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  1. No one say that brother absolutely, but we know that the enemies are looking for something to start a debate.
  2. It does lead to haram at the end, trust me.
  3. Assalam. Alhamdulellah it is finished now and more than 100,000 ppl showed some pictures of Ashura, a Ya Hussain a.s banner, black cloths etc. They wanted the third option, and they didn't get it (Zionist again and again). And IMO it is not a good idea to mention a country's problem such as Iran while we know thousand of people seeking for something to opening a thread and attack us especially Salafies and Wahhabies in the forum. You see what their ugly leader said about that football? They just want to push us by their trash words. Anyway, it's not bad to see the other side and beneficial of the issue. At the end the country has a lot of problems and the leader knows what's the best. Wassalam.
  4. So thy can deeply think about its content. There were a lot of urafa who cured people by a single "Hoo" هو
  5. فبکی باعلی صوته Isn't that a part of Maghtal al-Lohoof? Ofc imam Hussain a.s cried for Ali Akbar a.s that even enemy heard his voice.
  6. May I ask what's your religion? I mean are you a shia or none shia?
  7. All Dua, just stop doing bad things, finish your day without a sin.
  8. I just can not block a few of members. Nothing happens after I type their name
  9. IDM is the best, don't doubt about it.
  10. This is the best post of I've seen in SC so far, no doubt. @Gaius I. Caesar @hameedeh @Lover of Ahlulbait (ams) @sidnaq
  11. I will die for her look. Just look at her, pure while it's heartbreaking.
  12. @Marbles @Pearl178 @StarryNight @Gaius I. Caesar
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