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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Salam I need to focus on my education and finishing my degree. I will ask moderators and admins to unregister me again, and this time, seriously, do not let me come back, with any other name, with any email, etc. I will leave with some advice om Qur'an. It talks about Taqleed. Do not take this religion as some sort of game and play pastime, do not let Satan play the joker card on you where everything in religion is but a joke and game, and you don't take the issue that we value obedience to others on par or more than God seriously. Take what it advises on Taqleed, and take
  2. I've said before, people try to make God too much like a robot. The Quran and ahadith paint a different picture than a robotic calculator that many theologians try to make him out to be.
  3. Guys really - it's a test how you recite whole Quran. If you have an attention span of a goldfish, wives are included. If you can remember what Quran has said all over about chosen families, then it's about the 14 Ma'asoomeen. That is all there is to it. If you are sincere to the hadiths, then it's obviously about Ma'asoomeen. If you want to twist and turn the hadithal thaqalain and hadithal kisaa, then go ahead. It doesn't matter how we argue about it by grammar. There is a flow both ways, because, God wanted it to have these two flows to test us, as Imam Zainal Abideen talks about
  4. Salam If we read everywhere there is mention Twelve it has to do with the upright religion and the covenant of Bani-Israel and the door they were meant to enter by. The twelve rivers are emphasizing that we must not mix with our pure source of drink others who will pollute our water. In other words this miracle like the mountain being risen over them was symbolic of the path their nation had to tread. In case of the Twelve Months and upright religion it's a contrast to the corrupt priests and Rabbis, and in context is saying: "There is but Twelve representatives of the Messenger
  5. A golden part of Misbahal Shariah (the most noblest book in my opinion after Quran we have): Contemplating death kills desire, cuts off the roots of heedlessness and strengthens the heart with Allah's promise of life hereafter. It refines nature, breaks the signs of passion, extinguishes the fire of greed and renders this world vile; this is the meaning of the Holy Prophet's words: 'To reflect for an hour is better than a year of worship.' That hour of reflecting is the moment when you unite the ropes binding you to this world and fasten them to the next. The descent of mercy from
  6. To remember death constantly is the only way to battle Satan. Reflect on what has passed of this world. Has any of it remained for anyone? Has anyone remained in it, be he noble or lowly, rich or poor, friend or enemy? Similarly, what has not yet happened of it resembles more closely that which has passed of it, than water resembles water. The Messenger of Allah said, 'Death is enough of a warner; the intellect is enough of a guide; precaution is enough of a provision; worship is enough of an occupation; Allah is sufficient as an intimate friend; the Qur'an is enough of a clarifica
  7. O God You are the Master Who brings us out of the darkness into the light You are the one who provides us with means To destroys our sins and win over the everlasting blessings I turn to your chosen Guides Make them hear my words O Messenger of God Kiss your daughter Fatima And train my soul's sword with your sword Train it to be loving and kind towards others Just as you were a mercy to mankind Train to it be resolved and strong Just as you were strong and resolved O Ali, o Commander of the faithful
  8. O Ali For holding to your love we must bear hardship Envy of the evil of Jinn and humanity Is upon the lovers of Ali O Ali Help us carry your sword The holy book The name of God The reminder The Sunnah of your brother Entrusted to you by the Messenger Inspire us by to hold on to it And connect us with powers you united from all Messengers O Ali Displayer of wonders Marker of the Way Be with us in our hardships And pray for us before we die And after we die And on the day we are raised. O Al
  9. God bless you, I took it the wrong way. Forgive me.
  10. I did, and it's not accurate. Some of it is, but for example, I can do detail stuff and tasks And it's unfair to say I know things intuitively or rely on intuition, when I was blind to Quran till hadiths of Ahlulbayt opened up my eyes, and I had to think and think to solve problems I had with it, and that the knowledge I rely upon is intuitive when it has been through study of Quran and ahadith. I make notes of Quran, and have to think about them. When I program a program, I make diagrams, and write and rewrite plans....and have to think things through. I don't just intuitively rely on intuit
  11. So I slip up (do a mistake) and people now want to unleash their hatred on me. Khair inshallah, I open to criticism. Tell me what I need to improve upon.
  12. He is the close one by which we derive our rights from and ask another our rights from one another. He is the blessed one in the blessings through his name that encompasses all things and gives light to all things. It's through his highness that Ali used to heighten himself by, and is the source of honor. He is the light of all light, the one who we ascend to and return to. He is God such that he misses no praise, no glory, no beauty, and has every blessing that he can possibly bestow.
  13. This would justify non-Muslims hating Muslims for an act of a few. Does it make sense?
  14. Salam I think most of the bigger Surahs revolve around Ali and the Imams. I like to keep digging because then the Quran comes together like that. I think the deeper we see Ali and Imams, then comes the next step, what does Quran guide and teach regarding adhering to their Wilayah during their being here with us and in their absence (like right now). I think we have to understand that Quran could of just had a Surah that said "Ali and 11 Imams from his offspring are chosen, follow them", but taught in a way we have to understand the philosophy of guidance of the leaders appointed
  15. Poisons and traps, Occult darkness Magic upon magic All to veil us from you, O Ali We tore the veils Till every verse, Of the holy book, Spoke behind the curtain, Saying Ya Ali O Ali We are here to help you We are here to support you We are here to love you O Ali Allah eloquently calls to you in Quran While your eloquent tongue calls to Quran You are with the truth And the truth is with you O Ali Your sword is on earth And we will embrace it And let it stab us So that we can be fr
  16. Salam God picked out of infinite words, the words that are found in Quran. To me, this essentially means we cannot belittle a single verse of Quran. We may not know why they are essential as clarifying the true religion to all of humanity and their disputes regarding what is the true way of submitting to God but every verse is an essential foundation. To me for example, the verses mentioning the door that bani-Israel had to enter upon, the 12 Captains, the 12 rivers, the 12 who were grandchildren and ways, the people who guide by the truth among them, the Imams who guide by God's com
  17. If you blindly follow a religion, you are tending to value yourself and the leaders (divinely appointed or not) above that of truly following God. You obey yourself or leaders or community rather than obeying God in that case. In this case, even true Prophets like Mohammad and Moses, would become an idol. But if we truly value God above all else with much higher value, we would seek to know the truth of who he truly appointed and be upon a manifest proof from our Lord.....and we would not follow those who we have no proof of their authority. Otherwise, we value others or ourselv
  18. Salam I just realized it could be interpreted either way. Him saying Qur'an doesn't say anything about God's location can be said that the verses of him being on the Arsh are not explicitly designations of God being located there. That would be against the Salafi interpretation. I was a little hasty in my conclusions. However, we should not kill these issues. These issues are very important and should not be killed.
  19. I will tomorrow inshallah. This is so frustrating. Finding this out disappointed me a lot.
  20. He explicitly states the issue of where is God is a non-issue and that these type of issues should be killed. We shouldn't discuss them. Even says that Qur'an (and we seek refuge of ignorance of essential knowledge of Qur'an) doesn't talk about the issue of location of God. Through and through he is Salafi on Taqiya. He hides his view on things when there is no reason to except for fear of his popularity coming down and his position being exposed. I can tell to him his position is more important than Tawheed. After a while, you are going to see he is like every other Salafi pre
  21. Unity with humanity is upon us. And to unite humanity, we have to agree to come together on common grounds. And Sunnis and Shias, despite our bitter differences, have a lot of common ground. The Quran commands us to come with a common words between us and Christians and Jews. We ought to see each other in one another. Humans are one family, one nation. We ought to also feel at one with creation, with the Angels, Jinn, animals, plants, earth, atoms of the universe, etc.... It's only then we can feel oneness with God and the Imam of time.
  22. It becomes part of us if we don't ask forgiveness. If we ask forgiveness, it means we regretted sincerely, and our book which is at the center of our being, will not have the darkness written by Angels.It's ugly monsters will not be afflicted to our souls and it's ugly darkness will not be written in our book, otherwise, it becomes a part of us we must destroy. Sins destroy souls. Sins cause people to remain in everlasting pain and torment. Those who have fear will quickly repent and regret.
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