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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Tris

    patent leather

    is patent leather najis to touch with wet hand?
  2. Tris


    i hate this world. i wish i was bever born. i fear the taste of death , i fear god i just want to cry, please help i dont know what to do
  3. Tris

    Halal music?

    Okay i understand that music is haram, but there's this song that i can stop listening to,called the great hendowski by of mice and men , and it does not take me away from god. In fact this song has a meaning behind it. It's about this guy who has no hope in life,basically his depressed and then the other guy says , don't live this way there is god , this life is not our home, don't give up in this life , we're just passing through (passing through a test) ,this life is beautiful but it's not our home and yeah. it has a meaning that everyone should know about.Im a good muslim, i pray every single day,fast,not gossip or judge(in fact not my type of thing to do) and i love and fear Allah so much and i'm a 16 years old
  4. Tris


    Hi does this also apply to people who follow sayed sistani?
  5. Tris


    i dont understand..
  6. Tris


    sayed sistani
  7. Tris


    Hi, if make an intention for wudu like for example in my head i say "im gona pray salat zur and aser" and after i pray these prayers, i decide to perform qadah prayers. Do i have to perfom wudu again because i didnt make intention during my first wudu for qadah? sorry i hope this makes sense
  8. Tris


    Hi, today is 10th day of muharram and its 9:48 am and im fasting but i read somewhere thats its haram ,makrooh to fast on 10th ashura? should i break my fast?
  9. Hello, i was wondering what questions are munkar and nakir going to ask us? like do we have to know the full names of 12 imams? i recently asked a question about that it was answered but do we have to know the full name? and how many questions will they ask us?
  10. Tris

    12 imams

    u repeated 11 again do you mean mohammed instead of ali?
  11. oh my god! i hope Allah cures our curvature. sometimes i am pleased of what Allah has given me but sometimes i just want it to be normal(my spine).Right now I'm at this stage were im questioning myself, telling my self that life is short and that i can die at any moment, like thinking of this,i think its good for me but it just scares sometimes ( i want to live for a long time) but anyways.maybe i shouldn't care about my back, its 39 degrees btw Thank you for sharing tho
  12. hi, can someone please tell me the names of the imams in order? i want to learn it of by heart,
  13. Hi, I have scoliosis ( my spine is curved into a C or S shape) and to heal it and make it straight is to get a surgery done. I certainly don't want to get surgery and I was wondering whether there is a dua that can heal it.
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