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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Wow. What a trap for atheists. They cannot get out of it except by one means only. eThErEaL answers saying world has always existed is the only way out. If atheists reply in any other way, they contradict themselves or they are proven absurd. eThErEaL replies are not absurd. However, modern science goes against those answers.
  2. The Sign of God has returned to God. God bless his soul.
  3. 2018 is the year of the Messiah. That is when year Imam Mahdi will crush United States the Great Satan. Watch. Allah's Imam already humiliated Satan in 1979 Islamic Revolution. America was thrown out of Iran. Ya Ali Madaad.
  4. Hello dear atheists. Can you tell me: Where did our Universe come from? Either it was created by God, or it appreared out of nowhere. Even Scientists dont seem to know. Can you give an answer that makes sense? What do you think? I saw this video today. It has some tough question for those who do not believe in God. I wanted to share it with you. Watch it and give your answers. Thanks.
  5. Ask your Marja. If you dont do Taqleed, than start doing it now. Without an Ayatollah, you will remain confused and doubtful.
  6. Atheists insult me by saying my dad was a monkey. I get angry at this. God insults the disbelievers and hypocrites in his Holy Book the Quran. Thats because they insult him. He is also going to burn them in Hell on the Day of Judgement. Anyone who mocks God, His Prophets, His chosen leaders, or even true believers, God will be their Judge and He will give them a severe penatly. If you mess with God's Friends, He will deal with you. Ya Ali Madaad !!
  7. -- Asking Imam Ali for help is exactly what God wants His true believers to do. This call is used for assisstance or backup, as well as for greetings. Its the most beautiful call for assisstance from the God. Obviously we all know, God Himself does not go up and down, left or right. When you need aid, God wont come down to help you. When you say, Ya Ali Madaad, God will send His favourite man in the universe, to come and assisst you. Therefore, when the lovers of God are in need to aid, they dont cry to the American for help. Shias of Ali call on Ali for help. We all know that in the Ho
  8. Shias believe in Ali. We take Islam from those whom Prophet left incharge. This is the true Islam. Prophet said: "I leave you two things which if you hold, you will never go astray, one of book of God, the other are my family." Shias love God, Prophet, And Imam Ali, and the 12 Imams. We obey only those whom God ordered us to obey. This is pure Islam. www.ukshias.blogspot.com -
  9. Seeing a black flag on top of White House will be best sight inthe world. Ya Ali Madaad !!
  10. Isnt it obvious? Return of the Imam means that he did not die. He was hidden by God. Now God will send the Imam back to establish Divine Justice on Earth. Basically Imam Mahdi is set to take over the White House, clean it of all idols, and plant a black flag over it. Americans are definately not going to like that, and, therefore, they will naturally try to resist God's representative. US always opposes God. That is why it will be destroyed. This should happen about 2018. God bless Imam Mahdi.
  11. Return Imam means that he did not die and was hidden by God. Now God will send the Imam back to to establish Divine Justice on Earth. Basically Imam Mahdi is set to take over the White House clean it of all idols and plant a black flag over it. This should happen about 2018. God bless Imam Mahdi.
  12. Iran told U.N. that racist Europeans had created a "racist state" of Israel on occupied Palestine of 1945. http://ayatollah.blog.co.uk/
  13. President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad yesterday accused EU of being racist and dumping racism in form of Zionism upon the Arabs. Why did the culprits walk out? Answer is obvious. Iran press says today that those who fled wanted to intimidate Iranian President and hoped their walk out would shake him. But President carried on and most of the world leaders loved his speech. A few 8 or 9 countried were isolated. http://ayatollah.blog.co.uk/ http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/world/europe/8008572.stm
  14. Our Imam Ali married the Holy Lady Al Zahra who was his cousin. It is only western propaganda to make muslims stop marrying within their families. Even scientists are divided on whether its right to marry cousins. They have some theories but no facts. They are guessing. Many studies shows it is prefectly alright to marry your cousins. Yet some media and others politically motivated groups try top scare muslims to leave their families and go outside. They want to weakens as many bonds as possible between husband and wife. Propaganda is carried out to destory marriage in muslims nations as
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