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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Growing up in east London i used to hang with guys back in my teen days, who are now associated with this guy. They were no strangers to stabbing and robbery.
  2. The word Arab is not found in the Quran, the verse says al a3rab
  3. People know who i am on this forum Yusur. The title rafidi is mentioned by our Imams(A.S) and is a noble title, as i reject all falsehood. As for the video. I specified the time so the one who watches can skip all the wahabi anti shia garbage, if someone found this post offensive i apologize.
  4. why dont you reply back to him instead of crying that there are non shias here posting and challenging your belief? he did post a scan Seems the guy is banned and do hope it was not for this post then again the remark was very rude and filled with hate for the shia. Hopefully some knowledgeable users here can check and see if this is sahih and put some light on it.
  5. He was both sharif and syed. He is also refered to as sayed abdul qader al gilani.
  6. Last video made me ashamed of being a shia. Seems shia are like sunnis these days (deensquad, I am Khalid and other garbage like that)
  7. Cairo- In a speech to Muslims worldwide and the West, Grand Imam of al-Azhar Ahmed el-Tayeb had renounced all radical takfiri-inspired actions, saying that such deeds are in no way related to the teachings of Islam’s fundamental Sunni sect. http://www.timesheadline.com/middle-east/al-azhar-cleric-terms-salafists-non-sunnis-3684.html
  8. http://nypost.com/2016/08/23/islamists-who-preached-chastity-caught-having-sex-on-beach/?utm_campaign=SocialFlow&utm_source=NYPFacebook&utm_medium=SocialFlow&sr_share=facebook
  9. The level of intelligence i have to deal with on this forum....
  10. There was no al qaeda or taliban during the war in Afganistan against the Soviets. Taliban was founded in 1994, AQ was founded by Osama and Abdullah Azzam after the war in Afganistan and became really active during the Civil war in Afganistan. The us funding to the Afgan fighters against the soviets is a bit exaggerated. Syrian Civil War and US leaving Iraq was perfect for a group like ISIL to emerge and is to be partially blamed on Obama fp.
  11. I am more shia than you and all your unity friends combined
  12. He is one of the greatest Shia speakers who are alive today and an excellent debater- The only falsehood is you trying to deny his great qualities as he exposes the falsehood of unity fans from the words of the Imams (AS). This
  13. Trump is right. Obama's foreign policies helped fuel the rise of ISIS from the ashes of AQI.
  14. I disagree with the label. I wouldnt place Majid or Mona as sunni at all. I am sure if you asked them they would not even see themselves as sunnis. I would put Tariq Ramadan with the likes of Hasan Farhan, Adnan Ibrahim and their likes as Modernist Reformer and not Ikhwanis. As for Brown, just because someone has a picture of Erdogan and Morsi that does not mean he is an ikhwani.
  15. Defending traditionalism and speaking about Hudud does not make you an ikhwani lol. As for reform, have you ever read any of his books? As for Brown he is not an ikhwani and far from being an islamist.
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