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  1. In Punjabi, a Malang refers to a mentally slow individual.
  2. This should be moved to the trash pit, as it is advocating Wahhabistic sympathies and ideologies.
  3. No, I am not Salafi. I hate Ibn Taymiyyah, Muhammad Ibn Abd Al Wahab, and the Saud family with a passion. Stop accusing me of being a Wahhabi. The reality is that you yourself are Wahhabi and in order to hide the reality, you are accusing others of being Wahhabi/Salafi. Go join your Bakri death squad brethren in Iraq and Syria, it is the least you can do.
  4. I'm Sunni too, gonna see what ShiaChatters have to say about this.
  5. Baloch are 90% Sunni, Turkmen are 95% Sunni, Kurds are 70% percent Sunni, Larestanis are 70% Sunni as well.
  6. Actually, Ahwazi Arabs are 95% Shia, not Sunni.
  7. Stop promoting anti-majos videos. I can't stand them.
  8. Yes there is sister, here: http://www.marcheistanbul.com/contact.html
  9. Hi all, As you may have noticed, our dear and beloved brother @Zendegi unregistered his account and has forever left us. He will be missed, and his contributions to ShiaChat were amazing. The reason why Zendegi left this forum is clear. He did not want to be here as long as I was present. He did not like my posts about Iran and Iranians in general. While he enjoyed the company of all of you, he was hurt by my actions. After he left ShiaChat, I had a great feeling of guilt and sadness that a ShiaChat member left because of me. I never intended for this to happen. I did not mean to chase off a fellow ShiaChat user, and now I regret it. This is it from me, this will be my last post. I would like to apologize to all ShiaChatters for my actions, as I am deeply sorry. I would like to thank the ShiaChat moderators for the respect they gave me, even though I did not deserve it. MuhammadXII
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