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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. All cities are good for living. but according to business point of view Karachi is best....
  2. I know Parrots are very smart, and they are tolerating cage smartly here, but I can not leave them in sky, because if I leave them, they must become morsel of eagle, or crow....
  3. my dear Mr Burgandy...your answer is totally different....
  4. Dear All, I'm keen of having pet bird in home, and in the Pakistan there are so many persons dealing it as a professional, but i kept bird for my children wish. so if any parrot comes from out of the blue, so may I keep that parrot or should I give this parrot to anyone else. you will not believe, When I was writing this mail for you, my little baby came to me and said "Baba there is a purple parrot siting on your system and that came from out of the blue. then I caught parrot and left in the cage. it happened just now.... but on Sunday these kind of happening held again and again... waiting for your response...
  5. I have an another question regarding mourn, after mourning our dress is got soiled and body also, can we perform "Zirrat of Alam, Roza, and Zuljina". usually, Mourn is done before Zohar's Prayer, so can they perform prayer of Zohar, While their whole body is get soiled. . will be waiting for your response..
  6. Starlight.... Asalam O Alykum. I can't imagine I lived my whole life in Pakistan and never heard of this delicacy. have you ever heard the name of Multani Matti in Pakistan??
  7. Roast... Mean ( bhona hooaa) clay mean... (chikni Matti) Bhoni hoi Matti, jo k bhatti main boni jatti hy,
  8. main ney ye sawal ap say nahin pocha okay do not waste your time.... Mr burgundy
  9. Asalam O Alykum to all.... As every one knows that in our Islam vine is " ,Haram" and it selling as well, and God kept one thing more Haram, that's name is clay. so it's selling would also be Haram?, if it is being sold for eating purpose. The addiction of eating roasted clay is very common in Girls in Pakistan, because of it, it's business runs very well. Need clarification,
  10. Waly Kum Asalam, Thanks Hameedeh, Actually, my (Late) mother was too much caring about the Holy Month of Muharam, and she also made us learn these things, just because of this I was not feeling good to buy. In a likelihood, I will buy after 10th or before. Thanks for your precious advise Hameedeh...
  11. If anyone wants to sell one of his kidney due to cover his financial crisis, does Shariayat give permission or not...
  12. Aslam to all, I would like to know about fast on 9th, 10th Moharam. is this allow to have fast on 9th, 10th Moharam??? I wish to know in depth.
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