m reading it as the Arab version and you probably are too.) was actually her second son because Sarai (at this time in Genesis Abraham’s and Sarah’s names were Abram and Sarai) caused Hagar to miscarriage by giving her the “evil eye.” (A quick side not, in the Genesis, Sarah is the half-sister to Abraham. I found that out when I was talking to my Bib Lit. teacher about how one of David’s sons raped his (half) sister, and my teacher said, “Remember Genesis? It mentions how Sarah was the half-sister to Abraham. I got more to say about my Bib Lit. class, I really loved it, probably gonna have a blog about it.) And that’s not all! The article also mentions that some Talmud scholars even say that Hagar would make fun of Sarai (again at this time her name is Sarai, God changed their names after he told them Sarai was pregnant with Isaac) for being barren. The article mentions that some Genesis and Talmud scholars believe that the reason Sarah wanted Abraham to kick out Hagar and Ishmael was because Sarah was scared Isaac wouldn’t get the full inheritance and some even mention Ishmael was sexually deviant when it came to Sarah. (Just a reminder, the story in the Bible and the Islamic version differ, if you want some clarification just ask, I consider myself a bit of a non-expert expert when it comes to the Bible (mostly the Old Testament/Tanakh)). Then what made my blood really boil is when I read that some scholars believe that Hagar didn’t really believe in God because she gave Ishmael an Egyptian wife. Oh and just to add a cherry on the anger, they tell the Islamic version of Ibrahim leaving Hagar and Ishmael in the desert and they get the story wrong. “That was pretty long,” some of you might be thinking. BUT WAIT! That was only the article on Hagar, which admittedly got me the most mad, but like an idea, I decided to read some other articles. The articles about the Arabs/Ishmaelites, Prophet Muhammad, and the Jews of Arabia have many things in common that ticked me off. The author(s) of the articles try to distant the relationship between the Hebrews and Arabs as much as they can. They say that Arabs are actually mainly descendants of the Babylonians (I just wanna point out that in the Bible, the Babylonians were viewed negatively and were at one point the opposers of the Hebrew) and with some blood from Ishmael and Esau mixed in. When they talk about the Jews of Arabia, they mention that these Jews weren’t as “good” (whatever the hell that means, but I think they're referring to intelligence and spirituality in this context) as other Jews but because they were still Jewish it meant they were superior to the surrounding Arabs. They talk about how that Prophet Muhammad went to war with the Jews was because he wasn’t smart enough to convince him that he was a prophet because they were so much smarter than him. They fail to mention the many reasons why it was the Jewish tribes fault for those wars, such as breaking treaties, assassination plots, and making many bad decisions just to name a few. Another thing they do is instead of saying Muslims, they would instead say Muhammadan. Which is a pretty obvious (and petty) way of putting down Muslims. There’s a lot more they get wrong and insulting things they write, but I’m gonna wrap it up with this. In the article about Jesus (I’m gonna skip over most of it, most of it is blugh and the Christians in the comments say more than I care to talk about at this time) they say Sura 3 verse 43 is about Jesus making birds out of clay. Quran 3:43: O Mary, be devoutly obedient to your Lord and prostrate and bow with those who bow [in prayer]." (Sahih International) I seem to notice a lack of Jesus, clay, and birds. But that could just be me. I went to bed not long after that, but I stayed awake for a long time because how angry I was. I don’t have anything against Jews/Hebrews. I’m not anti-Semitic (but I am anti-Israeli/Zionist). But this site made me really mad and I’m gonna avoid it for the time being. When it comes to the Tanahk and the Talmud, these guys are pretty good about their job but when it comes to talking about other religions… Let’s just say they shouldn’t put it in their resume (I wanted to end the blog with that line or “Let’s just say they shouldn’t write home about it”. I don’t know which one to put so I’m leaving them both in.)
  10. A good question some of you might have is, why the name A Muslim Artist? Well my dear friends, let me tell you the tale full of drama, suspense, romance, and adventure. (Could we get banned for lying? Because if so, bye it was fun while it lasted) It was relatively not that long ago, a starving adolescent was bored and had nothing to do. Read Quran and try to become a better Muslim you might suggest. "What is that?" the youth would ask. At that time the youth was constantly improving and changing up his art style and changing the content he drew in general. Before he would draw stories of a reptile doing martial arts in space, confusing stories of time travel, and the classic people posing while brooding. But eventually the youth found Islamic art made by the Persians (and/or Mongols) and it inspired him. Gone were the days of space reptiles! Now the youth would draw pictures of the Angels, Iblis deceiving Adam and Hawwa, Musa confronting Pharaoh, Muhammad's Night Journey, Ali defending what is right, and much more. The youth enjoyed this very much, he loved drawing his favorite tales about these great men. And at that time, because of a lie from the youth's employer, the youth had a lot of free time. So because he was a lazy piece of trash (a statement the youth's older brother used very much), he would mostly sit inside and watch Youtube, that is when he made a shocking discovery! There were a Lut (get it?) of anti-Muslim videos on Youtube. So because of this the youth decided to became a crusader (or a jihadist) of Islam, fighting ignorance online. (He failed miserably, because as mentioned earlier, he was indeed very lazy). But like all vigilantes, he needed a name. Something to inspire his allies, scare his enemies (who were a superstitious bunch). I got one! What about the Muslim Defender? It’s good, don’t get me wrong, but it make it sound like the youth isn’t Muslim. This name has to reflect the youth, who happened to be Muslim….Hmmm… He’s a Muslim, and well he’s currently drawing an Islamic scene, how about… Islamic Drawer? Nah, that’s stupid. Really? Okay what about… Islamic Illustrator? Better, but still it could still use some work. The Youtube auto-play just was active, the now playing video was a Muslim singer singing a song about Islam. That be cool to do on the channel. But it would be out of place for an illustrator. Hold on a second, aren’t illustrators, writers, musicians, and etc are considered artists? Yeah, yeah! Why not the Muslim Artist? That could work, but it’s missing something, I just don’t know what. We could try The Muslim Artist? Yeah! Awesome ….. Wait, doesn’t that seem narcissistic? The Muslim Artist? Yeah, I guess you’re right… A! What? A? A Muslim Artist! That way it’ll show were just one of many. A Muslim Artist it is then. So that is how the name was chosen. Some might be wondering how true to the name the youth stayed active in. Well after seeing much better Islamic art, the youth felt that calling his pictures “drawings” didn’t seem right, so now he just calls them doodles. He keeps the “doodles” private and only shows them to friends and family. Now my humble friends, I must reveal something to you. Sit down, because it will come as a shock. The lazy youth with noble intentions, in reality, he and I are one and the same. Now some of you might be wondering why was this even “blogged?” Well let me answer that question with another question, have you seen the name of this blog? Now excuse me while I’m being banned for lying about what’s going to be in this tale.
  11. Thanks for the help. I legitmetly don't know how I missed it, I'm feeling a bit dumb now. Again, thanks.
  12. It might be that I'm bad with website navigation but I'm having trouble finding the "create blog button" I read on the "Create your own Blog" blog that it was located on the blog tab. I can't find it are the only ones who can create a blog are advanced members? Or can basic members create one as well. Sorry for my "noobness" and thanks for the help!
  13. Hahaha, I gotta say it's probably weird seeing Imam Hussain help Shimr out. Apparently the guy from the audience who attacked "Shimr" was the part when "Shimr" was going to behead "Imam Hussain" (Also I just noticed my comments automatically post instead of saying a moderator needs to improve it. Why the change?)
  14. To begin, this is kinda a stupid question. In the Ashura reenactment/play the person playing Shimr gets attacked from someone in the audience, people from the audience (and maybe the person playing Imam Hussain) pull the person off the actor playing Shimr. My dad saw the video while he was passing through facebook, I really wanna see it. Me and him both wanna find it but were having trouble, if anyone has the video or anyway or idea to find it, let me know. Thanks for the help!
  15. I'm not really sure how to help other than linking this. A guest had a similar question and the responses to that thread were very helpfull and informative. Hope this helps you! (Also the videos one person gives the links to are really helpfull)
  16. They did it because they did not like the message the prophet was coming with. People in a town are beggining to sin, and because there is no prophet for them at that time they continue to do the same sin while thinking nothing of it (or they might even know their sinnning) so then comes a prophet and tells them what their doing is wrong so they would kill the prophet for (what I can think of as of now) two reasons: Reason #1: They don't realize his authority from Allah and think he is a crazy person trying to emulate a prophet they had long ago or Reason #2 (And because were talking about Bani'Israel I think this is probably why): That the sin they're commiting is somehow helping them finacilly, physicall, or etc etc. So they kill the prophet before the message spreads and the ordinary citizens (I believe the ones killing the prophet in this case is someone who has power, wealth, and maybe even a high position) realize they have been sinning. But that's my theory anyway, I'm interested in hearing your's.
  17. From my understanding, if you are related to her by blood then this is no problem, but if she is married to your uncle (who is related to you by blood) than playing footsie with her would be haram. But as long as you're related by blood, I (persoanlly) see nothing wrong. Hope this helps!
  18. Brother, in all seriesness, I don't think that's a good thing to ask
  19. They get all the gold and silk? (joke mate, the answers above are very good, can't really add on)
  20. The way the 10 Commandments are presented in the the Christian Bible is different from the way the Tanakh presents the 10 Commandments in a different way. Back then there was no indication of when verses started and verses ended. Because of that different translations and religions (and sects withing those religions) group the Commandments differently. For example: Thou shalt not kill is the 6th Commandment, right? Well according to some it's the 5th and a minority of people might say it's the 7th. Another thing for example, you know the preheader to the Commandents? The "I am the Lord thy God (who took you out of Egypt)"? Well for majorty of Jews that is actually the 1st Commandment and the 2nd Commandment is bundled of "No gods before Me" and "No graven images" . Catholics say the 1st Commandment is "I am the Lord they God" "No other gods before me" and "No graven images" So the 10 Commandments differ depending on who you're asking.
  21. I'll try to answer these questions to the best of my ability (I'm not the best at explaining while typing) 1. Why was Prophet Muhammad a prophet of God? Well what I can say is, it was God who choose him to be a prophet. No one decides to be a prophet (unless their like a fake one trying to sell you magic rocks that heal you). A prophet (and/or messanger) is choosen by Allah. 2. Was Prophet Muhammad truthfull? How can we trust him? Even the people who wanted to kill Prophet Muhammad, the ones who hated him more than anything, his greatest enemies referred to him as trusted. His first wife married him because of his honesty. When the tribes of Mecca were about to go to war with each other because each clan wanted the honor of putting the black stone inside the Kaaba, they went to Prophet Muhammad because how much they trusted him. Everyone in Mecca would refer to him as Sadiq (truthfull) and Al-Amin (the faithfull). One day Prophet Muhammad sounded the alarm of Mecca, everyone knew to meet on this specific hill when the alarm was sounded. Prophet Muhammad asked the people if he told them that if an army was behind the hill and wanted to slaughter all the Meccans, would they believe him? The Meccans said of course, saying he was the most honest, he saved Mecca from disaster before, calling him the most truthfull, etc etc. 3. Is the Quran a miracle? YES! It is the most unique written book ever, nothing comes close. Here is just one page of many describing it's uniqueness: https://www.al-islam.org/al-tawhid/vol1-n1-3/understanding-uniqueness-quran-ayatullah-murtadha-mutahhari/three-distinguishing 4. Could Prophet Muhammad have made it up? That's for you to decide, could an uneducated man in the desert 1400 years ago really write a book like this? I hope this helps and I welcome you if you do join!
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