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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Another thing I want to point out is the interaction between fiances (Namzadeh) before Nikah. I don't know what are exactly the limits of having contact with one's fiance before Nikah but I think the kind of contact shown in some series that I have watched exceeds the limits. This is to be mentioned that those movies like Kimiya, Pardeh Nashin are very well on other ideological issues. There can also be cultural issue. May be this thing is accepted in Iranian society but it is not accepted in the society I live in Pakistan. One should also not extrapolate cultural values from one society to other society. At the end I will recommend Iranian serials to someone with a peace of caution.
  2. I am also looking for place where one can have most if not all serials with English subtitles. Unfortunately there is not one single. On Shiatv.net this person uploads serials with English subtitles. You can go to his profile and then to playlists and see which movies he has uploaded. Moreover, on youtube you can subscribe to this channel which is now uploading some wonderful serials like Kimiya with Eng subs. Shiasource has collection of very few serials and I have seen some really wonderful (ideologically) serials being made in recent years like 'Kollah Pahlavi', Kimiya, Moamaye Shah, Pardeh Nashin etc. It would be better if someone posts some more resources in addition to these three. Caution: Having provided you with some more resources, I am not condoning everything that was presented in those movies. For detailed discussion on this issue read posts in this link.
  3. I would like to know what is definition of morality in Islam. Instead of pure personal views, I would like that everyone shares those Ahadis from Imams a.s which deal specifically with this topic so that one can develop a definition of morality after going through (understanding, analyzing, reflecting upon) those Ahadis. I would also like that the contributors while sharing Ahadis, quote references of those Ahadis. One can also quote sayings of our great scholars but only with reference please. My purpose is to understand how the understanding of 'morality' in Islam is different (if so) from that of what western thinkers have developed over the course of centuries.
  4. @Wahdat Can you post a link where health minister defended such a ban (which I find racist). This news say other way round what health minister said.
  5. @repenter I am new to this platform. Is it prohibited to add comments after some time? I added the comment after reading all the previous posts and commented something which I felt was either missing or would help in understand of others.
  6. As far as I can understand, Wahdat thinks religion is specified to certain aspects of life and it should not necessarily encompass all spheres of life. It seems that he wants to say we should not judge everything based on religion. When he say US is in ME just because of resources and not for destroying Islam, he thinks usurping someone's property or resources does not necessarily have to be against Islam or at least he wants to see this act (of usurping) not from the lens of Islam. At another points he says, we can dislike, condemn or despise US foreign policies but we should not see it as Halal or Haram thing. And here is the problem. When he says 'some Muslims willfully decide to settle in West', he implies that this act is outside sphere of Halal or Haram because we ourselves make the decision to migrate. As a Muslim I think Islam encompasses all aspects of life and there is nothing as 'neutral side' in Islam. There is not a single act -which affects others- about which Islam is silent. And if you believe this then I fear you are close of Sophists who (Protagoras to be specified) said 'Man is the measure of all things'. This is just relativism and subjectivity of truth which according to my understanding, has no place in Islam.
  7. @hameedeh Thank you for your response. My knowledge of religion is to nothing. So I am having difficulty in understanding this 'special respect' of syeds based on lineage in relation to Sura 11, Verse 46 where God told Prophet Nuh (as) not to ask for protection of his son because he (his son) is among from him as his deeds are not Saleh. God even asked prophet not to ask things which he does not know and in following Ayah, prophet asked for mercy and forgiveness for asking this. He said, "O Noah, indeed he is not of your family; indeed, he is [one whose] work was other than righteous, so ask Me not for that about which you have no knowledge. Indeed, I advise you, lest you be among the ignorant."
  8. @Abbas Can you mention from which Mujtahid you asked this as I could not find this website (wilayah.org) on google. I would just like to understand this ruling in context to the verses of Quran where Prophet Noah asked God to protect his child and God said (and got angry) he is not from you. Also how can one see the Hadis of Prophet where he said 'Salman is from Ahlulbayt(a).' Does not these two things show that the respect is only based on Taqwa instead of blood relationship.
  9. I have researched and this question has not been addressed as I am asking here. Recently I heard an audio lecture of a person in Urdu here where he says Syeds are entitled to more respect because they are from lineage of Prophet Mohammad (sw) with one thing in mind 'A non-syed can attain more spiritual highness through Taqwa'. He gives references of Ahadis from Shia books, I will mention just few Lawamay Ilahiyah by Shaikh Miqdad Uyun ul Hikam wal mawaiz Fawaid ul Ulama and Faraid ul Hukama Manaqib by Allama Ibn e Shahr e Ashub Mir Baqir Damad He says those Syeds who don't have good character, they should be respected just like we respect those verses of Quran who are no more valid now (I don't know which Ayah of Quran are so). Interestingly whenever he quotes a Hadis from books, he uses the word 'Zuriyat' first and them implies it on Syeds (descendants of Prophet). I don't have extensive studies of Islam, but my question is that if it is true as this person says, then what about story of Prophet Noah (as) where God told him that his son is not from him and is not worthy of to be protected. Also narration of Prophet (sw) where he said 'Salman is from Ahlulbayt'. Is respect linked to lineage? Positive discussion is awaited.
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