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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. painting of human face from Shi'a point of view In Shia’s view, according to ayatollah Khamenei and ayatollah Sistani, there is no prohibition about painting human face. Generally, there is to two major kinds of paintings: 1. Of live models (human body and animals) 2. Of inanimate objects (mountains, stones, and even trees). The second type is absolutely Halal because of the Hadiths like the one from imam Baqir (a.s). Zorarah narrated that the Imam Said: “There is nothing wrong with representing the trees.” [1] In addition, the Sira (Practical behaviors of Muslims from Imams age to the pr
  2. The major characteristics of Islamic paintings Some of the unique characteristics of Muslim painting are as follows: 1. Muslims loved their Holy Book, the Qur’an. They developed new forms of writing and created novel movements in calligraphy. Muslim painting is the result of these movements in calligraphy. Thus, we find that Muslim painters emphasize line (khat) more than anything else. It is the “line” that matters, everything else would take care of itself. Whether it is a straight line or curve, the stroke alone is responsible for the aesthetic forms; it provides the
  3. salamun Alaykom; you are right, i think. all the practices of worship do not have same value. It depends on a lot of things, including the amount of people who are aware of the act, how act is done, and finally and most importantly, as you mentioned above implicitly, "intention". for instance, about the valuable worship, holy prophet (S.A.W.A) said: "Blessed are those who adore worship embrace it".1 The only people who benefit from the fruits and excellent results of the act of worship are who love worship and practice as if there is no heavenly reward or punishment. 1: طوبی لمن
  4. Salamun Alaykum; Thank you for this beautiful Hadith. Reliance on Allah (Tawakkol), as the Hadith says, is one of the most important signs of true faith on Allah. About the Ayah: "And whoever relied upon Allah, then He will suffice him" Imam al-Kadhim (AS) said: "reliance on Allah has degrees. one of them is to trust on Allah in all your tasks, and to be pleased of whatever he did to you, and to know that He does not evacuate you from any good and bounty , and to know that in this regard the rule is His rule .so by delegating tasks to be upon Him, rely on Allah in the work and other
  5. Hi dear kernel; Welcome; I'm sure this choice brings a happy life for you. I hope your understanding of the truth of Islam be enriched by this choice. It takes a little effort, of course, but these efforts were never unrewarded by the Lord Insha'Allah. Considering your story, I suggest studying more about Islamic ethics from Shi'a point of view. The most critical difference of Shi'a and Sunni will be found in their ethical theories, I think. For example from Shi'a pov, conflict with rebellious sensual desires is the greater warfare (Jihad al-Akbar) and one of the most important
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