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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. That is interesting, I didn't know sculpting and drawing could be so tantalizing. Are we talking about Michelangelo here? lol, I'm just playing.
  2. Life has its challenges sister and that phrase that psychiatrists often use, that "you will be on medication your whole life," is untrue. I went 5 years almost with no medication, but I was aware that I still had a behavioral illness. I was able to control it during those years, and again, things got worse because of life-changing events, and I am back on them. No problem. Try to think of it like catching a bad cold. You will overcome, don't worry. Thank you for being so brave babe.
  3. Drugs may affect a person's decision to undergo a transsexual lifestyle. I note this relation because prostitution is prevalent among many homosexual people here in San Francisco, CA; and sexually transmitted diseases are sometimes the result. "A 2009 report from the National Institutes of Health found that nearly a third of transgender Americans are HIV-positive," and many of these transgender people have often served prison or jail sentences (HIVPlus). It is a result also of people being born with the feeling that they are a woman instead of a man, or man instead of a woman, because life's experiences are not in anyone's power but 'GOD-The Forbearing Master.' So, to judge a persons sexual preference is to judge their lives, which is the argument that Gay rights activists, and in some cases liberal politicians around the world are defending. " A staggering 90% of the 6,450 transgender people surveyed nationwide reported being the target of harassment, mistreatment, or discrimination at work (HIVPlus)." Discrimination and inequality in any shape or form is, in fact, wrong. It is hard to believe that someone would accidentally marry a transsexual. It is a loaded question to begin with. But nonetheless, it is an individuals lifestyle, unless those individual barriers are broken. Which in many cases they are according to the above statistics, noted. The Holy Quran obviously states that humans were created in pairs though. Men and Women, as pairs. So that is the, so called, mentality which we as Muslims must accept. No ifs, and's, or buts about it. Works Cited Why Transgender Women Have the Country's Highest HIV Rates. HIV Plus Magazine. April 2nd, 2015. September 6th, 2016. <http://www.hivplusmag.com/case-studies/2013/04/08/invisible-women-why-transgender-women-are-hit-so-hard-hiv>.
  4. But if his eyes are 'Al-Baseer', then what are his tears?
  5. To say that GOD sheds tears is to infer that he has eyes and a body. How then, does he shed his tears? Is it the shooting stars in the gloomy night? His angels who bring down blessings from the skies? Or maybe the morning dew of the fog? This is what is called 'hayaat donya': Our environment, atmosphere, and ecosystem. The world we live in. I think what is more astonishing is the fact that he allows us to witness these signs and to learn about them through the divine sciences. And that his tears are unfathomable, much like his unity. BTW, every time my mother see's a body of water that is clear and blue, she says "it looks like teardrops." Kind of reminded me of her, here. Thanks for this.
  6. What does not kill you, can only make you stronger.
  7. No, that is not what I think. I did not mean to offend anybody, but these are questions that, as FreeSpirit said, "are personal and relate to many of us." Who wouldn't want to find true love. Shopping for a wife isn't exactly easy, as women are not a product, they are the Earth we walk upon. Especially, when many brothers and sisters are able to find that relationship, one would wish to be like them too, why not? If not, isn't this inequality or a form of bias? So, while practicing abstinence eventually I reach a point where I would give in to more lustful intentions than not. This is in fact a sin, not settling for less. Again, it is an emotional topic and people's lives differ from person to person. I agree, there is an abundance of corruption, not only on a global scale, on a scale against communities and individuals. Living inside oneself may not be living inside oneself, but living inside of pain and suffering on account of others instead. I don't know if I should share that personal information on these public boards, but it would make the topic more suitable. I apologize if I made anyone here upset, really. I am actually suffering from anxiety and behavioral illness, so please bear with me on here, if you would. I mean no harm. Well, a man searches for a women like those whom he loves. Zahra (May God be pleased with her) is our blessed lady of our faith, we look up to her piety and rights, as we do to our care giving mother and female figures. Ultimately, I am searching for a woman who is represented by Zahra (May God be pleased with her) . I have faith that she (May God be pleased with her) is my guide in finding a wife, naturally. I don't know what you meant by shove food in your mouth by the way, could you clarify? And what makes you think I wait for a wife to come to me? I study very seriously and hard. I am capable of many types of work. I do strive... Maybe even too patiently.
  8. Beautifully said. Ahsan brother. Boooo, poor comment. Never despair in the bounties of thy Lord!.
  9. I was talking about Fatimah (May God be pleased with her). My mother, my sister, my aunt, my cousin, my lover, my life.
  10. I see her face in every woman, everywhere that I go. I hear her voice. I think about her night and day, unintentionally. For 32 of my 32 GOD forsaken years of life. Heh. Those are far from feelings my friend. We all live in unity under GOD. He is our King. Who else could I possibly rely upon? Striving for education so that maybe she would give me a second chance. Pain and suffering is prevalent, glad tidings are few. Its just the world we live in today. Sooner than not, Inshallah. Mashallah.
  11. Does he bring them ice cream if they believe? Is there ice cream in the light too?
  12. فقال: فيهم التمييز وفيهم التمحيص وفيهم التبديل، يأتي عليهم سنون تفنيهم، وسيف يقتلهم، واختلافٌ يبددهم. إنما شيعتنا من لا يهرّ هرير الكلب ولا يطمع طمع الغراب، ولا يسأل الناس بكفّه وإن مات جوعاً. قلت: جعلت فداك، فأين أطلب هؤلاء الموصوفين بهذه الصفة؟ فقال: أطلبهم في أطراف الأرض، أولئك الخفيض عيشهم، المنتقلة دارهم، الذين إن شهدوا لم يعرفوا، وإن غابوا لم يفتقدوا، وإن مرضوا لم يعادوا، وإن خطبوا لم يزوّجوا، وإن ماتوا لم يشهَدوا، أولئك الذين في أموالهم يتواسون، وفي قبورهم يتزاورون، ولا تختلف أهواؤهم وإن اختلفت بهم البلدان. The man said: “Then how do we deal with these different groups, who pretend that they are Shia?” He said: “They will be tried, purified and distinguished. Years come that will perish them, a sword that will kill them and disagreement that will scatter them. Our real Shia are those, who do not growl like a dog, do not covet like a crow and do not ask people for alms even if they die of hunger.” The man said: “May I die for you! Where can I find such a kind of people?” He said: “You can find them in the far sides of the world. They are those, whose lives are so simple, whose abodes move from place to another, who if are seen, will not be known, if absent, will not be missed, if become ill, will not be visited, if propose to a woman, will not be married and if die, their funerals will not be attended. It is they, who divide their monies among them, who visit each other in their graves and who never disagree even if their countries are different.” From the Kitab Al-Ghayba Insha-Allah
  13. What is one to do in this situation . . . When prayers, supplications, and reading the Holy Quran, with the intention of finding a soul-mate through Holy Islamic Matrimony, fails? When the first question which Muslim people inquire about is your marital status, but they do nothing to fulfill that inquiry? When you have listened to the preaching of the importance of marriage by Holy personalities and scholars for years, but it never seems to apply to you? When you watch Muslim people get married, but you are never invited to celebrate or congratulate, and you are left by all by your lonesome? When you lose hope and lose your ability to practice Islam because of sexual frustration, and the circumstances mentioned above (Loss of faith)? When you shed tears day and night because all you are left with is the dating game, even though you are truly a believer in the Ahlul-Bayt and Islam? When you have no prospects for a Marriage based on Love, even though you have spent a lifetime soul-searching, for the right one, and keeping yourself chaste for that purpose? These are issues which pop-up for many Muslims on a daily basis; but there is no one there to resolve them, counsel them, or to provide a sense of assurance for them. So how does One heal a 'Broken-Hearted Soul'? Is it even possible?
  14. Repentance reference from Al-Islam.Org, in a nutshell, the link is posted below. Ask yourself these questions (And some advice): "First is remorse over the past." Can I force myself to be remorseful? How can I truly feel remorse? One way that I have learned to build remorse is to draw, write, and read upon the issue at hand. Knowledge is power. But there are several ways to obtain sincere remorse for a sin or mistake. Be creative. "Second, the resolution not to return to it ever." How do I make myself truly detest this act that I have done, or this word that I have said, or this relation which I have built? Make promises and follow up upon them. Start a journal and follow your progress. So at least you know that you tried. "Third, to return to creatures their (formerly usurped) rights so that you meet God Almighty in a state of purity in which no one has any claim against you." Do I have the means to do repentance? Can I really make amends properly? Will this problem ever be resolved completely? Make intentions to do something even when you know you may not be able to. Lord knows, you tried your best. Pray and express how you really feel about the problem. Try to understand what has happened, and your control over the situation. In Persian we say, "Qadre Khodat Ra Bedon:" Know your own worth. "Fourth, that you fulfil every duty that you neglected in order to satisfy your obliga­tion in respect to it." How determined am I to resolve this issue? Would I dedicate my life to doing so? Take a college course which relates to what you have done, a workshop at the Islamic center, or learn about new topics to equip yourself with the right weapons, as opposed to assumptions and confidence. Build confidence. "Fifth, that you attend to the flesh of your body that has grown on unlawful nourishment so that it melts away as a result of grief and mourning and your skin adheres to your bones, after which new flesh grows in its place." Am I willing to be patient to the point that it is still never forgiven and that I do not attain to repentance? No matter how hard I tried? Fasting, supplication, and so forth are the only tools which come to mind. Strive for the Hajj pilgrimage, it is a goal that reminds one of reaching his ultimate goal of pleasing GOD, the Kind and Loving. "Sixth, that you make your body taste the pain of obedience in the same way as it earlier tasted the pleasure of sins." Will it make things right if I suffer like I made someone else suffer? Will it solve the problem at hand? If so, do I have the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual preparation to undergo such a trial? Exercise, diet, and beg. There is nothing wrong with beggers, as some of us are sometimes beggers and some of us are sometimes rich. When you step on your own ego, so to speak, you have made the first step to repentance. Overcoming denial is the first step, and there are plenty of resources out there. Just don't ever give up the fight, because you are worth more than you ever know. My Question Is it possible to repent as an Ummah (as a part of the community), versus repenting as an individual? Since "successful repentance (Tawbah) is such a difficult task?" In my opinion it is a supplement to actual repentance for an individual, but it is never a real repentance, as no one can be held duly responsible for another persons sins. But Istighfar (Seeking pure forgiveness), is besides the point of whether or not we are of adequate honorable position or ranking as someone who may successfully beseech his Lord for Pardon. Personally, I will have never achieved repentance until those with authority above me have granted me that right. In a democratic society, this is a reality. We must always look to those above us in the ranks of humanity for advice, guidance, and direction, without losing our selves on this journey we call life. 'Repentance is life and life is love.' Works Cited Merits of The Soul: Repentance | Books on Islam and Muslims | Al-Islam.Org. Al-Islam.Org. 1995-2016. August 22nd, 2016. https://www.al-islam.org/articles/merits-soul-repentance-tawbah
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