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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. i dont follow them i offer my own prayer but what about jumma if i am offering jumma in thier mosque and with thier jammat then what about my prayer will it considered as jumma......i had a dout on it so everytime in jumma my niyyyat was for zuhar not for jumma.....as i cant offer jumma prayer own by own not paying ear to thier imam....
  2. It happens alot of times when i am outsiide with my friends who dont follow fiq-e-jaffria or at university i have to offer prayer.....so the point is i live in pakistan where majority of the people are sunni so can i offer my prayers after any sunni imam.....i dont feel good praying that way........i know how to offer prayer by my way and whatever they are doing thats not my concerns i just offer my own prayer but i a jamaat.....so what about my prayer and what about jumma prayer??? is there any problem or any objection
  3. thanx for the your responses......there is a condradiction so i asked this question.....again thanx
  4. i wanted to know about this topic....i have heard that breast sucking of wife is not allowed because the milk is for baby and it is haram on her husband but this info is from other maslaks ....sunni and others....i want to know what fiq-e-jafria say about it....i want a answer responsible and logical.
  5. i didnt get it....i know this seems to be a [Edited Out] but ....whats the problem with this?
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