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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Uh, nothing funny about Pakistani people who think they’re above other races for some reason. Ironic.
  2. That was a sarcastic response to that person who said the same thing to me about something irrelevant. Hard to have been obvious to those who didn’t see their initial post. My apologies.
  3. That’s so haram maybe in your spare time you should read Qur'an and not indulge in haram shows. When did the rules change?
  4. Why do I get attacked for stating the obvious / same thing as other people? LOL. Don’t know how anyone can see their mother mistreated and wonder if they should stay quiet or not. Or the ones trying to tell them to do nothing. I know if anyone else was in this situation they would raise hell if their mom had to be treated like that.
  5. She said mother in law. How is that blood related? When did the rule change?
  6. Sorry if this is in the wrong topic Has anyone else seen the commonly increasing fad of wearing hijab with t shirts or tank tops or even long sleeve shirt but with clevage showing??? I understand that some people have their own path to hijab but I relate that more to showing their hair a bit while wearing hijab since they’re not comfortable enough wearing it. Is there some marja who says it’s ok to wear T-shirt’s with hijab and that’s why I’m seeing it often? It’s always with darker Muslims similar looking to somalis but I’m not sure if they are since I don’t know anyone who dresses like that nor is it appropriate to ask.
  7. Your mothers mother in law is not related to you by blood and therefore you don’t have to have sabr like everyone else is saying. If it was your own mom doing these things, you can have sabr but who says having sabr means shutting your mouth and letting someone suffer for no reason? No. You should speak up for your mother. Wake your moms mother in law up in the night and say you keep having bad dreams about her and want to make sure she’s alright. 4 times a night. Same with your moms husband (your dad?). It’s not haram, what’s the harm in it. Otherwise, get your mom snoring strips to help her stop snoring, but I’m not sure who would be quiet if their own mother is being mistreated for no reason.
  8. A simulation of heaven and hell lol. I don't get how being in a simulation means you not believe in God. God is a creator and each game as a creator... that simple.
  9. Love this topic, wish there was more of a debate on it. I’m started to think we’re living in a simulation as well especially with all the “if this didn’t happen, then that wouldn’t have ever happened....” coincidences. The only way to prove we aren’t in a simulation is through evidence that we aren’t, which is impossible because that can be a simulation as well. Maybe Allah created “life” through code (considering everything has a scientific base). After all, life IS meaningless. We’re just humans existing to prove to our creator that we (try to) obey the rules... we need our creator they don’t need us. Heaven and Hell can too be simulated.
  10. Salam brothers and sisters I’m posting this in the “off topic” section so I hope there is no issue with this thread. Recently made a video since I was receiving a few messages here (and on other sites) asking me for business tips and how to start a business since I’ve owned one for a few years now. Anyways, I wanted to share the video I made with you all and hopefully can receive some video likes and comments to make it more reliable looking. Thank you all in advance:
  11. Good thing I hate those... coconut and white chocolate ugh!
  12. Me too, I never crave anything but I want to eat because I’m bored and somehow my body things eating will solve everything
  13. This is a “not safe for Ramadan” thread so don’t read any further if you’re someone who just started the day or gets hungry super easily! I’d like to ask what others crave the most during Ramadan? I’m not much of a foodie, I don’t really have a favourite food and can make a meal of whatever delivery place I end up choosing etc. During Ramadan I don’t specifically crave anything (example chocolate). I probably just crave coffee or tea to get rid of my headache if I have one. I typically find that I’ve forgotten a lot of foods until I see pictures of them, LOL. What do you normally find yourself craving?
  14. What I find the most annoying about a friend, no matter how good they are at everything else, is when they aren’t able to provide you honest advice and keep saying everything is good. Example, you’re trying on clothes at a store and they say everything looks good on you, even the ugly ones. I understand that they may be shy to express how they really feel or maybe they do think everything is fine, but considering I’ve seen some people offering other peopke honest advice and not me just shows me that there’s something that holds them back. At some point in life you only want to surround yourself with people who are honest (and everything else on your list) because their “it’s fine” gets very annoying very fast. Having people who can offer you insight when you ask for it is very beneficial as you’re growing up.
  15. So then why are you making it like your opinion is the only right one? Don’t be such a hypocrite.
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