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  1. Brother i mysel am a Shia and Saadat meaning from the descendants of the Prophet (saw) from Imam Zain ul Abideen ... my point being i consider my self a good shia (Alhumdullilah) and i know thousands of shias and have been too countless shia Processions and o have not witnessed any thing which your question stated ... Shia and Sunnis are practically same ... We only mourn for the injustice which happened to the Saadat family ... and we have made a promise with Khatuney Jannat Bibi Fatima binte Muhammad (saw) that we will mourn for the death of Imam Hussain (the person who saved islam from Yazeed mardood) and never ever forget what he did to allow us to follow the right path ... And advise you that tou have been misinformed . YA Allah MADAD ... YA MUHAMMAD MADAD .... YA ALI MADAD...
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