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  1. This has been a pleasant journey people اللهمّ احسن عاقبتنا في الأمور كلِّها و اجرنا من خزي الدنيا و عذاب الاخرة
  2. I remember when we were younger I used to wonder why mom said reading is a luxury. I think I have entered that phase in life now. I can not even watch a full documentary or movie (which used to be a luxury type hobby), and reading was one of the staple activities of my day. May Allah (سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى) grant us barakah in our time, and make every moment of our lives dedicated to Him, and Him alone.
  3. The old look brings back so many memories. You are not the first oldie to ask for it. Nor do I think it is under consideration.
  4. Shahr Ramadhan has gone by too fast this year. Way too fast
  5. Lool.. nah I switch off video and muted audio after the introductions. Taped over webcam too so I don't have to worry about strict hijab. Though I would like to try this out on a less formal meeting
  6. If you normally buy retail rice at 150 per 750 grams, pay that much. If you buy bulk and the price is significantly different from retail, then a scholar we asked once recommended giving as per retail price. Alternatively, but 30x750 grams wheat and give it out.
  7. Struggling to stay awake at a zoom training session for work. This is tough. hoping the covid threat and the resultant theatrics end soon.
  8. What is the cost of 750grams of the person's staple food, e.g rice, or wheat, or dates?
  9. LoL. Does anyone ever come across women who get fetishes over any male parts? I hope prefering a person who has a beard (naturally) over a person who is unable to grow a beard (naturally) does not fit in the fetish box too.
  10. What of non Muslim men? I was thinking of something common across the board for abusive people, irrespective of their religious inclinations. In my opinion and experience, I would attribute it to a poor upbringing, where one has not been taught to exercise restraint when in power/having the upper hand. This can be manifested in physical, emotional, verbal, financial, or any other form of abuse.
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