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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Asalam u Alikum Brothers and Sisters. Sorry for the late reply i had classes in the morning and after that i was fully exhausted that's why i didn't replied. By the way Thank you very much Well Bint ul Huda is not the one who will accept the admissions, Jamatul Mustafa is. When your student visa is issued they will directly transfer you to Madrasa. I think there are 2 Madrasas for Girls in Qom. Its better to contact Jamatul Mustafa Directly (# +98 25 37172415 ) You're Welcome! Yes you can bring Supercomputer as well haha Well i think i don't need to elaborate any further because our brother Haimi already explained it very well You're welcome! Yes Hawza life is not that hard as what people think. You'll find people with different and unique qualities. For Example: "Whenever i wake up for fajar someone already organized all of our shoes in front of the room".Teachers over here are very friendly they will treat you as a friend they will always be there to help you. Talking about the rent yes it's approx 45$ or none. Well if you pay high security deposit like for example a house with S D of 1000$ and you pay them 1500$ you might not have to pay the rent at all. Yeah it's wired but it's true one person told me that someone paid high amount of security and now he's living for free.
  2. Asalam u Alikum Brother! I've Posted How to start Hawza Life in Qom check it i hope it'll help u Here: Ps: Admins if sharing link is not allowed please delete my comment
  3. Hawza Life Before I started a Hawza life I used to do lot of research online How to get admission and stuff but I’ve never get enough information about it. So today I’ll tell you all the steps. Ps: It’s better to have some worldly education (At least High school or even Masters) not because they will not accept you.But If you have worldly education, you’ll have better understanding of Islamic Knowledge. Al Mustafa International University Iran Is the head of all Hawza’s across the globe Almost all Hawza’s are under Al Mustafa University Admissions There is no specific time to get admission you can take whenever you want. If you have any of following passport you might not get admission as quick (Pakistani, Indian) not because that they are racist but actually there are lot of Pakistani's Indians studying here and there space is almost full for these countries. How to get Admission? There are three ways to get admission 1: If there is a Jamatul Mustafa branch in your country you should contact them and fill the admission forum and wait till they accept you and send your student visa. 2: Apply Online on “rsampa.miu.ac.ir . Fill the forum and wait till they contact you (Normally it will take around 3-9 months) 3: Visit Iran for Ziarah and visit Jamatul Mustafa in Qom and fill the online forum and wait till they do your work (it’ll take about a month) They might provide you temporary accommodation After you get admission They will provide you temporary accommodation and after that they will send you to Farsi Learning School. You’ll have 4 options 1: Qom 2: Mashhad 3:Esfahan 4: Ishtian You can choose from following!!!From where you want to learn Farsi and Tamhedia(Basic Islamic Laws) Rooms are quite normal you’ll get your own bed with a small wardrobe. And you’ll have to live with other 7 students in one room Timing Breakfast: 7:15am Class: Usually it’s from 8am to 1pm Lunch: After 1pm Dinner after Maghribain/ 8pm Lights off 11pm What will they provide? Hostel Pocket money 48 Dollars (per month) 3 time food (Thursday only 2 times and Friday no food) Health Insurance Ps: For married couple things are quite different They have limited houses for couples (You might have to wait for your turn) To Rent a house it may cost you around 45$ a month for 2 rooms but you’ll have to gave Rehen(Security) this depends on House/Area where you’re living it might be from 2000$ to 15000$ (You’ll get this money back when you’ll leave the house) What will you do after finishing Persian & Tamhedia? Then you’ll have to choose which Madrasa you want to go. There is only Two options Farsi or Arabic Madrasa for advance Islamic Studies For Example: Imam Khomenai University, Hujjatiya (They are Farsi Madrasas) Ahlulbayt & Imam Sadiq (as) Madrassa are Arabic Madrasas In these Madrasa they will teach you advance Islam. Can I get a job after becoming a Scholar? Well first of all remember that you're on Allah's way and sacrificing yourself for Allah you shouldn’t think that you won’t get a job. There are options if you want to live in Iran as a student they’ll provide you money (Hardly enough). Other than that there are few other options For Example: You can be a writer, You can be a Translator, You can be a public speaker (most of the Hawza students becomes speaker) You can go back to your country and serve your community. Ps: If any sister wanted to start a Hawza life there are also Hawza's for sister ,,, Bint ul Huda in Qom etc Best of Luck If you still have any questions, feel free to ask! Remember me in your Prayers
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