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  1. Salam alai kum, Is Fixed Deposits in Bank are Haram?
  2. Salam alai Kum, Is it right thing to play a fantasy games on mobile like Dream 11 which allows to pay fees and participate in the leagues and has a prize money, as per me it is prohibited in Islam, but logically we are using skill and knowledge here like competing with someone, still would like to here more from you all
  3. I'm from Bangalore
  4. Salam alaikum,

    The problem you faced after marriage, I faced similar kind, somewhere I feel the people who did this to you, are the same who did this to me,  if you don't mind can we share the data like people names etc, because I doubt they are good at cheating people 

  5. All the reports are shared with the in-laws infact everything happened in front of them in the hospital, and yes I have given mehr to her at the time of nikaah, she already took whatever I have with her good behavior, and she knows that I don't have anything left over, still they demand huge amount, never seen this kind of people in my life, and thank you all for your responses
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