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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Response:- Who cares what one scholars of Sunni madhab says?? Ascribing this thing to the entire Ahlal-Sunnah is the biggest fallacy here. You do know within your heart that the Ahlal-Sunnah love Ahlal-Bayt (Alayhisalam). We love the beloved family of Prophet Muhammad (Sallallahu'alayhiwassalam) and we can sacrifice our lives for them. Imam Ali (Radhi'allahu'anhu) is our beloved caliph and beloved leader. We love him and we can sacrifice our lives for him. So you are claiming that Ahlal-Sunnah "hate" Imam Ali (Radhi'allahu'anhu) but still regard him as caliph? Your claims are ridiculous and
  2. You wrote, "Blinded? MashAllah! Sorry I don't like people who question the Prophethood of Rasul Allah (صلى الله عليه وآله وسلم)." Response:- And what is the source of this claim? You wrote, "Now, If you love Aisha and you don't have any objections with what she did, I ask Allah to put you where she is going." Response:- So, this is the only emotional response from your side after I explained that narration?
  3. You wrote, "you guys put so much emphasis on the caliphate even to the point that you defend muawiyah and yazeed but when it comes to Ali suddenly even your own standards fall" Here is my Response:- I think you should watch your mouth. Let me make one thing VERY CLEAR here. I belong to the Ahlal-Sunnah and I love my beloved master Imam Ali (Radhi'allahu'anhu) and I can even sacrifice my life and every thing for my beloved master Imam Ali (Radhi'allahu'anhu). We love Imam Ali (Radhi'allahu'anhu) more than you do. We love the Ahlul-Bayt more than you do. So stop spewing your hatred here.
  4. You wrote, "So, you are comparing this to the battle of Camel? So, for you two friends fighting and arguing with each other = a woman (who must stay at home) waging the war on the Caliph of the time. Ohh man, you are brave!!!" I already quoted an example from the hadith that refute those who hate the companions of our beloved Prophet (Sallallahu'alayhiwassalam). If you want to start a dispute over the battle of camel, then please start a new thread about it. My job was to explain the narration of Ayesha (Radhi'allahu'anha) and I already did it satisfactorily. Unfortunately, in this thread
  5. You wrote, "Its clear that she hated Imam Ali (عليه السلام)." Response:- I already explained that she did not "hate" Imam Ali (Radhi'allahu'anhu). However, it seems you have already made up your mind. You are so blinded in your hatred against the Holy companions of Prophet (Sallallahu'alayhiwassalam) that you do not want to objectively analyse the narration and when someone explains that to you, you drag another topic and here is the example of you changing the topic:- "And Aisha being the reason that thousands were killed is also a 'misunderstanding' right?" There was a reason why Bu
  6. I actually used the google translator. Read my answer above. It clarified this as well.
  7. I am not a native Arabic speaker, so please translate that for me.
  8. @Karim10@Sabrejet @Ansar Shiat Ali This narration is found in Sahih Muslim and Sahih Al-Bukhari This part of the narration ولكن عائشة لا تطيب لها نفسا بخير is narrator's own opinion, as it mentions thoughts of Hazrat Ayesha (Radhi'allahu'anha) as a second person and it is recorded in other collections of Hadith besides that of Imam Bukhari and Imam Muslim. The assumption that Ayesha (Radhi'allahu'anha) disliking the mentioning the name of Imam Ali (Radhi'allahu'anhu) is narrator's own and it only indicates a temporary disagreement between the two. This is because there ar
  9. "Gibrael just came to tell Prophet what verse shall be made known to people according to the timing" But I thought that Qur'an was revealed verse by verse and in parts and stages.
  10. There are dissimilarities in some matters of religion when it comes to Shi'a Sunni argument. However, it is proven from Sahih Sunni Hadiths that Prophet (Peace be upon him) was taught by Gabriel seven ahrufs. Your hadith literature even confirms this. At first, you rejected that seven ahrufs even exist. However, when I showed you from Shi'a hadith literature that seven ahrufs are even present in Shi'a hadith literature, you rejected it too. You wrote: "Secondly, if there had been seven Ahrufs, they would have been prevalent in the time of period of early Sunni Caliphs" My respon
  11. I would like to make corrections here. Seven Ahrufs DOES include difference in dialect and pronunciations. However, seven ahrufs is much broader than that.
  12. Well, I don't know about this. But when we say "seven ahrufs", we mean whatever is mentioned by the letmeturnthetables list. However, seven ahrufs mean several different readings, variants, pronunciations, dialectal languages in which Quran was revealed. As the Salafi website Islamqa notes about seven ahrufs: The Qur’aan was revealed in one style at the beginning, but the Messenger of Allaah (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) kept asking Jibreel until he taught him seven styles, all of which were complete. The evidence for that is the hadeeth of Ibn ‘Abbaas who narrated that the
  13. You wrote: "This is improper question because humans go and settle at different places so languages adopt different pronunciations." My response: Actually, my question is valid because when Islam was spreading, people already had more than seven pronunciations and dialects in various tribes of Arabia. So clearly seven ahrufs is much broader than seven dialects or pronunciations. The Hadiths does NOT say seven dialects or pronunciation. It says seven ahrufs very clearly. So my argument still stands because seven ahrufs cannot mean seven pronunciations or dialects because Arabian peopl
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