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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Salam me and my wife are moving to Birmingham soon. My wife is worried that she might not find many people to make friends. Are there any community centres or places we can meet with Iraqi/Shia people? thank you
  2. Alsalamu Alykum, I'm hoping to write an essay on Imam Ali's conduct in terms of his governance and politics. Can anyone kindly recommend good resources? With gratitude, Ali
  3. Salamu Alykum, I will inshallah be starting work in and around Birmingham in the west midlands starting from August. I don't know anyone there and would like to get to know brothers. Can anyone direct me to any shia centres or institutions? Thank you
  4. Bit of an update. Things haven't worked out how I wanted them to (when do they ever)..we got close and started developing strong feelings for each other. She told her mum of my situation with my family and the response wasn't good. She got scared and has called things off between us. Also she has got the impression of not feeling wanted by my family. I've not yet seriously discussed her with my parents. I'm in limbo as I get the strong impression that she wants to be with me in which case I'll speak to my family but at the same time since her mums rebuttal she has mentioned a few bad things about us. I'm not sure if this is her trying to justify her mums position. In any case I'm not sure how to proceed..I value this lady greatly and genuinely don't want to lose her. oh she is Shia twelver like me.
  5. I think I've fallen in love with you stranger..what a way with words. I'm in a similar situation to the op but a lot simpler. I do hope it's not infatuation/possessiveness and something genuine..apart from time apart from each other to see how these feelings unfold what other way is there to know if the love you hold for someone is true?
  6. Salam I like a girl at university..she has everything I look for in a woman, intelligent, god fearing, principled, beautiful. The only "issue" is that shes Indian. Its not a problem for me as I think if someone fulfills you're criteria it is very petty, insular and unislamic to let something like a cultural/ethnic divide stop you from marrying them. My issue is my mum primarily - I've gently proposed the idea and she's rebuffed me quite strongly..the whole thing centers around the supposed mistake of marrying outside your culture..nothing islamic about the objections. I'm not sure how to approach the situation and its really frustrating. We both are quite mature in mindset and know what we want. Has anyone gone through something similar? Anyone can give me some sound advice? Thank you
  7. Hi I've never done this before and not quite sure what the expected etiquette is. I'm expecting to do this in a few weeks time and was wondering if I can get some tips and advice? I'm Iraqi so if anyone's got the low down on how things are done within our community I'd be grateful. Much appreciated
  8. lol yeh fasting, cold showers is the usual impractical guff given. As you said its a concerning matter, unfortunately usually dismissed or brushed aside. I think it is dealt with well in western societies in that it is open and well discussed, even between prospective couples - I disagree with how things are then implemented but thats another matter.
  9. The scholars remarks are interesting but what if the disparity creates resentment? Why should one person feel they have to do an unnatural thing that may affect their psyche in an adverse way? What I'm confused about is how much importance is placed on the compatibility of the couple through culture, language, education etc yet something as crucial as sexual compatibility is left to chance so to speak. Its a difficult topic to broach too but important. Just to clarify I'm not talking particularly about obscure fetishes but sexual appetite.
  10. Going along the traditional islamic route to marriage - how is it possible to figure out if you and your prospective spouse are sexually compatible? What if there was a wide gap in sexual appetite between the two? What if one was asexual? Surely they wouldn't know for sure until they come to do the deed, and by that point isn't it a bit late?
  11. Look up Cornell West. Its a crypto-fascist state and is rotting....jungle capitalism has brought it to its knees and laughably it still jumps from 3rd world country to poverty stricken nation bombing and shooting its failed ideals and notions into helpless people. AS for the infantile reactionary "go away if you hate us"...typical really of the mentality nurtured by a closed society. Lookfor the dissenting views and opposing views in the mainstream media to those held by government.....zilch...theres your freedom...more akin to a totalitarian state.
  12. Can someone explain this ayat to me: I've heard of various interpretations. What is the general Muslim consensus? What is the Shia position?? Many thanks
  13. Thank you the the thread starter..ill try to post pics here.
  14. Why are you contesting the fact that Sayed Al-Sader was killed by Saddam?! Do you think it is beyond such a tyrant to carry out such an act?? In any case after he was captured Saddam specifically admitted to killing Al-Sader. Its disappointing to see that some of our Shia brethren still take it upon themselves to lecture us about how we should conduct ourselves and how our country should be run. This is a thread about the progress and emergence of Iraq from a dark era...if you wish to self-righteously chastise Iraqis for not laying their necks down and being slaughtered for some notion of pan-arab/islamic agenda then open up a new thread. edit..someone just created a new thread..thanks
  15. The end plan is to partition Libya into east and west...east with Benghazi as capital and run by Saudi/US/rebel allies and west run by ghaddafi
  16. That article in the NY is written by Ethan Bronner...a notorious pro-Israeli Zionist whose son serves in the Israeli military..how can you expect an impartial, well-researched piece from him where he has a history of misleading and biased reporting? The Zionists want to keep Al-Khalifa in power...he is their ally and friend. I read today that 1000 Pakistani soldiers are being sent to bahrain too....is there anyway to stop them at Pakistan?
  17. Does anyone know if our brothers have arms?! Surely they have something to defend themselves with? Perhaps the Iraq or Iranian governments can help covertly??
  18. How on earth where you able to deduce my religiosity, political persuasion and background from 3 questions? You're the perfect example of why there are so many problems amongst Muslims in the middle east....absolutism, perceived moral superiority and preconceived ideas that clutter the mind. Thanks Basra. That is exactly my reasoning. It is counter to Hezbollah's interests for them to kill Hariri. It makes no sense. The only ones to benefit are the US and Israel + some pro-US Arab regimes.
  19. 1) How secure are the stl's investigations and conclusions? 2) What are hezb Allah thinking of doing? Seemingly everything in their power to de-legitimase the stl...but anything more profound? 3) How likely is it that war breaks out if there are indictments of Hezbollah members?
  20. Thermodynamics are governed by the natural laws that exist and have existed since the big bang. Has evolution allowed these laws to perfect themselves to such an nth degree that they allow the building blocks, such as the lipid molecules in a cell membrane, of life to come to perfect being? No. And this is admitted by all theists and athiests alike. At Plank's constant all the laws of the universe came into being and essentially were exactly perfect for life then and there. There was absolutely no need for any time to elapse for these laws to fine tune so that life may be possible. Anyway..this debate was IMMENSE. Really great to see debators that have a solid grounding in metaphysics and where equipped with the knowledge to back their arguments. You could see the tension crackling between the two sides. Hopefully there are more in the future. This is a site that athiests use to collate their main points of argument and mode of debate. I recommend it: http://www.infidels.org/library/ Much thanks and blessings to the organisers.
  21. Hope he didn't manage to get to Australia or if he did he gets kicked back. Vile person.
  22. ^Exactly Look, Islam is not a set of rules or regulations that you have to abide by in an absolutist sense, stripped of the inherent compassion, creativity, curiosity. You don't become a better Muslim by studiously implementing its dictates to the letter...in reality you'd become a machine simply obeying a set of instructions without truly appreciating or understanding what you're doing...ironically you wouldn't be a Muslim at all. Islam is not meant to be a hard or difficult religion to follow. Its supposed to sit seamlessly and intertwine itself with you're life, encourage and probe you to better yourself, socially, intellectually, spiritually so that you are able to open your eyes and heart, aided by your observation of the wonders of this world in its varying cultures and peoples, in its many arts and traditions. Through this beauty and diversity one can gain comfort and console themself and corroborate and acknowledge what they observe with the Quran, Ahul-Bayt, salat.
  23. There are organisations and people in the West who are now dedicated at looking for the most miniscule of excuses to vilify and ratchet up the pressure on Iran, resorting to out right lies and mis-truths....their aim is that Iran is leveled, like Iraq, as a civilised people and country. Knowing this why oh why on earth do you give them what they want on a platter?!!! Why waste time and money going after men with slightly longer, or slightly gelled hair??! Its soo ludicrous and infuriatingly pathetic that I'd find it hard to believe. Jeeeez
  24. Can someone just summarily tell me if this story is true or not?? The tabloids and press here are going crazy about it, bashing Muslims and Iran left, right and center....not that they need an incentive to anyway.
  25. Sure we can ignore these heathens like Al-urafi but there words are backed by real political movement and petro-dollars. When a mufsid such as this vile human utters a word or a phrase bombs go off in Iraq and Iran and tensions are increased across the Muslim world. Don't think for one second that this is a religious/secterian battle. In the minds of a few it is, but, Its is fundamentally political, led by numerous arab governments and implemented on the ground with the help of ignorant fanatics who obey every word uttered by chequebook sheikhs. Ultimately the hands of the US lies behind it. The Saudi regime may say that they do not hold the same views as this vile character but is it reasonable that an oppressive, totalitarian regime that controls everything in a state cannot control what a prominent "scholar" publicly speaks?! Everything he said his in line with the Egyptian, Jordanian, Saudi regimes beliefs and policies. We have to counter this straight away and find solidarity with the mainstream sunnis who also suffer from these intolerable khwarij
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