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  1. Salam. I know the girl personally on another platform and can say for sure it isn't a scam. @Shi3i_jadeed and @Husayni can also verify
  2. Mansur Bakhtiari

    Thoughts on Fouseytube

    Salam everyone Fouseytube recently "went homeless," and met some "spiritual traveller" nerds at his old high school who know a long-haired rapper in Qatar who helped them sponsor him to go there as part of his "journey" around the world. He's in Doha right now Personally I think that all this fame has caused him to forget about his deen. He mingles with the opposite gender, has a girlfriend, eats haram food, was an alcoholic..... I make dua for him a lot tbh, I used to love his vids. Hopefully he'll be guided back to Islam soon Inshallah. What do you guys think? btw here's his channel
  3. Salam alaikom Any Shia in Hamilton/Niagara Ontario? I know of two mosques, the Razavi centre in east Hamilton (my mosque) and the Al Wilayah Centre near Ancaster. Anybody else live there?
  4. Mansur Bakhtiari

    Forms of Government

    What does Kavanaugh have to do with the thread?
  5. This is a quote of Imam Khomeini It was very very bad but I think my grandmother didn't suffer as much since it was under the second shah not reza shah Hmm she told me she wore it during that time and the teachers would punish her, maybe she meant outside of school?
  6. Mansur Bakhtiari

    Chain: photos of maraji (marjas)

  7. My grandma wore one anyways I was told girls who wore them were beaten though and it was very much discouraged though not banned completely like under Reza Shah.
  8. Mansur Bakhtiari

    Can not Trust you

    There are hadiths prohibiting chess, don't know what you mean by "could not." The rules of the religion don't change because you don't like them. How much Zaydi literature have you read lol. Are you convinced that the zaydi doctrine is true or just like it?
  9. Mansur Bakhtiari

    Server discord

    Servers where people pretend to be a nation (in this case Iran). They don't do anything useful or nation related, just talk and spam stuff. Waste of time.
  10. Mansur Bakhtiari

    Server discord

    Not really. They keep all your info and sell it to companies (or if it's suspicious the government) and there are some pretty nasty people on there.
  11. Mansur Bakhtiari

    Server discord

    Nation larping smh
  12. Mansur Bakhtiari

    Hijabi Muslim becomes first Miss England Finalist

    I didn't click after seeing Carlzone's reply and don't think any guys should either. Whats with all these weird topics lately....
  13. Mansur Bakhtiari

    A response to Syyed Fadlullah [ra]

    Akhi what do you think of this article http://www.revisitingthesalaf.com/2014/12/imam-al-mahdi-ajf-part-iii.html. I'm neutral on this issue but this article basically proves the sanad to Sulaym ibn Qays to be reliable. Sheikh al-Tusi said there was Ijma on this issue if i remember correctly so of course it was a common belief, the issue is this particular event (of Imam Ali (as) threatening Umar) is only found in Kitab Sulaym so if you consider Kitab Sulaym weak you can't really prove this happened. Got a pdf of the book? I remember reading on al-islam that Amir Moezzi believed that the original book (as in the book without the distortion and addition which has happened over the ages) would be reliable.
  14. Mansur Bakhtiari

    Can not Trust you

    From Sayed Sistani's risalah Issue 14: If a person performs his acts for some time without taqlid of a Mujtahid, and later follows a Mujtahid, his former actions will be valid if that Mujtahid declares them to be valid, otherwise they will be treated as void. https://www.sistani.org/english/qa/01208/ This takes 5 minutes, if you want to find out the Shia opinion on something don't just ask random people on facebook, ask someone in real life or do some research...
  15. Mansur Bakhtiari

    John McCain Dies

    This is why you never say Assad must + the opposite of stay. v
  16. Mansur Bakhtiari

    Which Marja Do You Follow?

    Salam alaikom. I know there's already a poll on this but I want to be able to also survey people from other Islamic websites, chatrooms, etc, which is why I made this. https://strawpoll.com/8s5xfcs
  17. Mansur Bakhtiari

    What do you think of Sayyed Kamal [ha] ?

    I like how his speeches cover a wide variety of topics. Even if you disagree with him on some points there's always something to be taken from what he says.
  18. Anyone got sources showing psychological damage done from delaying marriage for so long? Of course it isn't ideal but what psychologists say about it would be interesting to hear.
  19. Mansur Bakhtiari

    Muslim persecution in China

    Its always the evil Shias
  20. Mansur Bakhtiari

    Forms of Government

    Yeah countries like Lebanon are too fractured to be run by Islamic law, that would cause another civil war. But as for Iraq even though Shias and Sunnis are divided there it's possible, why don't they give Sunnis autonomy to run under their own Sunni system while the Shia areas are run by Shia judges and authorities? Better than the corruption they have right now.
  21. Mansur Bakhtiari

    Going Cashless, Led by Sweden

    Of course the US outclasses the IRI in almost everything. Just wondering if it would have a big impact on Iranians lives. Would it be able to help people keep their businesses and investments safe? I hope so but economically Iran's future seems bleak.
  22. Mansur Bakhtiari

    Going Cashless, Led by Sweden

    What do you guys think of Iran's recent move towards cryptocurrencies to counter US sanctions? I don't think going cashless or relying on cryptocurrencies is bad in itself though I am more interested in the Iran situation than Sweden.
  23. Mansur Bakhtiari

    Forms of Government

    The economy of Iran is a mixed and transition economy with a large public sector. Some 60 percent of the economy is centrally planned.[13][14] It is dominated by oil and gas production, although over 40 industries are directly involved in the Tehran Stock Exchange, one of the best performing exchanges in the world over the past decade.[15][16] With 10 percent of the world's proven oil reserves and 15 percent of its gas reserves, Iran is considered an "energy superpower".[17][18][19][20] Iran has fifth highest total estimated value of natural resources, valued at US$27.3 trillion in 2016.[21] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Economy_of_Iran
  24. Mansur Bakhtiari

    Forms of Government

    Yes diversification would be good and that would have happened if the foreign investments from Europe etc continued. I still think they can reevaluate that if they allow more investments from friendly countries like Turkey, India, China, Russia etc. I hope they do figure this out because poverty seems to be wearing down the people in Iran from what I can tell.
  25. Mansur Bakhtiari

    New Discord for Shi'as, "Rafed"!

    Aaaaaaand the salafis got our server taken down. I feel like discord really needs to crack down on mass reporting. For the 5th time, here is our server's permanent invite https://discord.gg/nWB6EQf. Can a mod pin this message or something? @Gaius I. Caesar