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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Thank you aha, finally someone answers me
  2. A lot of people say "that hadith isnt reliable" when a shia quotes a shia hadith. How can we trust a shia hadith? can someone please help me out because i need to improve my faith and imaan.
  3. I see that twitter has a small shia community. If any shia brothers or sisters use twitter write your username so i can add you or you can add me - itsHash5 This is also a good way for others to come and add eachother. This way us shias can all support eachother and all work together to educate certain people like the guy who stopped Aya Hachem's fundraiser.
  4. idk where i heard this, i think it may be from imam al jaffar but i heard someone quote "a physician went up to the imam and asked the imam to prove that god exists. The physician asked him "if god exists can he put the whole universe in an egg without the egg or the universe changing in size?" the imam responded with "look around you, if allah can fit all the great wonders and mountains that you see in your small pupil, then he can definitely fit the universe in an egg""
  5. sorry to have to break it to you but theres only one quran. Allah didnt send down two qurans, one for shia and one for sunnis. All the sects of islam follow the same holy book.
  6. I have been hearing a lot about the "sayha" (scream). What is it? What do i do when i hear it? When will it happen? If anyone knows anything about this topic please let me know.
  7. I am the worst when it comes to providing hadiths and evidence. I hope a dear brother or sister can provide a good trusty piece of evidence
  8. Personally i don't see how he's doing something wrong to us shias by allowing someone to change their gender. Khomeini allowed it only if you had a reason to have sex change. Aswell as that keep in mind Ayatollah Khomeini's and Sheikh al-Tantawi are not the "leaders of shia muslims". Ayatollah Khomeini was a Former Supreme Leader of the Islamic Republic of Iran, not the "leader of shia islam". His Aisha statement was not "a bomb". It is a weak point to argue with as Aisha instigated the killing of Uthman. She was a key player in the rebellion of Uthman. A good point why i could n
  9. Speaking of fasting, I haven't been fasting due to me getting hungry quick but eating very little. It's a problem i have been dealing with. Do you guys think its an acceptable reason not to fast? Also is this a normal problem or is it rare?
  10. Its not like we're not muslims?
  11. Personally, i believe that if its a relationship with no sex then its fine. I think in this generation its a bit harder to get engaged to someone you barely know and getting to know them during your engagement. I think that a relationship is the best way to get to know your partner. For the case of mutah, i've read that the female has to be a non-virgin to do mutah (not 100% sure). Therefore, if shes not a virgin that'll not be an easy option. You seem young and personally i think dont waste your time on relationships, instead focus on your studies as marriage will come for you late
  12. When you said " I do agree with their criticising the Shia, just not the manner in which they do it." Why do you agree with them? We are all muslims at the end of the day with the same god, same prophets, same ahlulbayt and the same book. There is no reason to see the other one as wrong, in a sense were both right because we are both muslims. In no way, shape or form am i trying to come in a rude way, im just curious as to why you feel like there is a reason to disagree with us.
  13. Salam, It's not that I don't read about the ahlulbayt and historical facts and so on, it's just whenever i get the temptation to watch these youtube videos, i feel a burn inside me. A frustration building up, and hatred towards the haters. It gets me overthinking and questioning my readings. It also gets me asking questions like why am i in a religion with so much hate towards their own people? Thanks Hassan.
  14. Salam Alaikum, I am a young shia believer, at the age of 17. I've been noticing a lot of hate when it comes to us shias as if we are some sort of animals. I am confused as to what they are gaining from all this criticism. There comes moments where i begin to question my faith when i watch videos where ex-shias, for example Ali Dawah talk about shias in such a rude and insulting way. At times i'm scared to even open a video talking about sunnis because i love my belief i don't want any ideas of converting to anything else. How can i keep calm and keep my faith strong, because i'm honestly
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