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  1. I consort to the notions that nothing is more beautiful than the powers vested in He who ordains law to its highest consequence. For understanding such without understanding sound virtue is a desecration to He who ordained these laws and those without understanding are left to the vicissitudes of unjust causes, orders, and unnatural ways of dealings within the spheres of logical consequence, inference, and logical sound hood which is vested in the laws of those who understand power structures. For there is no power but He for those who disseminate law without understanding such constructs of existence in the highest planes of thought will resolve themselves to natures unfitting for those who practice law and practice the jurisprudence of a higher nature. For natures must be resolved within the constructs and countenances of human beings, in their demeanor, in their presence, in their just presence with their parents, in their just presence with their children, with all prior to embarking unto such avenues of justice. For justice unto the family must come prior to justice in worldly order. For the ties which are vested in the heavens are verily tied within the ties in the hemispheres of the earth. For mankind understands such notions as methods are drawn to rebuke such honest candor for power structures within the linguistics of those who understand law to its highest degree. For those who understand the legacies of those who understood law from the heavenly ordinances understand that love and mercy is paramount prior to embarking upon law which imbues power unto the self. For the self is destroyed amidst power for power unto one is a desecration for there is no power but He for His love and mercy pervades and His power surveys that which is a natural consequence of His love and mercy. For imbuing love and mercy is a necessity and to imbue constructs of law without emotional consequence is to consequent the necessary components of justice into a piece meal articulation which denies the truth of the highest matter in the truest form of understanding. For love decimates and pierces through the highest congruency of falsified natures for such exist within the lessons of law in the highest order of the West and to embark upon such without sound ordinances and knowledge is to decimate one's own integrity. For it is such natures which must be reprimanded and the jurisprudence of such is such that must be reconciled with the logical assets of those who understand sound conduct, grammar, rhetoric, lack of rhetoric, and that which is a necessity prior to the articulations and embarkment in such facets of law. For Law is inherent to the adjudications of all which transpires through the heavens and the earth. And those who deny themselves understanding Law prior to embarking on law, are vested in learning powers of an egregious nature. For it is inherent in our natures to learn of He prior to visiting such realms of thought. For without such understanding, we are left to the trappings of the devils who wish to confuse that which is inherently righteous with that which is meticulously imbued through the power of logical concourses of an unnatural consequence which is vested in the manipulations of those who understand the virtue of the word. For the word is powerful and unto those who understand the necessities of the heavens are forbidden from entering such structures without having a strong foundation of imaan and ihsan. Only those will prosper in the higher ordinances of law in the west.