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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Salam Alaikum dear brothers, inshallah you're all well. I am aware I had 'closed the case' now, a few months back. But I still have (what I believe to be an issue).. The thing I never mentioned was, that it was with a cousin (astagfarillah, I know.) and I see him almost every time, we are still good friends and are close. But we haven't engaged in such a thing for a while no & we have both sought repentance and will never do it again. My problem is, since he is family, i can't essentially avoid him, i can't give a reason not to see him (for i cannot lie) & I don'
  2. Salams I had held my phone from an angle so the water goes all over (it was like a seconds worth!) & then quickly grabbed a towel to dry it. However I found out that the laptop doesn't need cleansing, as it wasn't semen, it was a clear liquid substance which comes out before semen. (So thank god for that! Phew!). PS: the phone was all good, no problems what so ever! ☺️
  3. But the only problem is, neither items are waterproof! which is why I cannot use actual water. (also the batteries are unable to be removed!) would a dampened towel/cloth suffice provided it is moist with running water? Wasalams.
  4. Salam Alaikum everyone, I have a question regarding the remove of najasah from an electrical appliance (in my case a phone & a laptop), how would one go around making this pure again without taking out the battery (because it cannot be removed) & risk ruining it? Is it possible to use wet wipes perhaps? Salams. (PS - the Najasah falls into the blood/semen category). Walaykum Asalam.
  5. So, in my case, despite the fact I have overcome my sins & refrained from engaging in forbidden acts, would I be considered a 'corrupt' person? Or is it okay for me to go ahead & be well on my way as to choosing to be a scholar? (Sorry for the revolving door of questions, I need to specify on certain things, otherwise I would've remained unsure!) Wasalam.
  6. So it is the CHILD which is ineligible to serve his community/become a scholar, if he was conceived before/without marriage, right? However, if it wasn't an illegitimate child, then is it permissible, if he (the child) has sinned in his life?
  7. An illegitimate child is a child born out of wed-lock, right? No other contributing factors? Wasalams.
  8. Indeed, I guess that all these horror stories which everyone tends to narrate just leaves one without hope! Insh'Allah, I shall remain in debt to Allah Subhan'Allah Ta'alas mercy and evacuate from the depths of Shaytaan's trap. Jazak'Allah brother, for your kind & sincere words. You have answered my EVERY worry on this matter, may Allah bless you with a lengthy, healthy & knowledgable life. You are in my du'as Insh'Allah. May Allah keep you from harm & shower you with blessings. God bless! Elitemas e Dua..
  9. Wasalam, Jazak'Allah for your words of encouragement. Insh'Allah I will let the past remain the past, and start afresh, for it's better than to dwell on something that cannot be un-done! Jazak'Allah brother, and may Allah bless you with a long & healthy life! God bless!
  10. Wasalam, is it so? InshAllah I will look into these things & see if they help keep everything in remission. Jazak'Allah brother, much appreciated.
  11. Wasalam, Jazak'Allah for your input and advice, especially on the basis of how to increase the count of good deeds. May Allah grant you a lengthy & healthy life!
  12. Wasalam, sorry this is my first time using shiachat as an actual 'poster/user'. & Jazak'Allah Elitemas e Dua
  13. Salam to my fellow brothers, I hope you are all well by the will of Allah. Anyways, back to the point. The reason I am writing this post/thread, or whatever you're u want to call it. Is because I am facing major problems. Over the few years, I have been experiencing homosexual thoughts, and I have engaged in some sorts of sexual pleasures with another peer (which I will not go into detail about, however I can assure you there was no penetration or anything like that). It started from a young age, when I was perhaps 11. And I never thought of it much, till the last few years & rea
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