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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Salam, 

    Please be careful about games made by ubisoft , they have misportrayed Prophet Adam (عليه السلام) and Hajar (عليه السلام) in a very bad way, In assassin's creed games it says they tried to "Steal" the apple of eden.


    And in one assassin's creed odyssey a character drops the F-bomb with the word "Gods" together. "Something along the lines of "I've never in my life heard so much F*** God talk. I'm in no position to say it is halal or haram just be careful.


    1. CyborgNinjaDude


      That phrase can be heard by a character in a mission(cannot remember the name of it), I played it myself and thought I wanted to tell you since you have played AC games before. I saw you comment in the thread "what video games do you play nowdays"

      Sorry for the inconvenience, Wa alaykum assalam.

  2. Salam bro, I advice you not to play video games made by netherRealm studios, they've said controversial things about God (S.W.T) wa alaikum assalam.

  3. Salam Alaikum. Hello brother, I've seen a post about if nike was a haram brand. I wanted to tell you that it is haram because "Nike" was a greek idol but we can wear shoes that are made from Nike because we step on with it. WS

  4. Ayatollah sistani if you mean like that. I sent him an e-mail 2-3 months ago I've not recieved an answer.
  5. Jazakallah khair for refreshing my head from these thoughts Alhamdulillah to hear that.
  6. I meant sunni scholars* If you wan't to read it https://islamqa.info/en/114631 Its here. Just to be sure I will wait for more replies, It's not that I dont believ in you It's just i need to confirm its allowed before I wear it more.
  7. Salam, I've read sunni post about It's haram to wear Nike because the meaning NIKE comes from a greek mythology/false god or whatever you wanna call it and It means Victory. What do you think? Haram or Not?
  8. Salam, Alhamdulillah I had the courage today to tell him to stop say it or I couldnt be his friend anymore, thank god he replied kindly and said he would stop. jazakallah khair
  9. On a treadmill running after a hanging donut.
  10. Salam alaikum my school starts soon and I live in Sweden and maybe you've heard when a student is presence you get a paycheck at the end of every month usually 1000 swedish crowns equals ---> about 120 dollars because at the time students at that age have moved away from their parents and living by their own so they need food for money,clothes and others but I've decided to give all my earnings to the poor in Iraq. Now does that count as a good deed in Islam even though I'm just student? Need to erase evil deeds in the past and make a person's life better.
  11. Why not? It's something ridiculous and wanted to know what other members would feel about this.
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