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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. I don't really get why buying one (or going through the insurance) would be haram in this case. If you need a service dog to help you in your life then wouldn't it be more haram by not having it then? If it's available for you to use but you don't utilize it then it would just be making your life harder.
  2. Looking at the comments Sumerian, I'd say everyone is better at roasting then you.
  3. Now people who like winter like it because its colder and they like the atmosphere of the season. People who like summer like the heat and like having the extra hours of the day. Both of these kind of people love to be miserable. People who like spring and fall like it because of the cool weather and the beauty of the season. These people are not miserable. I like Fall but my trouble with it is that winter is coming. I like Spring but my problem with it is that sometimes winter overstays it's welcome. Spring for the win.
  4. Salaam bro. The way it could be looked at is giving those people who are depressed some hope, ya know to show that were there for them. Sure it isn't going to make them not-depressed but it'll give an attitude that might help. I do agree with you when you tell a depressed person to be positive/not to be negative. If feel like you have to give the person the mindset without outright saying it and just talk to them about the problem.
  5. Well even if it's not cheating (which I do think this is), he's keeping it a secret, which is bad
  6. My belief that Allah has a sense of humor has been reinforced once again. I read your posts and was like that'll never happen to me lol you klutz. But then I go and read a recent topic on the forums. As I was continuing to the next post I placed two fingers on the mouse bar to scroll down (I'm using a chromebook that my school gave us) but for some reason it only counted a single click and my mouse just happened to be on the Shiamatch link. Coincidentally I checked out minder earlier today. Also just to let you guys (and gals) know, apparently Shiamatch is in violation of my school's webfilter.
  7. I haven't been on for the last couple months, I'd go on occasionally for a bit and that's about it.

    But I was on yesterday and today and it was really nice and relaxing. I've spoken to old friends (and dorks) and I've made some new ones. All in all, I'm happy I'm spending more time back on here.

    (If only I used this time to do school work haha)

  8. Salaam everyone, there is a brother on here who needs some help. He is currently studying and has to work on his English, and we were wondering if anyone would be willing to help him. The best way to help if you would be able to have a conversation with him, he has a skype and a whatsapp. Just reply if you're available to help, thanks!
  9. I'm not sure, persoanlly I follow one but I'll check others rulings and come up with an idea of my own after some research.
  10. How's everyone doing?

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    2. Laayla


      Mash'Allah.  That would be great.  God bless your hands.

    3. A Muslim Artist

      A Muslim Artist

      Just to let you know it'll take a few days to complete and that's before the scans haha. But don't worry I'm starting with some rough drafts.

    4. Laayla


      Much appreciated brother.  Your reward is with Allah.

  11. Glad to know you get what I'm implying
  12. You know what synonum means, don't ya?
  13. Ever heard of a thing called a hypocrite?
  14. Haha, I can go to sleep without him thank ya very much. I think this question stems because of many things, Wahabis, think about it. Wahabis say drawing pictures is haram and they're really loud about things, so it spreads.
  15. So does that mean I don't need to get rid of Eli?
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