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  1. Thanks sister Layla and I will try to go there. May Allah raises your positions in Dunia and Akhira. Pray for me please. Fi amani Allah ya Layla. Hassan
  2. Salam. Sister Layla if Sheikh Kourani said it is okay then I think it is okay. Sheikh is a knowledgeable person and he knows about this I guess. I met him and I benefited from some advice he gave me. You met him before?
  3. Walaykoum assalam I can tell based on my humble knowledge. Usually it is normal to kiss parents hands, Imam's hands (may Allah hasten his appearance). It depends on the marja3 himself if he is okay with kissing his hands, as you said Sheikh Bahjat refused it and I became more into this opinion. Kissing hands of a child a female who is less than 9 years old could be okay, so it is for a boy. This just needs a confirmation if it is makrouh or not recommended. Sister you are from Lebanon? Hassan
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