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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Nowhere any knowledgeable person said that Imam (عليه السلام) will rise within days.. instead narration says regime of years will become of months and then days followed by rise of Qaem (عليه السلام).
  2. Brother Correct me if I am wrong!!!! That narration doesn't mention as per my little knowledge that Khorasani army will attack Israhell instead it says that people of East will ask for their rights, two times they will be silenced and third times they will not accept anything except they will go on to taste victory against Oppressors..
  3. Wa alaikum as salam, First of all, we Shia believe and have firm belief on this that all 14 are infallible and hence they are free from all sorts of even mistakes forget about wrongdoings of any sorts. I also read other thread where arguments were going on between brethren based on assumptions, facts and figures. We need to understand, that majority of historical work was written during the Oppressive regimes of Umayyad and Abbasid and hence we can’t take everything from these historical accounts on face value. Instead we need to weigh them against traditions available from Ahlebait (عليه السلام) and our own AQL. All Imam (عليه السلام) did/doing things as per order/wishes of Allah (سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى) and hence we can’t presume that they could/would have done similarly or differently based on circumstances. Rather than giving any example from life of Imam (عليه السلام), I would like to quote incident of Prophet Mohammed (saww) himself-the fountainhead of Ahlebait (as)- He asked the followers to be ready for pilgrimage and moved towards Makkah and after reaching close to Makkah they returned back without pilgrimage after signing the Treaty of Hudaibiya. This incident proves without doubt that Allah (سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى) can change his order/wish to be performed/conveyed by same/different messenger/Prophet/Imam and we don't need to question all this. we just need to submit to His orders/wishes conveyed to us through His messenger/Prophet/Imam. Now come to second question whether all Imam are same are different- Once Prophet (saww) told us to believe that all of them Mohammed that means all of them are same in every aspect of life without any doubt. Merely having different way of living doesn't mean they are different instead they were/are doing their work as per wishes of Allah (سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى) in their lifetime.
  4. there are different traditions mentioning depth of Damascus or Wadi al Yabis.. Yes, you are right that Wadi e Yabis is now known as Wadi Rayan...it is also called Chorath Valley...
  5. Wa alaikum As salam I think enough have been discussed by brothers and sisters on the subject in different threads on topic. People who are assuming this or that are Khorasani/Yamani, I respect their love for these wonderful leaders but can't accept their version of assumptions based on very important hadith of Imam Jafar al Sadiq (as)- Sofyani, Khorasani and Yamani will come on same day of same month in same year-like beads of rosary coming one after other. And there are enough evidences of hadiths and riwayat that Sufyani lanatullah will arise in month of Rajab. Since no such things had happened till now, hence we can’t assume anyone to be Yamani or Khorasani. Sufyani rise will be from depth of damascus/Wadi e Yabis and he will destroy and defeat all other forces of Syria.. nothing of that sort happened till now.... Khorasani will be Syed though there are debate whether he will be from lineage of Imam Hasan (عليه السلام) or Imam Hussain (عليه السلام) and he will come out with large army to help the oppressed and to defeat Sufyani.
  6. Below are my two articles which I have written way back in 2017.. It may be useful read for you.. Unfortunately I couldn't get enough time to write more on the subject.. http://www.merinews.com/article/nikah-mutah-temporary-marriage-in-Islam-is-not-prostitution-instead-it-is-freedom-to-both-men--women/15924635.shtml http://www.merinews.com/article/nikah-mutah-temporary-marriage-in-Islam---part-I/15924854.shtml
  7. Thanks though I know superficially these things but I would like to know details.. there is no doubt that Iran had excelled in almost every field after Islamic revolution..
  8. Dear Wa alaikum as salam, First of all, Ghazwa means and accepted by majority of historians a war in which Prophet (saww) himself had took part or supposed to be present personally whereas the wars where Prophet (saww) were no present personally were used to be called Sarriya. Prophet (saww) departed this world long ago and he is not going to come back to lead Ghazwa in any sense so who is going to lead? That means its just imagination of few hadith collectors who used this hadith to help Muslim invading rulers to conquer the land of Hind and Sindh and nothing more. Secondly as mentioned by other brothers and sisters, it is not there in any authentic hadith collections of Ahle Sunnah brothers. Prophet (saww) came to this world not to rule the masses but to guide them to light whereas rulers majority of past and present used wars to expand their rule and not to guide. So, these so called Muslim rulers never helped in true sense for the propagation of Islam.
  9. I think there are enough discussion among Shia/Sunni on the subject of differences and there are documented proofs of those discussions that had happened earlier. Basic difference between Shia and Sunni is in Usul (root of religion) itself- Shia doctrines believe in Tawhid (Oneness of Allah), Adl (Justice of Allah), Nubuwat (Prophethood), Imamah (Vicegerency) and Qayamat (Judgement Day) whereas Sunni doctrines don't believe in Adl and Imamah You are asking others here to provide proof regarding wiping though Quranic verse in itself is enough proof that it is for wiping and not washing. what is your daleel regarding the washing of feet and not head as both comes under same verb wa imsahu?
  10. Brother Salam, It is not problem for me as I can afford to buy even in this price range but majority of people wont be able to buy..There are large percentage of people in Asia and Africa who have to earn that much amount of money to feed their families. I hope you understand.
  11. Wa alaikum as salam Great to know that you had compiled and translated the most comprehensive work on Imam Qaim (عجّل الله تعالى فرجه الشريف). Heartiest Congratulations.... Just visited the link and price is apprx 17USD for paper back. It is true that people from western world can buy books in this price range quite easily but waht about third world countries where majority of human race is living. I think you should try to revise the price of book for third world countries for larger audience. W/Salam
  12. @Ashvazdanghe you can't decide everything based on social media and in media narratives.. you need to experience ground realities. Just recently They tried to break the harmony in Aligarh Muslim University-AMU,majority of people and universities extended full support to AMU. that is the beauty of India..
  13. Completely false assumption... majority of Hindus are against fascism and fascist forces...You can't blame whole populace of country simply because leader or government is involved in wrongdoing.. Will you like If I call that majority of Iranians supported America, Israel and western world during Shah's regime... don't paint everything with same color that is what others are also doing. we should be logical in our discourse... India has multi party system and hence any party which gets majority in this system forms the government. BJP got just 31 percent share whereas other parties got major vote share.. If you think Indian Hindus are so bad, why your government is doing business with our country and having good relation..
  14. @Ali Al Kashmiri brother what current PM thinks doesn't matter, India is not PM and PM is not India....India's stands in UN is well known and historical one and none can deny those commitments made by India as a nation in international bodies...
  15. It is well known fact that whole Kashmir is disputed one and none can deny that fact..even in UN it was accepted by India what else you want me to say... till the time plebiscite is not happening the Kashmir which signed the instrument of accession will remain part of India... and for plebiscite to be happened Pakistan must leave the land of Kashmir and hand over it to international bodies...
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