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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. The opinion that you read says that this verse is a prohibition against the marriage of a Believer with someone guilty of zina, until the adulterer repents, thereby being cleansed of the sin and no longer being an adulterer. This is based on the taking the statement “it has been prohibited” at one of its literal and apparent meanings and applying it to marriage. However, the majority of scholars have said that this is not a prohibition in terms of validity of marriage, but rather they interpret the verse in many different ways. The beginning of the verse speaks about who is appropri
  2. First off all It’s haraam to engage in any form of oral sex (or any other kind of sexual activity) with anyone other than your spouse (in the OP case – wife). As the OP is not married then oral sex is haraam. Period. You guys should repent Allah Most High says: “A man guilty of adultery or fornication does not marry other than a woman guilty of adultery or fornication, or an idolatress, and as for a woman who committed adultery or fornication, no one but a man who committed adultery or fornication, or an idolater, marries her. And that has been prohibited for the Believers.” [
  3. I had been on Prozac and it was wonderful . it almost totally alleviated my these symptoms. Bit without Prozac they are back
  4. I. repeat words, phrases just to make sure that I said them well. And repeated, intrusive, unwanted obsessions of causing or being responsible for harm to others, myself . i experienced them as mental images or urges
  5. I have ocd , right now I'm having some crazy intrusive/blasphemous thoughts, i can't help it at all. I'm crying because I've tried so hard to get rid of these thoughts, it affects me almost every minute of the day, whether im eating, talking to a friend, praying, those horrific thoughts are playing in my head. I dont know what the hell to do about it, it's driving me insane, sometimes i think why was I born. Sometimes i speaks words of kufr (disbelief) and words that put me beyond the pale of Islam because of this compulsive waswaas, but without being aware of what I am saying or understandin
  6. Please read my storyI'm just really really confused and scared whether I have ocd or not...and I would really like as much comments as to what Is it that i could have please...please read i know it's a long one but please iam really suffering and I would appreciate even 1 sentence responses...PLEASE I KNOW IT'S LONG BUT IT'S KILLING ME..Ok...a couple of months ago I know for sure that I have OCD (self diagnosed) because it was really severe and it really effected my life. My OCD is to do with religion. So basically before, I would get blasphemous thoughts that were really disturbing and they w
  7. Omg. I dislike it. I think it's a display of needless self violence that has little genuine emotion or purpose to it. When did the prophet or any of the Imams perform such barbaric acts for no reason other that to what? Show they are tougher/more dedicated than others? I feel it goes against what Islam and their message stands for. Feeling sadness over Karbala, even shedding tears of genuine emotion, contemplating the events, their repercussions, gaining understanding over the real life lessons learned... those are all things we should aim for and bring good to our charac
  8. Without doubt, weeping over the Imam Husain (a.s.) the Chief of Martyrs (a.s.) has exemplary effects and blessings. But Blood matam in its present form does not have a rational or religious basis. It is a clear instance of deviation. At least, in the present day it causes Shi’ism to be questioned. Activities that do not have any relation to the goals of Imam Husayn (as) are razors, blades and locks. Striking the head with a blade is the same. This is a mistake. Some people take blades and strike their heads and back making blood flow for what? This action is not mourning.
  9. I have not seen any psychiatrist yet. Bcz my parents thinks that there is nothing wrong with me .but my fiancé is aware of my condition i ve been with my partner for 2 years years. I know I am not good for him now but he says he won't leave me no matter what. He always gives me positive vibes. But I am so weak I can't live with my mental illness now.
  10. Ameen :') I don't live in the west. I am facing this since Ramadan, I have not seen any psychiatrist yet.
  11. You have depersonalization disorder. Seek help. There is a video "depersonalization disorder frequency' on youtube. Listen and watch this
  12. Praise be to Allah, Lord of the Worlds. He begets not, nor is He begotten. He promises me a fair trial in the Quran, and He also gives me schizophrenia, bi-polar disorder, and major depression. These mental illnesses made me insane. Literally insane. If I try to end it, Allah will have me burn in hell while I repeatedly do the action that I ended my life with (this is in a Sahih Hadith). Allah gave me the mental illnesses that make me want to kill myself, and He will torture me in a pit of fire who's fuel is flesh and pebbles if I do kill myself. And yes, I know this world
  13. I will watch and I am extremely sorry if it effect other people's iman but I really needed help!
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