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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Most historians affirm that the Quran has been preserved while there are some diffrences in the Gospels which puts their authenticity at question. Prophet Muhammed (a.s) was smarter then me based on the Quran so I can put my trust in him. That is my take on it. God bless you and God knows best.
  2. Where did you get this from? I heard that it was Judas who was crucified from a muslim.
  3. Anyone that knows how I can find out if Jesus (a.s) was crucified or not? Thank you
  4. There is a verse that tells that those who submit to Gods will are those who do not put anything besides Allah. Anyone who can find that verse?
  5. Muslim consider four months to be holy but does Jews and Christians also believe this? If not why not? Thank you
  6. Does the Quran say that all Christians who have a belief that Jesus Christ (a.s) was a human and prophet just like Muslims and who believe in God as Muslims and judgment day are accepted to enter heaven if they are righteous? God bless you
  7. Yes that makes sense but why does not the OT say something like that?
  8. I do not know. I know when I decided I wanted to believe in trinity that I felt a very strong presence of something being with me which affected me similarily as Christians say. It is strange maybe Allah sends a jinn or something to those that believe in Christianity. Both in Judaism and Christianity satan is an angel. It is all confusing. God knows best
  9. So the word became flesh? God said let Jesus Christ exist and he existed. Correct? In the Gospel of John it says spirit is God. Where in the OT does it say that spirit is God?
  10. When have I said I am the only one in heaven? Have I ever said I am in heaven at all? This is my story. I was a muslim for some time maybe 2years and it was hard then I wanted to be Christian and that was also not so easy. Today I decided I would search for truth by studying history and also that I want to be muslim again because my hearth is used to being a muslim. I just hope I do not jump back and forth between faiths anymore because that hurts me alot. God bless you
  11. How do you know that? I want to study history about the events around Jesus Christ (a.s) and in that way find what is truth. I believe it is God that shows us what is true which means not everyone can find the truth just by studying the Bible or Quran rather it depends on how good someone is. God bless you
  12. I am not so knowledgable on these things. I myself do not know completly what is true.
  13. You were Christian did you experience the Holy Spirit? Personally I have experienced and I find it difficult that it is autosuggestion.
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