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  1. haidermpr

    How will Iran retaliate against Israel

    @Ashvazdanghe you can't decide everything based on social media and in media narratives.. you need to experience ground realities. Just recently They tried to break the harmony in Aligarh Muslim University-AMU,majority of people and universities extended full support to AMU. that is the beauty of India..
  2. haidermpr

    How will Iran retaliate against Israel

    Completely false assumption... majority of Hindus are against fascism and fascist forces...You can't blame whole populace of country simply because leader or government is involved in wrongdoing.. Will you like If I call that majority of Iranians supported America, Israel and western world during Shah's regime... don't paint everything with same color that is what others are also doing. we should be logical in our discourse... India has multi party system and hence any party which gets majority in this system forms the government. BJP got just 31 percent share whereas other parties got major vote share.. If you think Indian Hindus are so bad, why your government is doing business with our country and having good relation..
  3. haidermpr

    How will Iran retaliate against Israel

    @Ali Al Kashmiri brother what current PM thinks doesn't matter, India is not PM and PM is not India....India's stands in UN is well known and historical one and none can deny those commitments made by India as a nation in international bodies...
  4. haidermpr

    How will Iran retaliate against Israel

    It is well known fact that whole Kashmir is disputed one and none can deny that fact..even in UN it was accepted by India what else you want me to say... till the time plebiscite is not happening the Kashmir which signed the instrument of accession will remain part of India... and for plebiscite to be happened Pakistan must leave the land of Kashmir and hand over it to international bodies...
  5. haidermpr

    How will Iran retaliate against Israel

    Do you know anything about Kashmir issue or just came here to comment? I had discussed with many people on this website and on several other open social media platforms regarding the Kashmir and none are able to answer the true issues... Yes, certainly certain sections of forces with collusion of political parties are doing atrocities on people of Kashmir and I surely condemn and oppose all those... There are certain other questions which need to be answered-- Why Pakistan had not vacated occupied land of Kashmir since its occupation? Why Kashmiri people and muslim at large never condemned the illegal occupation of Kashmir by Pakistan? India didn't occupy Kashmir by force instead it was annexed with approval of Shaikh Abdullah who was the main leader of muslim in Kashmir of that time and King of Kashmir so why India need to let it go without plebiscite? Plebiscite was never part of declaration of annexation instead it was offered by Indian PM Nehru for your information.. Why militancy was started with color of religion against state/government and who were behind this militancy? What is about religion in Kashmir independence movement? why India as government should not expel all its muslim inhabitants on same religious line as people believe Kashmir as majority muslim state should get freedom from India?
  6. haidermpr

    Do you prefer the current "Islamic Regime" or shah

    I would like to know comparative study of poverty during Shah and at current time.. what are the measures government had taken to ease the sufferings of poor... Plz enlighten us all...
  7. I don't want to take the name of author with bad words as his parents named him with 2 illustrious figures of Islam...... Great to know that people here are ready to support a parrot who did nothing good except supporting his Zionist/Wahabi masters and spreading their versions to be heard from a muslim. I have lot many Syrian friends following different ideologies and sects and all of them are in support of Assad and his government. I don't understand why people will support any dictator when they have a chance to overthrow him with the help of powerful NATO group. Ok, Don't believe me or any other person, but watch the people's faces and their smile after getting liberated from any besieged towns of Syria held by so called moderate rebels cum terrorists in any part of Syria and that will tell you truth. People are still not able to digest the fact that there was no civilian uprising against Assad as propaganda machinery fooled the world to believe instead it was plan of CIA to topple Assad government by funding the terrorists/rebels either from muslim brotehrhood or mercenaries brought from across the world to be trained in Jordan and Turkey whereas arms and ammunition were provided by AmeriKKKa and Europe.. Assad remained lone Arab leader (as head of state) who is opposing the Zionist apartheid regime of Israhell and western world banking system as Syria is not indebted to world bank... This didn't go well with Zionist world order and hence they planned to topple Assad and install a puppet government at the helm of affairs in Syria so that they can plunder natural resources and enslave Syrian people.. Assad did the same thing which any independent head of state will do when some terrorist groups would try to wreck havoc in its country..No independent nation will allow massacring of its own people by some beasts exported from all over the world.....
  8. It seems to me too just because of that I asked this question. But issue is that we cant make timeline before the rise of Sufyani...
  9. haidermpr

    Do you prefer the current "Islamic Regime" or shah

    I would like to answer this question in completely different perspective- First of all I would like to tell you that I am neither an Iranian nor ever visited but surely will visit one day Insha Allah. Problem with majority of muslim umma'h was/is always with righteous people or with the people who used to try to be righteous but they never dared to question or challenge the rulers who were/are oppressors/tyrants. I am not saying that there are no problems in Iran or they cant be tackled and solved... Do you remember Mukhtar e Thakafi and his government? He was the first person in history who tried to build nation based on teachings of AhleBait (as). People who were repenting for not supporting Imam Husain (as) helped him to take revenge of Karbala and he and his army did that with courage and elan. though people of Kufa later on deserted him, even his close associates and army men not supported him against Banu Zubair invasion on Kufa. learn from history and try to solve the issue in whatever way you/me or we can do rather accusing and helping the enemies of Islam as people did same in different era..
  10. @RiseOrDie I have a question for you as you have started this discussion. Why a timeline of 2017-2024 after the subject of discussion?
  11. Wa alaikum as salam, Simple Answer is No for your question as we don't believe in killing anyone unless they unleash their terrors and we fight for our defense We as followers of Prophet (saww) and Imam Ali (as) have certain rules regarding everything in life...Since your question is about killing enemies of Islam and Ahlebait (as) is concerned-- Look into history and find the ways of tackling such people by Imams (as) of AhleBait (as) Maula Ali (as) didn't wage war against first 3 caliphs though all were oppressors of his position and wealth/property of Fatima (sa) to save the Ummah from schism (breaking into sects/parts) and he advised all of them from time to time on different matters.. When Maula Ali (as) accepted caliphate after assassination of 3rd caliph as people were adamant to make him caliph, he accepted caliphate with certain preconditions regarding Justice and equality and humanity.. Banu Umayya and their allies in oppression revolted against Maula Ali (as) as they didn't want the implementation of true face of caliphate which was based on Justice..Maula Ali (as) fought different wars against these renegades only to save Islam and true face of caliphate and that too when these groups attacked muslim nation in different places and killed people.. Ibn Umar was one of the enemy of Maula Ali (as) and he didn't pledge allegiance when whole of Medina was pledging allegiance but Maula didn't attack/insult or kill him instead he had provided him amnesty.. Kharijites were also slandering and cursing but Maula didn't stop or attacked them till the time they didn't start their oppression and tyranny..Even few companions of Maula asked the permission to stop them at-least from coming to Masajid but Maula didn't give them permission to do so..Maula debated with reason and logic with all these groups who have revolted against his righteous caliphate but their hearts were hardened and they didn't get the light of Truth.. Yes, when they attacked and started killing muslim and plundering their properties Maula fought with them and defeated them.. and we are also following same ideology..of patience till the time others not attacking us ...
  12. haidermpr

    Becoming Freemason change status as Shi'i?

    Thanks brother @Ashvazdanghe
  13. haidermpr

    Allama Mutahari on Palestine

    That must be stand of every person who believe in humanity. People of Palestine are most oppressed on this planet and if we are not helping them whatever means we can that means we are also party of oppression. Remaining silent on the face of oppression is silent approval to Oppression.
  14. haidermpr

    How will Iran retaliate against Israel

    Supporting the oppressed people irrespective of sects, creeds and religions against oppression and tyrannical rule is most respected thing to do as true follower of Imam Ali (as) Remaining silent in such scenario is becoming part of oppression...
  15. haidermpr

    Shortest possible way to do salat?

    Obligatory acts relating to Namaz ยป Introduction There are eleven obligatory acts for prayers: Niyyat (intention) Qiyam (standing erect) Takbiratul Ehram (saying Allahu Akbar while commencing the prayers) Ruku' (bowing) Sajdatayn (two prostration) Qira'at (recitation of Surah al-Hamd and other surah) Zikr (prescribed recitation in Ruku' and Sajdah) Tashahhud (bearing witness after completing the Sajdah of the second and the last Rak'at) Salaam (Salutation) Tartib (sequence) Muwalat (to perform the different acts of prayers in regular succession). 951. Some of the obligatory acts of prayers are elemental (Rukn). Hence, a person who does not offer them, whether intentionally or by mistake, his prayers become void. Some other obligatory acts of prayers are not elemental. Therefore, if they are omitted by mistake, the prayers does not become void. The elementals of Namaz are five: Intention (Niyyat) Takbiratul Ehram Standing before the Ruku' Ruku' Two Sajdah in every Rak'at. Any addition made to these elemental (Rukni) acts, intentionally, will render the prayers void. If the addition is done by mistake, the prayers does not become void except when a Ruku' is added, or more than two Sajdah are offered in one Rak'at. https://www.sistani.org/english/book/48/2217/