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  1. Yea and i think those members should meet more persians and ask them about their views on islam then they will realize that we aren't trolling
  2. Why is it so surprising that 2 different people have seen lots of anti Islamic iranians ?? I'm guessing most members here are arabs and south asians. Have you guys met persians in real life ? If you live in North America then go talk to young persians and they will all say that once old generation die iran won't be Islamic anymore and how arabs destroyed persian civilization haha. What drives me mad is that they always use bad words for Allah and think they're white (even though theyre just light brown and not even lightest in their own country). I've only met 1 Islamic iranian and he is azeri (turk) Btw I have nothing against shia muslims.
  3. Lol I'm not this guy btw come to canada and usa and see for yourself how anti Islamic iranians are. I know so many in my university and most of them are non religious even though they are fob. These girls used to cover their head in iran but here they dress even worse than non muslim women and iranians eat pork. I used to think iranians are our brothers and sisters in ummah, but oh man I was shocked. They have told me young generation is non religious and once old people die iran won't be Islamic anymore and their families back home hate islam too and only reason they cover themselves is because of govt fear. Some kurds are also anti islam but who cares they are small minority of sunnis and don't even have their own country haha. As I have said earlier I have nothing against shia muslims but persians are racist and anti islam. I've only met 1 iranian muslim and he is not even persian but azeri (turk).
  4. There are many iranians where I live and also I've searched stuff on the Internet. Look at this forum, most members are from south asia. Iranians have themselves told me they hate islam and most young people in iran are atheist
  5. http://www.economist.com/news/special-report/21628596-ordinary-iranians-are-losing-interest-mosque-take-it-or-leave-it I used to be very interested to learn about shia islam and thinking of converting to it but it's kinda sad that most iranians and azerbaijanis are atheist. Oh well at least we sunnis are huge in number and have strong faith
  6. I have met many iranians and they are all anti islam
  7. Because almost all iranians are atheists
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