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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. That phrase has no meaning except as a Trojan horse. However for those who believe in Allah and see all beings as his beloved would realise the divine link between Allah, Prophet Adam (as), the Religion of Allah and the ordinary Muslims. The phrase has a meaning once we have at least an emotional attachment to Allah, such that our evils would shame us and our good deeds would make us joyous because it was in accordance to Allah's will. So, in the end it comes down to Iman (Faith) whether we have it or not? If we have it we would want to be good to other for Allah's sake and all
  2. Salam Brothers and Sisters. I have heard from some non Arabs that within Arab culture, polygamy is generally more accepted. I would like some Arabs to confirm or deny this based on whether in their experience it is true or false. So, is Polygamy a common practice? Are the women fine with it? Do the women show signs of distress and worry when thinking of their husbands being with another man? In my opinion, all women are the same and no woman would want to be without their husband a single night unless that husband is just not nice to her. In this discussion I am only con
  3. Salam Have you tried making friends from the Sisters here on Shiachat?
  4. You speak like you were there. It is said Allah loves the lie which brings peace and he hates the truth which causes Fitnah.
  5. Let her disown you... It's a bluff firstly and secondly La Ilaha illa Allah! marry her in obedience to Allah rather than ruining your life in obedience to other than Allah (your mother).
  6. It seems your only issue is attraction, I have 2 advice and I'm married too; First advice is that you spend more time going out to eat or trips, bonding over activities will make you fall in love, I know because I went through it. Second advice, every woman has flaws in her body just as you and I and every other man does. You need to lower your gaze in regards to good looking women to bring your standard down and you need to avoid seeing the "ugly" aspects of your wife and focus on her good parts e.g. if her face is bad then look at her hair or legs, chest etc or if her legs or arms
  7. Don't worry dear sister, Allah loves us beyond our imagination, you will not gain his wrath by hoping for his pleasure whilst being merciful and kind. Allah will judge, so don't worry about your connection to your mother in law.
  8. Let's not begin Umar bashing please, we know many of the companions were unhappy about the prophet agreeing to peace, who wouldn't, we all certainly would. So let's respect the companions and give them their due respect for doing all they did. Honestly, we Shias are too sectarian and need to start building a bridge, we can't insult someone's mother and father and at the same time ask them to unite with us. If we want unity, we need to respect the figures of the Ahl Sunnah, especially the wives and companions since they are also respected figures for Shias.
  9. Bismillah Salam Firstly sister, avoid spying on people and avoid suspicion. Secondly, Humans have sexual desires which need fulfilling, if she has committed wilful Zina then she was caused to do it so it makes her less blameable because ideally in society we should have the norm of marrying people young so they do not fall to Zina, because desires must be fulfilled if not by Halal then consequently it will lead to haram. If however she was raped, then poor her she is innocent and she needs support and love not punishment. So in both cases she is not that blameable and yo
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