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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. 1) What's your first name? What country are you from? Chantelle 2) Why do you wear Hijab? I was feeling spiritually empty after my mother died and doing a lot of reading and praying on how to become closer to God 3) Do you wear it to be more modest? Yes
  2. Yes! For sure hijab does make a girl/woman look different! And this shouldn't be seen as a bad thing. In my own case, the first time that I wore a hijab headcovering I was very, very surprised looking in the mirror afterwards. I'm 27 and dress very contemporary. I wear jewelry. I have thick waistlength dark blonde hair that is usually down. In hijab all my vanity's are covered, and only my face, hands, and feet show; this is a very night and day different look. What surprised me most about wearing hijab is that I looked nice! It actually looked fairly natural on me, which was the exact opposite of what I expected. Since my first experience with hijab was a good one, I found a way to incorporate it into my life, which is Sunday's. I do look and feel very different in hijab, but this is a good thing. When I go to church I want to feel more: holy, modest, humble, selfless and closer to God.
  3. I have been told that no Muslims of either gender should drink alcohol. In America drinking alcohol, and now using marijuana, is widespread. If you don't do it you get treated like a black sheep. I have made a New Year's resolution to give up drinking alcohol to my friends surprise. So far so good. Wish me luck.
  4. I think you touched on a key observance there: that hijab restricts you from doing wrong. If you had asked me a year ago before I had ever worn hijab, I would have found your point ridiculous, but it really is a valid point. Last February I participated in a hijab for a day for the World Hijab Day thing, and you really do become more aware of yourself and your actions in hijab. Others also seem to treat you with higher expectations of being of high moral character. Now some people do treat you with suspicion when you cover your head in America, but I seriously get more doors opened for me in hijab than I do in regular attire.
  5. I have found this to be true in my own studies as well.
  6. After my mother passed away last year, I did find myself exploring the idea of modesty and humility as a Christian. For the first time I asked myself: Am I modest? Am I modest enough? This lead me to explore some different options for Sundays of how I dress and how I act. My friends think I am being weird, but my family is supportive.
  7. It can happen, that you get mistaken for being Muslim when you wear hijab as a Christian. This does depend on location tho. If you are at church wearing hijab everyone knows you are Christian because of where you are. I always wear a crucifix necklace with my hijab to clarify. You can also wear more western style clothing such as denim skirts.
  8. Chantelle


    Bali, You have done your part. Perhaps your would feel more comfortable in a Mantilla headcovering to start? It's not easy to move into full hijab covering every time you leave house if it is foreign to a woman. She may surprise you one day. Stay supportive and honor her choices.
  9. hameedeh, thank you for being supportive. It means a lot to me.
  10. I think the main reason that most Christian ladies do not wear hijab is that there isn't a precident in place.
  11. World Hijab Day has done it's part to introducing hijab to non-Muslim women. Prior to this past February I had never covered my hair other than with a hat or a hood once in a while. When came across a promotional display for this event it was surprisingly active & welcoming. I was asked if I wanted to see how I look in hijab by a young Muslim woman. I rejected the idea stating that I was Christian, which sparked an interesting conversation. She talked about mother Mary and how her veiling should inspire Christians to do the same. I learned for the first time the specific reason's that Muslim women practice headcovering. She assured me it was perfectly acceptable for a Christian woman to wear hijab, so I agreed to try. There were many mixed emotions as she pulled down a tube underscarf over my head down to my neck and then pulled it back up hiding my long hair away. I teetered back and forth between nervousness and excitement in trying something new. As she draped the chiffon hijab scarf over my head my mind was racing. After wrapping around my neck and pinning it was time for a mirror. It was done, me in a headscarf... something I would not have pictured. It was hard for me to admit but it really didn't look bad on me at all. I guess the bigger question is if I looked too non-Christian. I was in very western clothes otherwise, but since it was February and cold, I was indeed "modest" overall. I'm sure I received my share of funny looks the rest of the day, some noticed, and some not. Actually wearing a hijab made me want to learn more about headcovering so I did a lot of reading that day. I also did a lot of praying. There was a lot of material about how headcovering makes for more intense prayer so it was first thing I did when I got home. Prayer did feel different, but maybe I was imagining it. Again there are many things written about headcovering and hijab, modesty and humility came up often, so did focusing on the inside (soul) rather than the outside... which is actually hard for a young 20-something midwestern American girl to do. I never considered myself immodest, but I never considered myself 'modest' either. That next Sunday was the one month anniversary of my loosing my mother to a stroke. In an inspiration I really can't explain, I found myself called to on my own practice hijab that day to go to church! I put on a maxi skirt and long sleave loose-fitting top, and I put on the hijab I was given at that event the week before. A few girls & women in our church do wear lace mantilla headcoverings, so I actually wasn't the only women there covered. I told myself that if I should not be doing this that there would be a sign telling me so. No such thing happened. Every Sunday for the rest of the year I have done the same thing. No skin showing except face, hands, and feet, and this is all day, not just for church. It's just for the one day, the rest of the week I am still regular old me. Yes, some Christian women today are discovering hijab, and that shouldn't surprise anyone, the surprising part is enjoying it.
  12. You have presented a good question, Why don't most Christian ladies wear hijab? Not all Muslim ladies wear headcovering. Not all Jewish ladies wear headcovering. Not all Christian ladies wear headcoviner... but some do from each faith. Why do they? Why don't they? Part of the answer is custom. Think of the saying "When in Rome, do as the Romans do". What do you see others doing when you walk into a Mosque, Synagogue, or church? For me personally, why I never wore a hijab was because no one else did that I knew. My mother never suggested it to me. Since it was never presented as an option, I never tried. This past February I did actually try wearing a hijab for the first time, and was able to make judgements and form opinions firsthand. And this may surprise you, but I enjoyed wearing it!
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